What wattage should I vape marijuana concentrate carts …

  • When it comes to vaping marijuana concentrate carts cartridges, the wattage you should use depends on a few factors.

    First, consider the type of cartridge you are using and what its recommended wattage is.

    Different types of cartridges may require different levels of power in order to produce optimal vapor production and flavor.

    Additionally, if your device has adjustable settings for temperature or voltage control, these can also be used to fine-tune your experience with each cartridge type.

    Finally, experiment with different wattages until you find one that produces an enjoyable vape experience for you!

    It’s not about watts, it’s about volts. Yes, if your standard vape cartridge has about 1.2 ohms of resistance, it will take about 7 watts to produce 3.7 volts. But that’s really what you want to focus on, is making sure you have the correct 3.7 volts, instead of just going by wattage because the resistance between cartridges may change.

    In my experience. Using the cartridges between 3–10 watts is best. 7 watts is my happy medium. Not too harsh and the perfect amount of smoke.

    Note: be careful with using devices that go above 10 watts. If you go too high by accident you will burn the coil instantly and there’s no going back!

    I would recommend the lowest the best around 3.1 as higher may cause the concentrate to burn and than you are inhaling the wrong thing. The lighter the burn the better it is in my experience. For strong high people think its better to have high volts but I wouldn’t recommend that.

    Plus its safer for cartridges if the cartridge coil gets burnt than it may clog or that burnt coil residue may also come along inhaling. So be careful.

    I set mine at low simmer and it’s ready when I get home from work! Boy howdy! Makes the house smell mm mm good!!

    It’s not about watts, it’s about volts. Yes, if your standard vape cartridge has about 1.2 ohms of resistance, it will take about 7 watts to produce 3.7 volts. But that’s really what you want to focus on, is making sure you have the correct 3.7 volts, instead of just going by wattage because the resistance between cartridges may change

    Your cartridge is harsh because:

    -You are holding the button for too long. Only drawing air over the coils for 1-2 seconds.

    -Your battery is burning too hot.

    Use a 510 threaded battery that allows you to control the temperature. Stick to 2.60 and 3.30.

    -You are buying bootlegs- Check the packaging for a serial number. Good brands allow you to check the serial number on their website to confirm authenticity.

    Finding good (non-bootleg) brands in the states is tough. Street dealers usually don’t carry them. I recommend you search online. Check out the site, Weedsly. They ship to all 50 states.

    How high a wattage are you talking about? Typically if you have a subohm tank the coils you get for it will usually dictate how high or low a wattage is best. That said there are always exception to this but for now we will concentrate on 2. Subohm tanks and rebuildables. Sub tanks have come a long way since I started vaping. We didn’t have subohm tank they hadn’t been invented yet.

    When they came into the scene it was almost like we were bombarded with the different makes of subohm tanks. I tried so many different tanks used several on a regular basis. I was never comfortable vaping at high wattage, even now. I can go up 70–80 watts that is high for me. Why it was only about 2 years ago I broke the 40–45 watt wattage. I stopped using subtank due to the muted flavors you get. Before everyone goes off on me let me finish. I’m talking about the subohm tanks we had on the market save for very few that had really good to great flavor. Today that has changed we have sub tanks with mesh coils which I find produce phenomenal flavor.

    I am a big fan of RDAs and RTAs, there are a few RDTAs out there that I like. But for me I like squonker or bottom feeders. I know I keep using myself as an example….bear with please. With RDAs vs your top of the line sub ohm tank (not even gonna try and say which is best).

    If your using a subohm tank get the coil that allows for the highest wattage. Simple as that. I always liked something around 0.25 ohms I have gone to around 0.11/0.12 ohms however it gets way way too hot for me. I like a high cool bordering on warm to high warm. I can go less but once it gets hot I’m not liking it. I like my flavors, if it’s hot or too hot at least I don’t get the flavor that I look for. There is some flavor but for me it’s not the same as a warm Vape that delivers the best flavor.

    One last thing I do want to mention. The disposable subohm tanks that are on the market these days. I was sent one to try by a distributor I get my vape supplies from. Well now I have a Tesla regulated tube mod that goes up to 86 watts. I love that mod it was less than $50 and it gets a lot if use! Back to the disposable tanks; like, love em, despise em they are here to stay. For me I usually get the ones that are 0.15 ohms I set my Tesla mod to around 55–60 watts some times down to 50 watts usually though it’s above 55 watts. The ones I get are great! They have mesh coils and and have absolutely fantastic flavor! If you want to go the RDA route you want your coil build as low as you want it with out going to low as that could have detrimental effects in your set up. Somewhere around 0.2–0.12 again that is your own decision I make no claims about being an expert on the really low builds on builds that I have personally experienced myself.

    Always, always be super careful whichever way you io. Too low and you can ruin not just your mod and whatever’s on top, but you could do serious damage to yourself as well. I pray I answered your question I do endeavor to give my best answer possible using my experiences in whatever questions I try and answer.

    I often unwind and relax after a long, stressful day at work by vaping cannabis. I prefer the light ones when I’m alone but when I’m with friends, we do the strong stuff.

    Here’s a list of the most potent cartridges in the market. The THC level of each of these vape pens is at least 80%.

    1. Stiiizy – Cutting agents, artificial flavor, and color have not been introduced to the vape ingredients.

    2. Budpop – These cartridges are made with high-quality stainless steel and food-grade silicone and include 100 percent natural and vegan ingredients.

    3. Hollyweed CBD – The strength, safety, and quality of the product were all checked in the lab.

    4. Diamond CBD – Users have raved about how good these vapes are, claiming that the mix of Delta-8 and CBD benefits gives them a stronger high.

    I get my strains from Weedsly. That website is essential for someone like me who lives in a not-so-legal state. Their prices aren’t great, but I can’t complain.

    The problem isn’t with the THC, but with inhaling the oils that it’s infused into. I would recommend that everyone stop vaping anything with any kind of oil in it. There’s a risk to lung health with inhaling oil droplets that has been known and written about for years. Conventional e-liquids used for vaping, which contain no oil and are water-soluble, haven’t been implicated.

    The recent rash of acute illness and death has now been conclusively linked to ingredients found in a specific type of THC oil preparation which has found its way into pockets of the consumer market whose locations and sizes are presently undefined, from a source or sources which are presently unknown.

    Until consumers can be assured that the manufacture and distribution of these specific products has ceased across the board, vaping THC oil is like playing Russian Roulette.

    Consumers aren’t going to have that assurance until all cannabis products are manufactured and sold under government license and are subject to government inspection and quality control. This should sound familiar; it’s already done with alcohol and tobacco products.

    But it can’t happen until cannabis products are legalized. Legalization opens the way to effective regulation. It can’t happen without it.

    There are a couple of things to look for to make this determination. The cartridge itself and the thickness of the liquid.

    The liquid usually comes at the proper thickness for a cartridge; however, some people make their own and that’s where the thickness may change. You want a liquid that is relatively thin. If you look at the base of your cartridge, there are one or two little holes on the inside of the cartridge at the base of the tube that the vapor comes out. That’s where the liquid goes in. If the liquid is too thick, it won’t be able to go through those holes and then you will burn it.

    As far as the cartridge is concerned, if you have the proper thickness of liquid, look at this holes again. If there is one small hole, start off at the lowest setting on your pen. Usually somewhere around 3.0–3.2v. If there are two small holes or a larger hole, you can turn it up some. I would do this gradually; however, you really shouldn’t go over 3.6–3.8v or there’s a possibility your coil will burn and that will really suck because those carts are usually disposable. Once they are together, they are hard to break open without wasting product.

    If you aren’t trying to mess with all of that, start at the lowest setting and GRADUALLY turn your volts up to find the sweet spot but don’t turn it up passed 3.6–3.8v

    I’m going to answer that from a slightly different angle – “Why would i need such high energy…?!’ ” – the simple answer is of course they don’t “need” it. When I fully switched from smoking to vaping it was on a 12 Watt device that I never turned up past 8 or 9 or I got a burnt taste off the little 2 ml tank. My aim then was to replicate the sensation of smoking – the tight draw, the “throat hit” even the tobacco flavour, while trying to convince myself I was getting enough nicotine to stay off the cigarettes.

    The revelation came when I tried a “new” tank (the nautilus mini) that had much more air flow (relatively, for the time), and I started experimenting with different flavours. I realized that vaping could be
    better than smoking, not just a crutch to get me over the withdrawal.

    Ever since then, I’ve seen every evolution in my vaping preferences as another step further away from smoking. To the point now where there’s no way that a mere cigarette could come near what I experience taking a direct lung inhale of my favorite “liquid gold” at 35 Watts in a really “airy” sub-ohm tank.

    So it could be argued that anything that adds to the potential variety of experience – from flavours to the whole vape-meet culture, or cloud chasing, mod collecting, whatever – all helps people grow beyond the smoker they used to be.

    Still maybe not a “need” strictly speaking, but good enough justification for me.

    Yes, the black market is flooded with things like “Mario Karts” that are mass production empty carts that are sold wholesale for pennies and filled by unscrupulous people with all manner of things.

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