What is the opposite word of benefit?

  • What is the opposite word of benefit?

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    Here are some candidates.

    • Antonyms of benefit as a noun (“to the benefit of”; “it is a benefit”)

      burden; damage; deficit; disability; disadvantage; detriment; downside; drag, drawback; encumbrance; hindrance; obstacle.
    • Antonyms of benefit as a verb (“it will benefit them”)

      block; burden; challenge; cripple; damage; disadvantage; drag down, encumber; harm; hinder; injure.


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    Yes, it’s a real word. While I agree that you could make a case for the word forget as an antonym for learn, it’s not a true opposite.

    When you learn something, you acquire knowledge or skill. Learning is frequently an active process involving repetition or practice. Forgetting is a consequence of neglecting that repetition or practice—forgetting isn’t really an “active” process in this case.

    Unlearning, however, is active. When you unlearn a skill (possibly because you’ve been doing it wrong or need to adjust), you have to undergo a process that takes similar repetition and practice to learning, making it a more appropriate antonym, in my opinion.

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    If your question relates to benefits as a noun:

    ‘The job description listed many benefits’.

    You could use an opposite/antonym such as ‘drawbacks’ , ‘limitations’ or perhaps ‘disadvantages’

    On the other hand, if your question relates to benefits as a verb:

    ‘The new way of problem solving benefits many’.

    You might opt for a word like ‘hinders’, ‘encumbers’ or ‘inconveniences’

    The way you frame it depends on the context.

    Hope this helps 🙂


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    When we benefit from something, that means we gain something to our good, or something is beneficial to us. Eating carrot sticks is beneficial to our health. Our health is benefitted by eating carrot sticks.

    The opposite of gaining something to our good, would be taking away something from our good. We can say, that eating candy is to our detriment; or eating candy is detrimental to our health (that takes away from our good.)

    What is the opposite word of “different”?

    Antonyms of different

    1:being not of the same kind

    Near Antonyms for different

    equal, self-same

    equivalent, tantamount

    akin, analogous, comparable, homological, homologous, related

    homogeneous, homogenous, uniform

    Antonyms for different

    alike, identical, indistinguishable, kin, kindred, like, parallel, same, similar

    2: not the same or shared

    my brother and I sleep in different rooms when we travel

    Near Antonyms for different

    identical, self-same, very

    Antonyms for different


    Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/thesaurus/different


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    Let’s conclude why the answer is….

    Better is comparative form of good , comparative form of better is best.

    Opposite of good is bad, comparative degrees of bad are worse and worst …

    To put it in two lines:



    So by this conclusion, the opposite of better is worse.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    Edit 1: Corrected comparative degree vs superlative.


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    Benefit can be either a noun or a verb. Here are some examples for each, with context provided by example sentences:


    The job has great benefits. vs The job has many drawbacks.

    My insurance policy pays large benefits. vs My insurance policy has large premiums.


    We all benefit from good roads. vs We all suffer from a poor health care system.

    If you want a word that follows the same pattern as benefit, then an antonym would be “disbenefit”. It isn’t commonly used, but it is correct.

    You could also say disadvantage, detriment, or drawback.


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    Benefit means profit, gain, assist, perk, welfare worth

    Opposite of benefit would be.. Loss, disadvantage, harm, hindrance, misfortune

    Sentence.. I thought I would be benefitted by this proposal but it brought only loss to me.


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    It depends on how you’re using this word. It can be ‘in front’ as in ‘she was behind & he was in front’, or ‘before’ as in ‘before John came Jim & behind John came Jack’. Or it could be ‘John was behind with his work whereas Jane was ahead with hers’.


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