What type of movies do you like to watch?

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    I enjoy all kinds of movies. I am a huge fan of fiction overall. But if I had to pick one genre it would definitely be horror. I enjoy horror so much I even made a blog to talk about how much I enjoy it. For me horror is a genre that can explore so much and can show us unique stories that show the other sides of characters that other genres can’t show us so well. It is a genre where creativity can flourish. It is so versatile. It is also a genre that actors can showcase their skills in the best ways. For example one of the best performances of this year definitely goes to Toni Colette in Hereditary. She blew me away completely. It can bring out the best from actors. It can also be visually stunning (a good example would be Suspiria) and it is a genre that can make you feel things that you never feel in other types of movies.

    Interesting question.

    I usually prefer to watch movies which include comedy action romance and a constant adventure.

    Pirates of Caribbean, Avengers, Jumanji, and mission impossible are my favourite franchise.

    I love hobbit because of the character and the story how they have developed thanks to Peter Jackson. HP too is like a fantasy world.

    Almost everyone likes this kinda films.

    Watching movies having some different kinda genre sometimes makes my mind to like them like skyfall 1917 inception Interstellar etc…

    Movies which invlove usage of mind is some sort of selective thing.like watching Nolan’s film is like watching someone’s mind. Seriously this all kind of movies are my fav and u know why these all facinates me.


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    Thanks for A2A .

    There are so many reasons that i like movies.

    1. watching movies is the one of the best hobbies , you don’t have to do anything just open your laptop and plug in your earphones then you are in your favorite world.

    2. While watching movies , you can spend your time with your loved ones .(don’t try it every time )

    3. Movies can make your mood better anytime , like if you are sad you can watch comedy movies i am sure it will help you . and once you start laughing your problems are reduced

    4. movies let you live in fantasy world , movies create their own world and you start living in that world .( there are so many movies that created their own fantasy universe like MCU , Harry potter universe , DCEU ).

    5. Movies can inspire you , there are a lots of movies that will shoe you that don’t run from your problem and have faith ,(like Shawshank redemption )

    6. movies are complete Entertainment , If you choose your movies wisely then you will never get bored .

    7. you can get amazing quotes and lines from movies , it increases your knowledge .

    I love to watch movies

    • Sperhero movies

    I love to watch superhero movies especially Marvel’s studio movies like Iron man,captain america, avengers etc

    • Movies full of Action, adventure like mad max fury road, Red, 300, Indiana Jones etc

    • Movies based on Secret service agent like james bond, Kingsman etc

    • Comedy movies like hangover,ted etc

    • Sometimes Drama movies like chef (2015)

    • Comedy, adventure , animated movies like dispicable me, croods, kun-fu-panda etc

    • Mystery, thriller like shutter island

    • And mostly i like to watch action, adventure,comedy and fantasy movies like pirates of the Caribbean, lord of the rings etc

    Thank you

    Because I am an admirer of art!!!!

    Being a science student all my life, I did not get a chance to deeply explore the field of art and cinema. However, coming of age made me realize that cinema is way more than the mainstream Bollywood crap that we are used to.

    • It is a form of art.
    • It is a study.

    Personally, I like movies which include scientific analogy to explain social customs and norms.

    1. The Dark Knight (Chaos Theory)

    Joker: Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes. chaos. I’m an agent of chaos.

    2. Newton (Second Law of Motion)

    Election Officer: If you throw a tea seller and a tycoon from a cliff, both of them would fall down at the same time. (This statement shows that in front of Mother Nature, everybody is equal)

    3. Lincoln (Euclid’s Axioms and Common Notions)

    Lincoln: Euclid’s first common notion is this: Things which are equal to the same things are equal to each other. That’s a rule of mathematical reasoning and its true because it works – has done and always will do. In his book Euclid says this is self evident. You see there it is even in that 2000 year old book of mechanical law it is the self evident truth that things which are equal to the same things are equal to each other. (Here, Lincoln tries to explain that everyone is equal because the creator of all races is the same)

    Thank you. 🙂

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    Well to give answer of this question is too tough to give. Movies have different subject. Now a days we observe that there are many of the brave subject that we are coming across. Well as far as my answer is concerned i love all the type of movies. But a great but if i am asked to select just one type of movies than i will go for THRILLER SUSPENSE one. Some of the movies that i like in this genre are as follows :




    (4) PSYCHO


    So this kind of movies which fall under the category of suspense thrille are best to see.

    The main plus point of suspense thriller movies is that it will keep you connected till the end. It will not let you go bore. I find it very interesting to watch.

    SO BECAUSE OF THIS I DO LOVE SUSPENSE THRILLER KIND OF MOVIES. and i suggest many of my buddies to see such kind of movies. So here is my answer i am sure many of you have your opinion. Go ahead with it.


    I absolutely love a good romantic comedy.

    It can be a bad rom-com too, but I’d generally prefer for it to be with a star-studded cast, from the early or late 2000s, and for there to be a guy lead.

    I’m specific, but for good reason! Rom-coms with a guy lead are a lot less cliché than the ones with girl-leads. The girls in rom-coms always need a fake date somewhere, have a terrible fiancé and then fall in love with the fiancé’s brother, or there’s some weird incident where the girl gets drunk and goes a little too far with the guy but it’s true love!

    (The previous examples were *unfortunatelyreal rom-coms.)

    Everything I like in a rom-coms is exhibited in one I’m going to try to watch sooner rather than later.

    What Women Want with Mel Gibson was recommended by a friend who dressed up as the lead guy (pictured above) for Halloween. He said the movie would be “right up my alley” and after some basic research, I totally agree.

    • It’s not rated R.
    • It’s a rom-com.
    • The lead guy is cute.
    • It now reminds me of the (honestly, totally attractive) friend who recommended it.
    • There’s some magic involved.
    • Did I mention I like it when guys wear black?

    My favorite movie genre is a rom-com because most times they feel like my day-to-day life. I honestly kind of relate to them, and I like how (unlike thrillers and action movies which I also enjoy) I don’t have to worry about any of the characters suddenly dying.

    I think my ever-romantic credentials kind of prove I like rom-coms-

    Or just romance in general.

    What kinds of movies do you most enjoy? Why?

    Family comedies with happy endings.

    The older I get, the less I like horror, angsty movies, message movies, fighting, bad guys, stupidity, bad science, and crudeness.

    I dislike those kinds of movies, because I get way too much of that unpleasant stuff in real life. I don’t want anymore in my entertainment.

    99% of the movies I like are comedies. Especially comedies about families, friendships, and romance. With all the irritations and pains that come from having a 77 year-old body, I need all the humor I can get.

    I like science fiction if it doesn’t have too much bad science. I can accept impossible things like time travel, if they’re the main point of the movie, but most everything else should be realistic. I don’t like most stuff they call science fiction because they’re really horror.

    I don’t like message movies because at my age, I find most messages to be rather childish.

    I just love all horror movies more than any other type of movies in my opinion.👍👍👍👍. Horror is life.


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    I like movies because they represent a beautiful world. Everything is beautiful even sadness and darkness.

    Cinema is also creation, creation of a world who do not exist, where we can for a hour or two or 1 minute shut up the noise.

    I’ve learn everything I know with films, literature, I’ve learn to understand myseft, people that I love and don’t. I see and feel all the emotions of a human been in 2 hours.

    I feel music, beauty, uglyness, horror, paradise, poetry. If I’m sad I watch a funny film and he makes me feel happy and hopefull about life, If I wanna learn and see a country I will may not have the chance to see, I see it, learn about it, with the eye of beauty.

    Cinéma is unique, cheap for the experience and emotions it gives.

    Creating films, is like create another world, with perfect humans, stories and goal. You can live mutiples lives with art. It’s also a catarsis, where your dreams even the baddest can come true, and for a minute, you experience it.

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