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    Is Vitamin D the most essential vitamin to enhance general health?

    Image source: Trebel Health. The Superpowers Of Vitamin D Introduction This post handles the superpowers of vitamin D. Originally, researchers found that vitamin D was the missing component in preventing rickets in growing kids. They developed that 400 IU of vitamin D daily prevented rickets. Medical private investigators figured out that the active metabolite was vitamin D. The body has receptors on all crucial organs for vitamin D. This consists of the heart, brain, bones, kidneys and liver. In recent years new findings showed that the RDA of 400 IU of vitamin D3 daily was too low for numerous diseases. In other words, lots of illness can establish when vitamin D consumption is too low, particularly in the aging population. Scientists showed that higher doses of vitamin D3 in the range of 800 to 1000 IU per day prevent osteoporosis, falls and fractures in older grownups and in retirement home populations. The body immune system requires greater dosages of vitamin D3 However the body immune system of everyone depends on higher dosages of vitamin D3. Just Recently (Dec. 12 to 15, 2013) I went to a lecture at the A4M conference in Las Vegas where Dr. Eisenstein evaluated the current on vitamin D3. It is now understood that 2/3 of the United States population is deficient for vitamin D as measured by blood tests (less than 25 ng/ml). The standard test is the 25- hydroxy-vitamin D level (shortened as 25( OH) D level). It is now known that you need a minimum of a level of more than 40 to 60 ng/ml of 25( OH) D as determined in the US, which translates to more than 100 to 150 nmol/L determined in metric systems in other countries, to prevent cancer. Metabolism of vitamin D3 90%of the vitamin D3 that we require originates from exposure to sunshine. This changes a cholesterol metabolite (7-dehydrocholesterol) into the vitamin D precursor (vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol). We absorb this from naturally taking place fish oil and oily fish. Otherwise this does not naturally happen in foods (Ref. 1). Dr. Eisenstein explained that it is popular that individuals living north of the 37 th degree latitude lack vitamin D3 since of a lack of sun direct exposure, especially in the winter season: Absence of Vitamin D May Explain Black Americans’ Cancer Deaths. People south of the 37 th degree latitude have adequate sun direct exposure. However anywhere you live, it is advisable to have your vitamin D3 level measured (as 25( OH) D level). If you do not eat sufficient fish or fish oil, the levels likely are too low as is the case for 2/3 of the US population. Oral vitamin D3 supplements Patients whose vitamin D levels are too low need to take vitamin D3 supplements. Vitamin D3 is more metabolized by the liver and then by the kidneys into the active vitamin D substance, called 1,25( OH) 2D3 (which is called “calcitriol”). The primary result of calcitriol is to absorb calcium and phosphate from the intestinal tract into the blood stream. Together with vitamin K2 as explained in a prior blog these minerals are then used up by the bone to prevent osteoporosis or rickets in the growing child: calcium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 are required for bone health. What has actually not been understood for a very long time is that vitamin D3 is also needed for normal cell metabolic process by most of your body cells, however particularly by the essential organs like the brain, the heart, the kidneys, the liver, the body immune system and the bone. Some individuals require greater doses of vitamin D3 However, dosages of 5000 IU to 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 capsules per day are necessary for ideal vitamin D3 health. This causes levels of listed below 150 ng/ml of 25( OH) D levels, which were shown by researchers to be safe. According to Dr. Eisenstein no toxicity has actually been found below 30,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily, however based on other authors a dosage of 10,000 IU should be sufficient for most people. Strangely enough colored individuals also need to take vitamin D3 supplements as the greater melanin pigment in the skin removes UV light so successfully that their 25( OH) D level can be low. Constantly err on the mindful side and have your vitamin D3 blood level taken. Vitamin D3 has a characteristic stereotactic setup (cis-triene structure), which allows it to bind free radicals and function as an antioxidant (Ref.2). What are a few of the scientific results of vitamin D3? Vitamin D3 has diverse effects on organs systems as Dr. Eisenstein summed up: vitamin D3 lifts depression and is of particular value for drug resistant anxiety. Take 5000 to 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily. Muscle power increases with vitamin D3, particularly in those who exercise routinely. Numerous fertility clinics take notice of vitamin D3 levels, as the greater the blood levels of vitamin D3 in a male, the much faster this sperms move! And the more vitamin D3 she has on board, the better she ovulates. Completion result is a higher pregnancy success rate when both partners take 5000 to 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day Vitamin D enhances teeth in offspring, assists with chronic pain Also, if a woman takes vitamin D3 during her pregnancy, the first set of teeth in the offspring will have fewer cavities. Brain advancement in autistic kids is much enhanced with vitamin D3 in greater doses. This needs to be integrated with detoxification methods and supervised by one of the DAN physicians: Why the Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) Protocol Was Discontinued. 6. Persistent discomfort usually improves when doctors deal with vitamin D3 deficiency, which almost always exists in patients with chronic discomfort. Avoidance of flus and Covid-19, asthmatics improve To prevent flus and colds and other infectious diseases, take greater doses of vitamin D3. When you come down with a flu, it is safe to increase your everyday vitamin D3 consumption to 30,000 IU of vitamin D3 for a couple of days up until your symptoms enhance, then resume your upkeep dose of 5000 IU to 10,000 IU each day. This year’s dominant flu is the type A, subtype H1N1– likewise called the swine influenza: Swine influenza deaths rise to 17 in Bay Location. Children must get 50%of the dose program detailed for grownups when they establish a flu (for kids: 15,000 IU for 3 to 5 days, with tapering to an upkeep dosage of 2500 to 5000 IU till blood levels of 25( OH) D are offered). Here is a website about the benefits and drawbacks of vitamin D where dosages are also talked about: John Cannell Archives – Jane Langille. Asthmatic patients do better with vitamin D3 supplements requiring less upkeep anti-asthmatic medication to keep them stabilized with regard to their airways. Partial prevention of Alzheimer’s disease with vitamin D Persistent low vitamin D3 levels trigger brain damage consisting of Alzheimer’s illness: Vitamin D Deficiency: Symptoms, Causes, and Health Threats. In this context it is essential to know that the enzymatic conversion in the liver and kidneys slow down as we age. Older clients need greater doses of vitamin D3. This may have been the factor for the confusion about relatively low doses of 400 IU of vitamin D3 avoiding rickets in children versus the need for much higher dosages of vitamin D3 in middle aged and older clients. There is a link of high blood pressure to vitamin D3 shortage and it is much better manageable with medication when vitamin D3 levels are normal. Vitamin D extends telomeres and increases longevity Live longer with vitamin D3. How is this possible, you might ask: the answer has been found in the telomeres, the shoelace like structures at the end of the DNA hair of each cell. Vitamin D3 lengthens the telomeres and promotes telomere repair; there is an association of vitamin D3 and a longer life expectancy: People with Higher Vitamin D Levels Live Longer. Centenarians have longer telomeres. You can measure telomere length, but it is an expensive test, which is not for everybody, contrary to supplementation with vitamin D3 that should be taken by everybody! Vitamin D battles inflammation As currently suggested, vitamin D3 reinforces the immune system. But it likewise regulates the inflammatory response from muscle damage, so professional athletes can perform better. Clients with several sclerosis will improve as it decreases the inflammatory procedure: Scientist unlock how vitamin D might benefit individuals with multiple sclerosis. Other inflammatory illness like arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and even cancer respond positively to higher doses of vitamin D3. In these cases doctors use 20,000 to 30,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily. This info has actually not yet percolated into mainstream medication. Greater percentages of cardiovascular disease happen in clients who have lower than 15 ng/ml 25- Hydroxy-vitamin D levels in their blood significance that vitamin D3 supplements prevents heart disease (Ref.3). What are harmful vitamin D levels? What is understood about the safety of vitamin D3, especially the higher vitamin D3 dosages? Initially, it is wise to have your 25( OH) D blood levels taken from time to time. If vitamin D blood levels exceed 150 ng/mL lowering the vitamin D dosage or stopping supplementation is prudent. Otherwise it has been difficult to develop a toxic variety. Many publications about poisonous levels of vitamin D mention that anything above 150 ng/mL would be in the harmful range. This website declares that 40,000 IU of vitamin D3 or more would lead to toxic levels where the blood calcium levels would be increased, which can be measured as hypercalcemia: Vitamin D3 Oral: Utilizes, Side Impacts, Interactions, Pictures, Warnings & & Dosing – WebMD. Nevertheless, another research study performed in 2007 displayed in MS clients that took 40,000 IU each day and that led to a blood level of 400 ng/ml of 25( OH) D did not cause increased calcium levels and did not result in hypercalciuria (excessive calcium in the urine): Safety of vitamin D3 in grownups with numerous sclerosis. Toxic vitamin D levels challenging to find The documents that indicated that it would be hazardous or unneeded to take vitamin D3 were untrue. It seems that they had other agendas than interacting the truth. There was no release of calcium from the bones and calcium absorption from the gut was not too high. This would have triggered calcification of the bones, soft tissues, heart and kidneys. Also, kidney stones would have established. However, a low calcium diet plan integrated with corticosteroid drugs generally leads to a full healing within a month: Vitamin D toxicity – Wikipedia. Interesting that all of the dire forecasts regarding toxic vitamin D3 levels did not materialize. Here is another site talking about vitamin D3 dosing: The Fact About Vitamin D: Can You Get Too Much Vitamin D? Client taking unintended high doses of vitamin D3 endured I spoke to a participant of the conference with a fellowship degree in anti-aging medication what understanding we have about vitamin D3 toxicity. He told me that there has been an unintended overdose. In this case a compounding drug store slipped up. A patient accidentally got a dose of 500,000 Systems of vitamin D3 per day for a full 3 months. The patient felt slow, however did not have any other signs. His doctor informed him to stop the vitamin D3 compound. He had an uneventful recovery with no harmful impacts. At this moment no documented overdose of vitamin D3 exists. Conclusion Vitamin D3 is an essential supplement. Researchers revealed that it prevents rickets in kids. Consequently doctors found that it likewise prevents depression, MS, infections and numerous cancers (Ref. 4). As usual there will be numerous reviews that question the credibility of the above statements. But I have actually found that all of these effects described above were verified in numerous sources of numerous medical information. Negative rumours have a propensity to stick around on for years. More information on vitamin D3 for avoidance of osteoporosis and hardening of arteries: calcium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 are required for bone health Vitamin D3 deficiency can trigger pancreatic cancer: inadequate vitamin D3 is linked to pancreatic cancer Referrals 1. McPherson: Henry’s Clinical Medical diagnosis and Management by Lab Techniques, 22 nd ed., © 2011 Saunders 2. Rheumatic Illness Centers of North America– Volume 38, Issue 1 (February 2012), © 2012 W. B. Saunders Business 3. Wang TJ, Pencina MJ, Cubicle SL, et al: Vitamin D deficiency and danger of cardiovascular disease. Circulation117 (4 ): 503-5112008 4. “Acknowledgment and Management of Vitamin D Deficiency”: American Family Doctor– Volume 80, Problem 8 (October 2009), © 2009 American Academy of Household Physicians The above was previously released here: superpowers of vitamin D

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