Who would win in a fight between Black Panther and Captain …

  • It happened.

    T’Chakka (in this case) won rather handily.

    T’Challa, by all accounts, being the one who inherited the mantle, would actually be even more adept than T’Chakka. So by the transitive property, if T’Challa can beat T’Chakka, and T’Chakka can beat Cap, then T’Challa can absolutely beat Cap.

    I realize this is one fight, that T’Challa is sometimes depicted without his tech and therefore at a disadvantage, and that power levels often fluctuate from writer to writer and era to era. Captain America is largely considered the best hand to hand combatant in the Marvel Universe, and T’Challa, like Iron Man, benefits from technology as much as raw ability. T’Challa is also a normal human, albeit enhanced by mystic herb, whereas Captain America is arguably a “super”human (although, again, his abilities vary).

    To T’Challa’s credit he is usually depicted doing far loftier feats than Captain America is. Like to a ridiculous degree, such as when he beat Silver Surfer…by putting him in a headlock…yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh.

    As much as this writing is obnoxiously stupid, it’s done to highlight how ridiculously capable T’Challa is. See he’s so skilled he can beat a guy who can literally resurrect a planet with a single thought by putting him in a headlock.

    This guy, who destroys a planet by hitting it, he defeats with a headlock.

    Here’s him besting Namor, a very powerful adversary.

    As far as comic logic goes this is easier to swallow. While Namor is plenty strong, capable of beating the Fantastic Four and original X-Men, he’s certainly not a nearly omniscient cosmic being. Black Panther makes pretty short work of him, of course with help from his Wakanda tech.

    Although Captain America and Batman have squared off and it has been declared a draw:

    T’Challa has much more in common with Bruce Wayne/Batman, than Captain America does. T’Challa uses “prep time” the same way Batman utilizes it. His Vibranium based Wakanda tech and genius level intellect is more or less a plot device he uses to bludgeon his opponents into submission. In both the Namor and Surfer fights he has these gauntlets that just sort of perfectly fit the occasion. You know, the “in case Silver Surfer attacks, break glass” tech all those super-genius, master tactician, but otherwise normal mortal hero vigilante types carry around.

    Captain America usually just isn’t written in this way. Sure he sort of wills himself to victory against long odds, but writers far more often leave him in his wheelhouse. Even when he stood up to Thanos, he just ended up getting punked. But hey, he retained his dignity. Kind of.

    Marvel characters, at least the major ones, tend to be underdogs. Black Panther, who has spent far more time as a C-List support character, rather than an A-List main hero, is much more like a DC character, purposefully written to be overpowered. I’m not actually trying to make a judgment here about how well/poorly Black Panther is written as a character. In fact I quite like him, but I am being honest that he is simply written to be overpowered. He’s almost a walking MacGruffin plot device.

    If Black Panther had survived the initial snap (he didn’t, in the comics, or the movie) I’m sure he would’ve kicked Thanos butt with some anti-Thanos belt. Don’t get me started on what would’ve happened if Batman showed up.

    Of course he made a suit for that. Of course he did.

    If we took away Black Panther’s tech, it might be a fair fight. Black Panther is plenty skilled but at that point it would be a battle of strength, and I’d say Cap slightly edges him out in that regard. Keep in mind T’Challa would still have his mind, and so he could probably deduce a way to beat him, meaning out of one hundred fights, I’d probably still say 60/40 Black Panther if those parameters were set. While it’s not directly spelled out, you’d have to assume the T’Chakka’s tech is not nearly as good.

    Advantage: Black Panther.

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