Why do I want to put my tongue in the ass of a woman?

  • Sex is not a rational endeavor. Stop worrying about it and jump in. The water’s fine.

    well, it is the place on the surface of the woman’s body that has the second highest concentration of touch sensitive nerve endings, so the potential for pleasurable sensation for the receiver (and giver) is huge!

    Also, it is one of the most forbidden erotic acts, so you have all of that “turn on” added into the equation.

    For the same reason that I want to put my tongue in the ass of a man. To give someone else sexual pleasure.

    1. I believe that you are truly in love with him, OR you would not be thinking about that...?  

    I love it when she slides a finger on my ass! Or actually anything else she wants to do to my ass is fine by me.

    I have no idea.

    I think it’s average length.

    It will still work. It just isn’t AS effective. I’m a medical professional that spent a majority of my life in active addiction, and now stays clean due to Suboxone. I was turned into an addict after a car accident that broke my back, both legs, and fractured my skull. Doctor prescribed me pain meds, until he didn’t anymore. I bought them off the street until they became to expensive, then I discovered heroin. I did A LOT of heroin over a period of about 5 years. Finally, I went to a Suboxone clinic and asked for help. I was started on 8mg twice a day, but it was so nasty it made me vomit. I started folding them into little balls and swallowing them, and it still worked. After 2 years, I cut back to once a day. Anytime I go lower than that, I get violently ill. I’m down to 3/4 of a strip daily now, but no one on this planet is going to tell me it doesn’t work. It weakens and you lose about 80% effectiveness, but 20% of Suboxone in your system is better than any percent of heroin out any other opiate.

    YES! One of my FAVORITE glues for recreational use. THE BEST ONE! LOL!



    Don’t worry. We’ll be there in a few minutes. There is no problem. Give us a call and I’ll call you and see if you can help us out. If not, I’m sure you will forgive me. This is a VERY busy month for TeamTails

    I used to out it in my morning coffee and I got high. I felt less like a drug addict doing it that way and there’s no needles, spoons or straws to carry around. That is until the day you say F it I’ll do this one shot and the next thing you know your carrying around syringes, spoons etc. So glad I finally quit that crap. But, today I really would live to do a blast. Fynt how I’ve been clean from meth 20 years and some and there are still says I really want some. God I had that part. Peace ☮️❤️💜❤️

    Without seeing your dog do this I am merely guessing but it could be because they are excited.

    My dog does the tongue in and out thing when she sees me approaching with food and is getting excited.

    It could be she is anticipating the taste of something wonderful.

    It has been stated that if a dog has their tongue out it is a sign of complete relaxation, not sure if there is any science to back that up.

    I took the liberty of doing a search on pet Webmd and there were no symptoms for tonguing going in and out.

    Of course we all know if a dog has been running etc their tongue will stick out as a cooling mechanism.

    I am going with relaxed.

    Have you put toothpaste under your tongue and did you get sick? That should give you a very personalized answer.

    To help enter the bloodstream fast and bypass the digestive system. This allows the CBD to work faster. You also get a full effect of the CBD properties because going through your digestive system can cause dilution.

    What a good question!

    One thing the tongue does, that few know about, is that it helps us strand straight.

    The tongue is the muscle (8 muscles in fact) that connects to and holds up the myofascial chain (The Great Front Line”) that goes from the tongue down to our feet. The tongue pressed on our palate lifts this myofascial chain.

    If the tongue malfunctions and drops to the lower teeth, for example, you will feel a slackening in your posture. You might also notice that when you trip and lose your balance, your tongue immediately comes to the rescue and presses hard on the palate to help you keep your balance. The tongue on the palate significantly helps balance, according to studies.

    So the tongue’s secret functions are fascinating: the tongue does much more than just swallow, taste and allow speech. It is one of the most versatile muscles (8 muscles) in the body.

    The tongue also, starting from the womb, presses on the palate to help the maxilla (the face) grow. Every swallow pumps up the two halves of the maxilla until the maxilla is fully grown. This is why in children, it is important that they have the habit of keeping their tongue on the roof of their mouth 24/7.

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