Where can I discover a list of medicare giveback advantage (that …

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    if you are describing those misleading commercials … they are trying to sell you a part C strategy instead of original medicare (Parts A, B, and D). at minimum you have to pay the 144 in my state, many have additional premiums. no strategies in my state give back the 144

    or you can be referring to the qualified medicare recipient program where if your SS is low enough, medicaid pays your premium. that may vary by county/state … the SS needs to be extremely low, i think of 1200/ month in my state.

    you would have to choose a zip code and then look up what the earnings cut off is qualify

    recognize if you get advantages like SNAP/energy help, that might be minimized or removed as soon as you are no longer spending for medicare.

    Contact your trusted insurance agent that is educated in Medicare. It is not an easy topic as expense, needs, drugs, and medical professionals systems are covered in different plans. They can assist you.


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    Never ever heard of a Medicare return advantage. I looked it up, it’s a medicare advantage strategy that you pay for and returns your part B, however your total plan still costs more. Examine the medicare site for zip codes that have those plans


    If you have any idea where you wish to move, check with a representative licensed because state. My guess is that your best choice would be someplace demographically like the one where you live now both size-wise and socio-economically. Plans that return that much are uncommon, and because they do this year doesn’t imply they will next year.


    For what year?

    Which “give back”?

    The Medicare Advantage return due to the fact that you use the VA and the plan has no Rx? (most locations with simply MA plans)


    The semi incorrect advertising for Medicare Benefit return since you are on Medicaid (all states)


    The Medicare Advantage give back due to the fact that they cut advantages and give you premiums back instead. (some states – select with care)

    Bottom line – there is no free ride – and I have 20 years of Medicare protection help in 16 states

    Once you determine a place to move to – check that MAPD strategies are offered. Recognize a certified broker, and talk to them about the location where you are believing about.

    btw –

    make certain you look at all costs – a 148 or less “return” does nothing for you if your rent or costs are 150.00 or more higher per month


    if medical care is for shit in the location or on the network they “return” in


    Where can I discover a list of medicare giveback benefit (that returns $144 or such) postal code? I am moving and want to find a postal code where I can keep this advantage. I do not want to move to a zip code where this benefit is not offered any longer for me.

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    There is no such list. As far as my experience, the give-back is when your state pays for your Part B premiums and people qualify as Certified Medicare Beneficiaries, comparable to Medicaid except if you are 65 you should register in Medicare. You can attempt calling Medicare or look at their website.


    To address your concern straight …

    these giveback part b strategies are ALWAYS Medicare benefit strategies. To get a list … go to Medicare.gov, enter your postal code that you wish to relocate to … and all offered strategies will pull up. Word of advice … I wouldn’t dial in on just part b giveback. If one strategy has a $7000 max out of pocket and a $0 premium and high copays for doctor gos to, etc. while another ine has a $0 premium, a $300 max out of pocket, coupled with low or 0 dollar physician copays and more benefits … then screw the part b giveback benefit.

    I advise individuals all the time … when picking. Insurance coverage strategy … choose it like you’re going to have to utilize it … due to the fact that if you fo have to use it. you won’t regret your choice.

    It is not a return. It is a no dollar Part C strategy. There are no premiums but the co-pays are enormous. My sis had one and we both went to the very same physician for the exact same treatment. Under my Part B plan with a premium I had no co-pays. My sis had a $300 co-pay. Do your math.


    As many of the resonses here suggest, a Part B premium giveback strategy is frequently not the best alternative. It depends upon the other plans readily available in one’s area and, more notably, on one’s specific requirements. You can find out what postal code and counties have these plans available by calling the EasyMedicare hotline at (877) 202–4812


    Well, if you see your product status as ” consignment details not found” then go on to read the entire answer which has some edits to show when the status got changed after 9 days. Consignment information not discovered just indicate that the barcode with Tracking ID for instance ED922646881 IN which is present on the plan is still not scanned at the post workplace near to Passport workplace or DL Authority.

    So if the barcode is not scanned then the speed post tracking will not have the ability to show you any status.

    What to do in this case?

    1. Just be patient and keep checking the status from time to time.
    2. It can use up to 10 days from the day you have received dispatched notification.
    3. Dispatched notice is constantly from the concerned workplace or authority but real status just shows when post office scan the barcode.
    4. Typically, it takes less than 48 hours to reach your item at your place after the post workplace scanned the barcode.


    • While I am composing this answer, a couple of months back I had actually waited for my driving license for 10 days to reveal any status.
    • Currently I am waiting on my vehicle RC with status as ” consignment information not found” for which I got the message on 17 th Nov.


    Date 26 th November – The item has been scanned/booked by the “Malviya Nagar SO South Delhi” after 9 Days and now I can expect this to come to my address by tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

    I hope I have had the ability to answer this question to the best of my understanding. Let me know in the comment section if you have any concern and hit Upvote so that it encourages me for beneficial answers.

    If it is YOUR credit card then it is your postal code. If you do not understand YOUR postal code it sounds like a stolen charge card. Damage it.


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