What is the meaning of high white blood cell and low red blood cell in …

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    High WBC we see in

    • bacterial infections
    • inflammations
    • stress
    • some blood diseases e.g. leukemia.

    Low RBC we call anemia can be because of

    • blood loss whether acute of chronic (women losing much blood during their periods make up the largest part of anemic people)
    • deficiencies in building blocks needed to make RBC e.g. vitamin B12, folic acid, iron
    • as a symptom of a chronic disease e.g. chronic renal failure, rheumatoid arthritis etc.
    • because of normal bone marrow cells are replaced by abnormal one in diseases of the blood e.g. leukemia, multiple myeloma etc.
    • because the bone marrow isn’t making any RBC anymore e.g. aplastic anemia
    • because RBC’s are being broken down e.g. by auto-imunity having antibodies attack one’s own RBCs.

    Go see a doctor. A good internist. Low. Rbc could mean could be internal bleeding but one might think it would take white cells with it and you blood would be like hypovolemic. Rapid diagnosis is necessary. A high wbc is typically high In infections. Bone marrow has one progenitor of red and white blood cells and differentiate. I had leukemia. My white cells didn’t mature and leave the bone marrow and the level of my rbc was low as well. Internist then possibly a hematologist. Hemolytic anemia? Some people with other leukemias have high white blood cell count but these cells are also ineffective. These both red and white come from the same progenitor cells and differentiate later. A trip to the doctor is extremely necessary,. Even going to the ER. Lower Rbcs and platlets can also appear with leukemia. A rise in WBCs alone can and most often due infections. Somebody with an extreme knowledge of hematology needs to evaluate. This doesn’t sound good to me.

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    People with high white blood cell count, a condition called leukocytosis, typically don’t have any specific symptoms, but may have a medical condition that is responsible for raising white blood cell levels. A condition of low blood cell indicates the condition of anemia.

    .hi.mydog s haemoglobin is low. Count is 10,n WBC is high 28 please advice me to increase n give him correct food Rt now giving him joint vet diet food please help me .

    You have an infection and anemia …. or the elephant in the room, you have a blood cancer that causes a high WBC and low RBC.

    A complete blood count (CBC) is a group of tests that provide information about blood cells like Red Blood Cells (RBC), White Blood Cells (WBC) and platelets.

    High WBC count is associated with infections, inflammatory disorders, leukemia, myeloproliferative disorders while low levels may be seen in aplastic anemia, bone marrow disorders, autoimmune conditions etc.

    Low RBC count can be seen in Iron deficiency anemia, Vitamin deficiency anemia, Aplastic anemia, Chronic kidney disease, Certain medications, such as drugs for HIV infection and chemotherapy drugs for cancer and other conditions, Cancer etc.

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    High white blood cell count isn’t a specific disease, but it can indicate other problems such as, infection, stress, inflammation, trauma, allergies or certain other diseases. So, a high white blood cell count usually requires further investigation.

    Low RBC count usually refers to the anemic condition of the body. Such a complication can be caused due to many reasons including serious ones like sickle cell anemia and leukemia.

    If you are trying to self analyse your reports. DON’T. Get it analysed by a professional. In case it was just curiosity. No probs there.

    Ask your doctor. He/she will give you the full explanation you need. But, for starters, high white blood count can indicate that your body is fighting an infection. That can Also be determned by your medical professional.

    I would have to ask “high relative to what?”

    But otherwise, a high WBC count is associated with infection, and I think you’re talking about a low Hematocrit.

    Say there was a patient in the ICU with a high WBC count (maybe >10) and a low hematocrit (maybe 40>) who is febrile. In the absence of a superficial indication of why these lab values should be, one would likely perform tests to look for some sort perforation of the GI tract to see if that is the mechanism by which the blood cell count was low (bleeding into the GI tract) and bacteria (if that is the cause of the infection) were able to infiltrate past the bowel lining.

    Riddhi Dhand has explained the basics. when your WBCs are low, it means you’re having low immunity and probably consult on which kind of diet to take to increase it. Too many RBCs can mean you have a lot of blood in your system and maybe it’s eyond the norml threshhold

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