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    I needed to do it. I had no other choice. My body slowly bent in the shape of a HEN,

    and now I needed to put my hands in between my legs. This was the most difficult part. Slowly and gradually my hands went under my thighs. now I needed to reach for my ears. it was tough. I could not think I was in fact doing this in the school’s assembly ground. as soon as my fingers grabbed my ears, this was it. I was now a complete murga and honestly I was not in the situation to gulp the reality. I remained in murga posture. I could not think I was doing it. pity did not concern me at once. it took a moment. It permeated drop by drop in my body until I began to feel it. Strangely the centerpiece of my pity was my skirt. Just an idea that came to me. It seemed like all my pity had flown into my buttocks, and wants to break out of my butt, but my stockings was avoiding it.

    I was not alone in this. There were 12 other hens with me, in 3 lines of 4 each

    all the hens were keeping their bodies rock strong. their back part of skirt was flying due to the fact that of the shape their bodies remained in. We were punished due to the fact that we had gone into a junior section building during the PE duration. We were all in the senior section of class 10.

    I was discovering it tough to keep hold of my ears because of the embarassment. I had to do it. This was the most serious type of punishment I had actually ever gotten, I wager this was the first time all 12 hens needed to become hens. We had actually greatly underestimated our brand-new Manager.

    The bell rung, it was breaktime. Are we supposed to stand up or keep our positions? all the hens had this question in their mind. however none attempted to get up due to the fact that of the scolding we had actually received from the supervisor previously. All believed it would be wise to just keep sitting as hens with their ears in our hands.

    Trainees began coming for break and the 12 hens immediately started hearing laughter and chuckle. there we were, 12 hens in all their splendor, keeping their bodies so as not to look like human beings however like hens.

    I thought to myself, now standing up was much more challenging, since there were students all around. some were standing and viewing and some were going by, making remarks, laughing and poking enjoyable. My whole body was now red due to the fact that of shame.

    I must have stood, I thought to myself. I did.

    And it didn’t even took the manager a second to feel a white hen transforming into a white human (Our uniform was white t-shirt, white skirt, white stockings, White shoes).

    Manager mam comes and slaps burst all over my back and face.

    I seemed like the stupidest hen in the farm since now even my face got revealed.

    Now the focus of all the students moved just to me, which was far more humiliating. The manager commanded the remainder of the flock to go to their class while holding their ears.

    And asked me to stroll as a hen till the stage, kneel down and hold my ears.

    It was the most shocking things ever in my life. I needed to follow her directions. I knelt on the stage for 1 duration under intense afternoon sun’s roasting and student’s roasting the previous hen. Simply to make me feel more ashamed and not to attempt go to junior structure again, mam called two women from basic 3 and asked both of them to pull each of my ears while I am kneeling and inquired to make to stroll on my knees in every class and slap on cheeks in each class as soon as. I needed to do 10 sit-ups in each class and in the mean-time the girls had to inform the entire class ” Didi was wandering in the junior building without consent”. And hold my ear and make me kneel down and make me walk.

    So, The process was-

    1. Get in the class on knees with 2 ladies pulling my ears
    2. Doing 10 sit-ups while ladies telling the class about my achievement.
    3. Getting my ears pulled by juniors and made to kneel
    4. Getting 2 slaps( The kids were taking pleasure in slapping me and they even pulled my nose while slapping, and slapped again if I ever moved)
    5. Leave the class with two women pulling my ears( Extremely really firmly)

    When my class-teacher saw me and asked me to fulfill after supervisor mam permits you to leave.

    I counted it while carrying out
    , I did an overall SIT-UPS for 580 times and getting a total122 SLAPS( 118 FROM JUNIORS AND 4 FROM CLASS TEACHER) The kids were delighting in slapping me and among them even said to the other that let’s see whose slap will sound louder in next class.

    Each and every instructor of the school learnt more about it. One class had their games duration so the ladies were taking me to the ground, I said that I won’t go. They pulled me by my ears and took me there. It was a rough surface full of gravels and sand. It was really very painful to walk on it.

    Every student learnt about the hen. After strolling on my knees, getting slapped by my juniors and doing sit-ups for constant 4 hours those ladies dropped me at supervisor mam’s cabin and entrusted to 2 toffees and a lie the “Didi was stating bad words about you and even asked us that she will not go the one class which was having video games” I had no authority to defend and mam asked the kids to leave. Manager mam asked me bring my lunchbox and to sit on the floor and consume. I did it. Mam asked me to go to the ground and kneel down over there for the rest of the day.

    The next day I went to my class instructor who told me to kneel down and compose 500 time “I will never ever roam around the school” Once I completed writing, she asked me to kneel down in the classes she will be teaching.

    Now just imagine a 16 years of age facing these things.I fell ill that evening, However never discussed about it with my parents.



    EDIT: It truly seemed like a problem to my heart before I posted it on quora. I was not able to share it with anyone.

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