What is the meaning of “Randi”?

  • All Hindi speaking grownups understand the significance of this word. This is a rude word related to the profession of a female human, which is not well accepted in the society.

    This word is not referred in the open, as it embarrasses and angers individuals. That’s why the querist has concealed his identity.

    If you describe the profession of a ‘randi’ figuratively, she offers her body or flesh in exchange of money or some other huge thing. Before the deal takes place, the celebrations participate in an official arrangement, certainly an oral one, verifying the place, factor to consider (cash), payment, identity of the recipient (means who will delight in the flesh of the lade), and other necessary terms.

    The equivalent contemptuous word for ‘Randi’ in English is ‘whore’.

    Now you have understood the meaning of the word ‘randi’. In a decent way, you can call a ‘randi’ a woman of the street. While the word ‘randi’ refers to a female, the term ‘prostitute’ consists of the male types.

    Remarkably, no society, faith, kingdom or administration ever existed in this universe without the presence of a ‘randi’. By the term ‘universe’, I suggest the ‘ nar lok’ ( i.e. the earth) and ‘sur lok’ (i.e. the dev lok – the location of the devas). You are well aware of the stories about “Urvashi, Menka, Rambha & & Thilothama”, the most stunning apsaras, who hung around entertaining the ‘devas’ and even undertook projects like troubling characters on the earth, like chaste saints. And you are likewise familiar with stories associated with Menka-Vishwamitra connection and Urvashi’s technique to Arjuna and her curse to Arjuna, both on the instigation of Devendra for his advantage.

    While a ‘courtesan’ in the yesteryear delighted in great benefits and position, today’s society wishes to isolate a ‘randi’ for apparent reasons – she can be important in defaming a decent individual, breaking a family established as also spreading out an unsafe illness.

    Summarily, the male fraternity nurtured this specie either for their satisfaction or for their own advantage i.e. providing them to high profile individuals in the society for yeilding big benefits. And till the time the male fraternity remain present in this world, ‘randis’ will likewise remain present in this world, properly supported by the former.

    And mind you, do not ever call a ‘randi’ a ‘randi’, though in some areas of the society, some people utilize this word, when they snap, to offend even an innocent female.

    You may also see the significances of: courtesan, call woman, streetwalker (old made).

    Interesting Update (April 21, 2018)

    As the front-runner of the forthcoming mega contest (Election-2019), what could be the one misfortune that humiliates our precious PM Narendra Modi?

    Is it–

    Opposition from the Opposition, horror from throughout the border, failures publish withdrawal of Rs. 500-1000 old currency notes, the not-so-impressive development rates, falling work generation, unfavorable advancements in the banking sector and the escape of another traitor – Nirav Modi, increasing unexpected deaths, the distancing southern politics, or after-effects of the not-so-well conceived and less investigated GST Act, and so on and so on and so on ???

    NO, NO, NO!!!

    I will provide my opinion later on. Before that I desire you to analyze a disconcerting scenario – after-effects of specific centers presented by our governments given that independence by developing little kiosks to large complexes covering all nooks, corners, interiors and city cities, in the name of amusing the public and generating income and fattening the exchequer under its cover. You will recognize them easily – these facilities put screen boards checking out ” English red wine shop, deshi madira (country alcohol), toddy (palm red wine), arrack, marijuana, bhang, hookah-bar, pan-gudka-cigarettes, flesh of animals (dead or eliminated). Year-after-year, our federal governments, producers, wholesalers, merchants, transporters, and company connected with this trade do tremendous business and mint tremendous sums of money in money.

    There is another great deal of people making money on account of the risks that these products generate– physicians and healthcare facilities who deal with the ever increasing clients.

    And there is yet another great deal of individuals who end up being victims– the consumers of these items and their defenseless member of the family.

    Now let us pertain to the one point that humiliates PM Narendra Modi– It is the ever increasing violence versus females. The sons of our beloved “Bharatmata” always look for opportunities; they do not extra any person; they target new-born children to centenarian grannies. They kidnap them, keep them in captivity, rape them and even eliminate them. They can be alone or in groups, and belongs to all religions, every classification – minors to senior, street beggar to high profile bureaucrats, business people and sanyasis.

    Any option to this? Perhaps we can anticipate some alleviation. Like all the fatal components the governments allow to produce and sell in the market, it ought to consider developing “Randi Parlours” at every nook and corner. The service ought to be made 24 x7, tax-free and suitable law ought to be made to govern the activity.

    I am not joking. The emerging situation will prompt everybody to believe so. Interestingly enough, the central government provided a cautious though about it. And a new law has entered force.

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