Who is Pain, and what are his jutsu?

  • Who is Pain, and what are his jutsu?

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    PAIN IS,

    Pain, is nagato uzumaki controlling six bodies that have chakra recievers put into their bodies so they can be controlled from a pretty long distance away. He controls thes bodies with the black rods stuck in his back and the machines around his arms and legs and some other equipment.

    The reason nagato became evil is because his childhood friend yahiko sacraficed his life by forcing nagato to take a kunai out and and running into it so hanzo would spare nagato and konan’s life.

    So because of his death nagato took yahiko’s body and five other bodies (he made the five others look alike with the same coloured hair and rinnegan) and controlled them.


    since they all have rinnegan, each of them have one special ability. Nagato’s actual rinnegan posseses all of these ablilities at once.

    the abilities are:

    The Deva Path (天道, Tendō), which allows one to manipulate both attractive and repulsive forces.

    The Asura Path (修羅道, Shuradō), which grants the user mechanised limbs, weaponry and armour.

    The Human Path (人間道, Ningendō), which gives the ability to remove a soul and so, read a person’s mind.

    The Animal Path (畜生道, Chikushōdō), which lets the user summon a wide variety of creatures.

    The Preta Path (餓鬼道, Gakidō), which can absorb all forms of chakra, including most ninjutsu.

    The Naraka Path (地獄道, Jigokudō), through which one can summon and control the King of Hell.

    The Outer Path (外道, Gedō), which rules over both life and death.

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    Pain is Nagato Uzumaki. His Jutsu are from the rinnegan’s six paths. The 6 paths( Deva, Asura, Naraka, Human, Animal, and Preta.) all have different abilities. The Deva path was his heavenly pull/push abilities. His Animal path was his summoning path. The Naraka path was used as interrogation and restoration using the King of Hell. The Asura path could augment their features to make them mechanical, stronger or bigger. The Human path could read the mind of any target by putting their hand on someones chest or head and rip their soul out of their bodies. The Preta path could take anyone’s chakra through physical contact. All in all Pain could pretty much do anything he set his mind to.

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    Pain is none other than nagato(former student is jiraya) he possese the rinnegan(given to him by madara). With his rinnegan he controls six other bodies(one being yahiko). He was essentially meant to reanimate madara uchiha but after confronting naruto him sacrifices himself to reanimate all the war victims(like kakashi).


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    There are many badass jutsu’s in naruto which may have impressed you and since you haven’t clarified anything except overpowered , I will divide the answer accordingly in the four sections as follows:-

    1. Based on destruction(lead to external damage).
    2. Based on illusions(which do not lead to external damage).
    3. Jutsu’s acting like a shield.
    4. sealing justu’s(doesn’t cause any damages but seals any justu when cast upon).

    [A] Based on destruction(lead to external damage)

    • Parent and child rasengan:- This jutsu was demonstrated by Naruto and Minato, when they both were in Taled Beast mode plus naruto in sage mode also. The attack was capable enough to push back Obito Uchiha as the Ten-Tails’ jinchuriki. This technique was also used by Naruto with Boruto while fighting with Momoshiki Otsutsuki. If you had seen the latter fight you would have feel the destruction power of that jutsu.

    • Indra Arrow:- Sasuke performed this attack against naruto in their final battle by absorbing chakra from all nine tailed beasts and using his perfect Susanoo as a vessel, Sasuke creates a longbow and arrow which are infused with lightning-natured chakra. It was powerful enough to match Naruto’s Six Paths: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken, producing a massive explosion on impact.

    • Six Paths: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken:- Naruto in six path sage mode and having fully transformed into Kurama, He creates two shadow clones of the entire chakra construct. In its right arms, it creates a Wind Release: Ultra-big ball rasenshuriken, and in its left arms, it creates a Tailed beast ball rasenshuriken both infused with natural energy. It is strong enough to counter Sasuke Uchiha’s strongest offensive technique. This Naruto mode is also called as Asura mode.

    • Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands:-After entering Sage Mode, the user creates a wooden statue of titanic proportions; easily able to dwarf a full-sized Kuruma, as well as a Complete Body — Susanoo. Thousands of hands originate from the statue’s back in countless concentric rows, while its two main hands are clasped, as if in prayer. The statue can serve a variety of purposes in battle, from fighting on the user’s behalf to defending and even using other techniques . The sheer size of this technique makes it almost impossible to attack the user.

    • Chibaku Tensei :- Also one of my favourite technique, User in this technique creates a large big planet from an orb (it pulls rocks toward itself because of enormous gravitational pull to form a planet) and direct it to the enemy from sky. This was demonstrated by Madara Uchiha on Oonoki.

    [B] Based on illusions(which do not lead to external damage)

    • Infinite tsukuyomi :-This is basically the world most overpowered genjutsu that traps the entire world in an illusion, entrapping people in dream so that their chakra may be drawn upon.

    • Tsukuyomi:- It is also one of the most powerful genjustsu and said to represent the “spiritual world and darkness”. This was first demonstrated by Itachi on Kakashi. With the technique user has ability to alter the perception of time with ease within the genjutsu to make a few seconds seem like many days as a means to torture the target. This results in the victim suffering psychological trauma that incapacitates them for a considerable period of time.

    [C] Jutsu’s acting like a shield:-

    • Strength of Hundred Technique:-By releasing the power of their seals, Tsunade and Sakura were able to combine its power with the Creation Rebirth technique and gain them access to the Ninja Art Creation Rebirth-Strength of a Hundred Technique. This seal is also symbiotically linked to the summon Katsuyu. With this jutsu, it grants users the ability to heal the would of large no. of troops as demonstrated during fourth great ninja war.

    • four crimson ray formation:- A powerful barrier formation noted to only be usable by those of Kage calibre, whereby four shinobi, standing in a square formation, erect a large barrier that is red in colour. It was stated to be several times stronger than the four violet flames formation, and is highly malleable. When assaulted by a Tailed beast ball from the Ten tails, the barrier simply distorted its shape, forcing the brunt of the attack upwards while it was left completely intact.

    [D] Sealing justu’s(doesn’t cause any damages but seals any justu when cast upon)

    • Dead Demon Consuming Seal:- It is a sealing technique to call the shinigami. Once the target’s soul is grasped, the summoner can remove the target’s soul and seal it into their own body. Minato uses this technique to seals only the Nine tails yin chakra, leaving its yang chakra and this sealing of its yin chakra into himself makes him its jinchuriki. Afterwards the Shinigami will consume their soul and the soul of their target, ending their life. The souls of those trapped within the Shinigami’s stomach cannot enter the Pure land and are destined to fight with their victims for all eternity.

    • Sword of Totsuka:- This sword is also known as sagekari longsword and sword of Kusanagi. It is an ethereal weapon with an enchanted blade capable of sealing the target it pierces. Those who are stabbed by the sword are drawn into the jar and trapped in a genjutsu-like “world of drunken dreams” for all eternity. Itachi was able to use the sword to completely remove the cursed seal of heaven from Sasuke Uchiha when he removed orochimaru from Sasuke’s body and sealed him in the sword.

    The answer is a bit complicated, so let me give you a little bit of history on both of them. So here we go —

    Nagato was a war orphan from Amegakure or The hidden Rain village. His parents were killed during the third great shinobi war by leaf village ninjas. This happened because Amegakure was a small country in between two great nations and hence often became a battleground if war broke out, destroying it completely. Also Nagato had the rinnegan from a young age because Uchiha Madara had secretly transplanted his rinnegan into him in order to one day be revived and carry out his plan. So when Nagato saw his parents die in front of him, he unknowingly kills the leaf shinobi out of rage.

    After this he wanders from here to there until he almost dies of starvation whereupon he is found by two other orphans Yahiko and Konan. They take him in and give him food and teach him how they survive by stealing food. Nagato is impressed by Yahiko’s about world peace and decides to help him.

    A lot of things happen and they meet Jiraiya from Konoha who trains them so that they can survive in the war torn Amegakure. After Jiraiya leaves, they form an organization called Akatsuki and join others like them to create peace in the world.

    • From the left, Konan Yahiko and Nagato.

    Many events take place but it would require lots of explaining and isn’t that relative to the question. So eventually what happens is that they walk into a trap and Konan is taken hostage by Hanzo, the leader of Amegakure. He instructs Nagato to kill Yahiko or else Konan dies. Nagato hesitates but Yahiko jumps onto Nagato’s kunai and sacrifices himself to save Konan. Filled with rage Nagato awakens the true power of the rinnegan and starts killing Hanzo’s men. In the battle Hanzo escapes but Nagato is seriously wounded in the legs leaving him immobilized.

    • Yahiko jumps on Nagato’s kunai

    Here begins the real answer. Now since Nagato is immobilized and cannot fight in battle so using the power of the rinnegan,which allows the user to control six bodies which can use all of the rinnegan’s abilities,he creates his Six paths of Pain which are six dead bodies which he controls remotely and uses them to fight. One of the bodies is of Yahiko’s and it is also the most powerful path of Pain.

    Pain is Nagato’s allter ego like spiderman and peter parker. He controls the six paths of pain and soeaks through them but he does not refer to himself as Nagato and instead uses the identity Pain. All the six bodies are Pain and together they are known as the Six paths of Pain.

    So there you are, Pain is actually Nagato’s alter ego and the name given to the six bodies he controls out of which one body is Yahiko’s.

    It maybe a bit confusing but if you watch the anime you’ll understand it easily.

    • The six paths of pain
    • Check out the Wikipedia page for six paths of pain : Six Paths of Pain

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    An obvious answer is known to us or is forced upon us. People just rely on the last fight over the valley. And to most people thing is- Naruto didn’t have any killing intention much opposed to Sasuke, so that makes Naruto win in every scenario. I mean really?? That’s all you fanboys could come up with. I’m more of a Sasuke fan and even I know he can’t probably win against Naruto but not just based on that stupid fight.

    As for raw skills I think we can agree Sasuke gets the upper hand even in his current form. But being a Kyubi vessel the insane amount of chakra possessed by Naruto will always triumph over anyone with exceptional skills. That’s just it. Naruto wins for having sage mode with Kyubi enhanced chakra reserve.

    Now if we go to details for each character-

    Current Naruto is practically a living source of chakra. Being the Jinchuriki of all the Tailed beasts will do that. Except the Ten Tails is sealed within Hagoromo himself. Possessing the Six paths sage mode, Naruto is the probably the fastest earthling. To some very certain people: Yes, he’s much faster than the third Raikage himself. Being lighting fast he can levitate. As acknowledged by Sasuke himself he can create over thousands of his shadow clones. Lastly can summon fucking Kurama to aid him. Also nine tails can probably help him even escape the Izanami- the ultimate Genjutsu of the whole Uchiha clan. Having the enhanced Sage mode makes himself somewhat immune to Amaterasu- the eternal black flames casted by Sasuke. So by raw powers, Naruto is practically invincible. *Feel free to add more*

    Let’s talk about Sasuke. By his thirty we can all agree that he’s one of the few skilled shinobies around without using ninjutsu. The way he was always portrayed makes him better than Naruto in pure h2h. In his teens Sasuke was able to hold his own with quite proficiency in unarmed combat against Kakashi himself in the valley. Let’s not forget that. Now coming to EMS user can cast a full body Susanoo. For Sasuke having received the half of Six paths powers given by Hagoromo himself his current Susanoo is six paths enhanced Susanoo. Makes it pretty powerful if not equal to Kurama. Casting Genjutsu on Naruto is kinda useless. So that concluded his highlights of EMS. About the left eye of his which was granted by Hagoromo. That’s EMS infused Rinnegan. This is where things get interesting. A Rinnegan is generally an eye originally possessed by God and was first introduced as a Rinne-Sharingan by Kaguya herself which was her third eye. It’s said in the time of revolution, one who possesses the Rinnegan will be sent upon earth to bring peace or destroy every lives.

    Please refer to Wikipedia for better understanding-

    With Rinnegan at your side even Tailed beasts are under your palms while being free. You instantly gain access to all five style of forms. User can effectively cast The Planetary Devastation which is capable of destroying a huge area to nothingness. User is capable of “Almighty pull and push”. Chikobu Tensei is possible being an alternative to Planetary Devastation. User gets access to all of the six paths and also the seventh path. These paths are-

    Deva Path: The Planetary Devastation, The Almighty Pull and Push, Chikobu Tensei are the abilities granted.

    Ashura Path. Animal Path.

    Human Path: Soul extraction of a human. But being the ultimate Jinchuriki, Naruto is probably only one who can evade this demonic power.

    Preta Path: Chakra can be absorbed by the one who possesses the Rinnegan. And lastly…

    Naraka Path or Path of Hell: User can summon the fucking King of Hell at his side. Something you don’t wanna mess with.

    Besides that user can get access to Outer Path. But I think it’s hardly a help in fight. Well that’s exhausting but to sum it up IF RINNEGAN IS USED AT IT’S FULL POTENTIAL, even current Naruto with Kurama WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WIN against current Sasuke. AND THE FIGHT SHOULD END IN A DRAW. But Naruto being the protagonist the odds are at his side.

    Good question.

    First I’d like to make a quick claim that none of Jiraiya’s battle experience would be useful against the Akatsuki because they are all unique and have their own distinctive fighting style.

    Let’s recap each of the akatsuki members’ abilities and traits:

    • Obito (no rinnegan, no 10 tails)
      • Kamui is a broken ability
    • Pain
      • 6 figures each with a rinnegan that has different abilities
      • Intelligence: 7/10
    • Konan
      • Intelligence: 7.5/10
    • Sasori
      • One contact of poison leads to death
      • 3rd Kazekage puppet
        • Many jutsus which are all poison on contact
        • Iron Sand
        • Strongest of the kazekages….made even stronger
      • Can’t kill him without attacking his heart—hit him and break his puppet parts but he can replace them with other puppet parts
      • Can definitely beat pretty much anyone while keeping one sword occupied, but Sasori’s entire body is a maze of weaponry. He is better than other puppeteers and completely poisonous.
      • Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Thousand Puppets.
      • Can use many “jutsus” without costing chakra:
        • Fire→ Hot enough to melt rock
        • Water Jet→ Strong enough to slice cleanly through rock
      • Solo’d an entire country in one night
      • Enough battle experience to be able to predict opponents (better than the sharingan in my opinion)
      • Can fly because of the way he created his puppet body
      • Intelligence: 8/10
    • Deidara
      • C4 Karura can kill anyone that doesn’t have a sharingan and/or lightning chakra nature.
      • Intelligence: 7/10
    • Kisame Hoshigaki
      • Wields Samehada
        • Absorbs opposing chakra
        • “The stronger my opponent, the stronger I become”
        • Good counter to Amaterasu.
        • Can eat any enemies’ chakra and make Kisame virtually immortal by healing and restoring Kisame’s chakra.
      • Chakra rivalling 7 tailled beasts…
      • Exploding water shockwave from a 30% clone filled an entire desert with water; Exploding water shockwave from another 30% clone created a bubble larger than the 10 tails
      • Super Shark Bomb absorbs opposing jutsus’ chakra and makes itself stronger.
      • Intelligence: 8/10
    • Itachi Uchiha
      • Yata Mirror→ Reflects most attacks
      • Totsuka Blade→ Seals anything it pierces
      • Intelligence: 7.5/10
    • Orochimaru
      • Immortal
      • Strongest of the sannin by far:
        • When leaving the Leaf village initially, he was injured by a paper bomb explosion from a snake that was around him. After that, while he was already injured, he managed to defeat Jiraiya and leave.
        • Without having arms at all, he managed to defeat Jiraiya and put up a fight against Tsunade. During that fight, Orochimaru realizes how much of a threat the akatsuki would pose if they found Naruto and immediately tried to purge the 9 tails’ existence.
        • Killed kages for fun.
        • Jiraiya was almost killed when Naruto went 4 tails (couldn’t protect himself), whereas Orochimaru was punching the 4 tails while Orochimaru was in a weakened body and claimed to be having a fun time.
      • Had been MEGA-NERFED in his fight against Hiruzen after underestimating Hiruzen and losing all his jutsu.
      • Knows almost all jutsu, created a few
      • Many overpowered snake abilities
      • Most battle experience in all of Naruto
      • Hydra form pushed past the yata mirror of Itachi’s susano’o. Hydra form is stronger than the 9 tails.
        • If Orochimaru had his jutsus, Itachi’s susano’o would be meaningless because he could pull Itachi out of his susano’o from below, or he could use a swamp-based jutsu.
      • Wields Kusanagi Blade→ Sharpest blade and strongest blade in existence
      • Edo Tensei→ He can reanimate dead hokage and any enemy would get DESTROYED because he doesn’t know any sealing jutsus. Or even reanimate any previous kage. Hashirama alone would be enough to defeat most characters.
      • Powerful summonings:
        • Manda
        • Large brown snakes
      • Knowledge is power→ Orochimaru knows…everything except for the fact that Itachi has the Totsuka Blade until it’s too late.
      • Very fast
      • Harnessed sage chakra and uses sage chakra at base form (i.e: permanently in sage mode)
      • Mental torture specialist:
        • Against Hiruzen, his student killing him, and supported by both of his teachers
      • Intelligence: 9.8/10
    • Kakuzu
      • Has 5 hearts:
        • Must be killed 5 times
        • Thorough mastery of 5 chakra natures
      • Earth Grudge Fear is very powerful. It can solidify and become tough as diamond (and remain unscathed after taking a tailled-beast bomb), or loose and able to reach long distances. Also allows him to heal from being severed instantly
      • Intelligence: 7.8/10
    • Hidan
      • If he starts talking, it’s game over for his enemy because anyone hearing him talk instantly loses all their brain cells and dies.
      • Immortal.
      • Needs one drop of the enemy’s blood to win. After that, everyone else in Akatsuki can just guard him and actually protect him—not that anyone else would know about the way Jashin and the ritual until it’s too late anyways.
      • Intelligence: 3/10
    • Black Zetsu

    Against all of them he’d obviously lose. However, in one-on-ones with each member individually:

    Obito and Jiraiya. This fight is so close, I can’t believe nobody has thought of this one yet. I think Jiraiya would win assuming Obito doesn’t just suck him into another dimension and leave him there to starve.

    Pain would lose if Jiraiya knew about Pain’s secret earlier, however, if not then Jiraiya would lose. This fight actually did occur although Jiraiya did hold back a little and was a bit surprised by seeing so many rinnegan, he still would lose.

    Konan would lose to Jiraiya in a couple of quick moves as long as Konan doesn’t get to set up.

    Sasori would be able to defeat Jiraiya even if his weaponry wasn’t poisonous. It’d begin with Hiruko which shouldn’t be a problem for Jiraiya, but then the 3rd Kazekage puppet would be able to defeat Jiraiya even if it was not poisonous. If by luck a sage mode Jiraiya is able to defeat the 3rd Kazekage puppet, Sasori would use his own body and his 100 puppet dance, flame scroll, and water jet scroll. That should be enough for Jiraiya even without using his own plethora of weapons attached inside himself. Jiraiya wouldn’t be able to find Sasori’s secret (to kill him or even damage him you have to hit his heart) until it’s too late.

    Deidara against Jiraiya would be a very interesting fight. It’d be very close. Jiraiya would lose though unfortunately since he does not use the lightning release, and he wouldn’t be able to notice the particle-sized explosives.

    I think Kisame would be able to defeat Jiraiya, but it would be an UNBELIEVABLY close fight to the point where immediately after Jiraiya dies, Kisame would fall too.

    Itachi would lose to Jiraiya without a problem. Jiraiya is a sannin, he is able to escape genjutsu without a problem. Itachi’s susano’o wouldn’t be very useful against Jiraiya because Jiraiya would immediately resort to using this jutsu that’d put the susano’o out of commission:

    Orochimaru can defeat Jiraiya without too much of an issue. Orochimaru can do everything Jiraiya can (that doesn’t have to do with frogs), more, and better. Also, Orochimaru is more experienced and knows more. Knowledge is power.

    Kakuzu would tie with Jiraiya. Both would die of exhaustion and neither would die. Both Jiraiya and Kakuzu have very indirectly similar abilities. Being able to solidify instantly and having a coat of protective and solid hair; Fire style and toad flame bombs; etc. However, Kakuzu has the upper hand in jutsu since he has access to all chakra natures, and with the earth grudge technique can even gain Jiraiya’s powers. Also, Kakuzu has 5 hearts, but Jiraiya’s sage mode can defeat all that even though it’s imperfect.

    Hidan would get mutilated by Jiraiya without even setting up unless Hidan can catch him off guard.

    Zetsu would beat Jiraiya. Just joking.

    Thanks for reading, hope I helped!

    There is not much known about Nagato before he got the rinnegan from Madara.

    Coming to how powerful he was, with the help of Jiraiya and his rinnegan , Nagato was able to master all the five nature elements and Ying release at the age of ten which was even rare for adults.

    In later year Nagato and the six paths of pain were able to kill Hanzo of the salamander, a shinobi infront of whom even the 3 legendary sannins struggled.

    He killed Jiraiya , one of the 3 legendary sannins.

    Destroyed konohagakure with Shinra tensei( almighty push).

    Being a pure blooded uzumaki Nagato has huge reserve of chakra due to which he was able to control the six paths of pain.

    The greatest advantage of the Rinnegan was the access it gave Nagato to all of the Six Paths Techniques: the gravitational powers of the Deva Path; the menagerie of summonsavailable to the Animal Path; the limitless absorptive potential of the Preta Path; the control over others’ souls with the Human Path; the different options of mechanisation in the Asura Path; access to the King of Hellthrough the Naraka Path. Because of the limitations of his real body, Nagato had few chances to use any of these abilities directly.

    The one branch of Six Paths Techniques that Nagato reserved for himself was that of the Outer Path. As the Outer Path, Nagato could summon and control the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path produce black receivers into which he can channel his chakra and use the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique to revive the dead.

    Nagato was also an adept sensor, able to pinpoint the location of others across great distances, even penetrating beyond barrierserected for the express purpose of blocking detection.

    Thus it can be said that Nagato Uzumaki was one of the strongest shinobi’s in Naruto series.

    Simply put, there are no actual repercussions for using Forbidden Jutsu from the Hidden Leaf. If one uses a forbidden Jutsu and if they cannot handle it, they will be scolded and it’s frowned upon, but there is no direct penalty in doing so. The punishment for using Kinjutsu is self punishment, most Kinjutsu are dangerous to ones self or others around them.

    The Eight Gates Formation is a forbidden technique because it causes great harm to the user. It rips and shreds ones muscles when activated, and the damage increases with each gate opened. Once the Eighth Gate has been opened, the user will get a very drastic increase in strength and speed. But once the effects have subsided, the user will then proceed to die and turn to ash.

    The Shadow Clone Jutsu is labeled as a forbidden technique because of the chakra required for this technique. To perform this technique, one must equally divide their chakra into the number of clones they create. This is a very easy way to exhaust ones Chakra, leaving them open to attacks and could result in a Shinobi’s death. In order to perform this technique without repercussions, one must possess large Chakra Reserves.

    The Edo Tensei technique, or Impure World Reanimation, is a forbidden Jutsu because it disrupts the natural order of life and death. Once a person dies, their souls travel to the pure land. This summoning Jutsu brings the pure souls back to the Impure World, where they no longer reside.

    The Rasenshuriken is a forbidden Jutsu because of its underdevelopment. The Rasenshuriken is a variant of the Rasengan that attacks their targets at a cellular level, disconnecting their chakra network. This would ultimately result in the Shinobi performing the technique to lose the ability to mould chakra, losing their Jutsu. This would later be improved upon by Naruto, as seen when he throws the Rasenshuriken in order to be out of the blast radius.

    The Reaper Death Seal is also a forbidden Jutsu, for obvious reasons. This is a sealing Jutsu that summons the Shinigami to seal the target, ultimately resulting in the performer of the Jutsu to die, being sealed in the Shinigami’s stomach as well as the target.

    So to answer your original question, Naruto can use forbidden jutsu because it has no negative repercussions on Naruto himself. As long as you can use a forbidden Jutsu without any negative effects taken place, it is not frowned upon. This is the case with Naruto using the Shadow Clone Jutsu and the Rasenshuriken, simply because he has mastered the techniques.

    A) For the plot. He was already OP at the time, it’s why Kishimoto made him unable to walk, and suffering from malnutrition, despite the fact he could have used the King of Hell on himself repairing the damage to his legs. Just with the Rinnegan, he was able to kill Jiraiya and destroy the entire Leaf village. And even then if Hinata didn’t interfere, Kurama wouldn’t have been able to take over. Naruto only won thanks to Kurama. To make him even stronger would make him unbeatable until Naruto either got Six Paths Sage Mode or used Talk no Jutsu.

    He was also never intended to be the final boss, Madara was, (and then we got Kaguya because Kishimoto couldn’t figure out how to kill him), and the final boss can’t be weaker than the previous boss. It’s why it started to get DBZ near the end.

    B) He was channeling his chakra through them through chakra rods, to control their bodies and use the Rinnegan, so he couldn’t use Yahiko’s techniques. They could however use his own. Obito’s Paths were the opposite. Since he sealed the tailed beasts back into the Edo Tensei Jinchuriki and kept them under control through the Gedo Mazo, he just made it so that they used the original techniques since it required a lot of concentration to keep the bijuu under control, but not channel the Six Paths techniques.

    Powerful, oh yes, by miles. Itachi is rather weak on the S-rank scale, he’s among the weakest Akatsuki member, what he has is pure skill. Pure raw skill so great it makes Madara look like a Dead Last. That’s Itachi’s whole thing, he could barely use his Mangekyo because it drained him so much, and was very bad at longer battles, he was even weaker then Sasuke when they fought. However his planning, skill, and abilities are on another level from even most S-rank shinobi.

    Now was he a better fighter then Pain? No, in any fair fight Pain would win, Tsukuyomi is only so effective against other Doujutsu, especially stronger Doujutsu, Pain had Almighty Push get Amaterasu away from him, and he had the range to stay away from Itachi’s hilariously broken Susanoo. And Pain would simply crush Itachi without those, 1 Almighty Push could kill Itachi if done with enough power, and Susanoo is all he has that can stop that, which basically drains him of all chakra in mere minutes.

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