What is the regular size of the liver, and is it dangerous if …

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    The typical size of liver based upon ultrasound is 13–14 cm

    195 cm is an enlarged liver.

    However, this is just an ultrasound assessment. The intensity can not be decided merely on size however we need to study the level of liver enzymes and the cause. In some cases it is only fatty liver, which can be revered on stopping alcohol or with way of life steps.

    I encourage you to consult a gastroenterologist/ hepatologist.

    23 cm is the size of our liver. My late spouse died of Advanced Hepatocellular Cancer- liver cancer stage 3C, with liver cirrhosis and, hepa B. The size of his tumor was 7.23 cmx7.25 cmx7.23 cm. Can’t do surgical treatment, chemo therapy and radiation. And they say he can last for 6 to 9 months to live. We tried Advanced trial treatment and he took Sorafenib. And he can last exactly 10 months when my partner passed away.

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    The size of the liver is not measured in cm however in ml or grams.

    What you refer to is then maximum span of the liver from its uppermost border to lower edge normally computed by ultrasound.

    A span of 19.5 cm is much beyond normal range for any age and for that reason is considered Hepatomegaly (bigger liver). Whether it is dangerous or not can not be concluded simply on size and further examination would be required into its cause, architecture and effect on liver function. Suffice to say, a liver period of 19.5 cm benefits examination by an experience liver physician.

    typical size ranges from 8 cm to 12 cm. 19.5 is definitely serious. Alcohol is the usual cause although there might be other causes like extreme obesity. Contact a gastroenterologist or hepatologist.

    On a typical liver size is somewhere around 10–12 cm in length. Sometimes it might be as large as 15 cm.

    I think a size of 19.5 cm is definitely unusual and you ought to satisfy a physician or a gastroenterologist to find out whats wrong with it.

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    The essential specification in pathology is weight not size; of course the problem there is that in order to weigh a liver, you have to take it out to put it on the scales

    Livers are “harmful” when they have cirrhosis, hep C, primary (hepatocellular CA or cholangiocarcinoma) and secondary (metastatic) cancer

    Uncertain if that assists

    The size of human liver depends on age, sex, and body size. Nevertheless, the average size of human liver varieties from 5cm to 15 cm.

    this suggests your liver is enlarged due t fatty seepage and you are fortunate yet to be found at early and still inflammation is not begun otherwise your sgpt/sgot might came as elevated.

    Take it as early caution to alter your life and diet plan style to control excess fatty seepage by entering calories defeciet.

    Consume low calories and fiber food, with green leafy veggie and fruits.

    Loose 3– 5%weight.

    Your waist need to be half of your height.

    Some individuals have a little bigger livers without any other underlying medical condition.

    Other individuals have big livers due to a hidden illness procedure. A few of these people have not yet experienced signs of liver illness however may in the future if the underlying pathology continues or gets worse.

    The best thing to do is speak with your physician about the issue. You might require further workup which may include blood work (e.g liver function tests) and potentially imaging. This will depend upon your scientific presentation and history.

    I advise speaking to your physician about your concerns.

    You have explained NAFLD and NASH, NonAlcoholic Fatty Liver Illness and Nonalcoholic SteatoHepatitis. Both are connected with Metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and weight problems. It is necessary to determine and treat due to the fact that it is associated with swelling of the liver, which can cause cirrhosis, which is scarring of the liver. It can result in liver failure. Dealing with the underlying high blood glucose and the obesity can help in reducing the illness, which typically has no signs.

    The client ought to be looked for diabetes and prediabetes. His or her primary doctor will know what to do.

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