What is the difference in between overall advantage and marginal …

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    Marginal advantage is the system input caused modification in output (in that procedure section).

    Total benefit is the total output caused by the overall input (because process area).

    Minimal balance point is the marginal advantage absolutely no moment in this process. It is the crucial point that a person more unit input will trigger loss; it is the 0 that is in between the positive and the negative.

    More description:

    The minimal advantage concept is used in microeconomic competition to take full advantage of benefiting however there is another way to use this concept to understand the macroeconomic procedure and prevent the natural process driven microeconomic competitors that cause macroeconomic conditions degeneration caused economic stability which is an economic heat death.

    When economic equilibrium occur regionally, this economy will attempt to use its power in its comparatively more powerful use worth (products and services, capital) to get in real worth from outdoors world to beak this equilibrium to continue this economic procedure; while its use value (mainly the built up usage worth– capital) and population (which is the real value and use value customer however itself is likewise a type of usage worth) will try to spread out into the financially non- balance location to make use of the potential differences in economic factors.

    But when the entire world falls into this financial stability one day in the future, this cornered capital and population will have nowhere to go however sitting there waiting to be vaporized into absolutely nothing.

    Due to the present destructive impact on the product value (genuine value) is getting more and more malignant that had passed the nature recuperating ability adjustment capability, these damage are irreparable process that is unrecoverable, for instances: geothermal energy decrease is permanent procedure that will short fall the life span of the community. Chemical pollution is irreversible procedure that triggers permanent damage to the ecosystem that weakening the evolution conditions that reduce development rate that will short fall the evolution level we require to reach the crucial level to reach unlimited future, for that reason negate the whole process into an useless thing– null work.

    Our economy is a natural tendency driven natural process. This natural process is an entropy growing process which depends on exploiting the prospective distinctions in financial factors such as resources, labor expense, market, capital, science and technology to make revenue. The higher the differences, the more profit you can get. This economy procedure will even down the possible distinctions in financial aspects that decrease revenue margin. The more evenly dispersed the economic factors, the smaller sized the profit margin. This is the minimal benefit which is a relative advantage.

    When this possible differences in economic elements are totally evened down, the economic drive is basically gone– nonprofit activities. People just endure however not accumulating money in this economic activity. When the limited advantage minimized to such that no longer contribute the growth of total advantage– this is the balance point you can not go even more: beyond that point you will lose cash.

    The stupidity of the natural procedure driven economy is that it is a self-consuming procedure– it digging its own tomb: economy is a diminishing sum game due to the fact that economic activities can not develop genuine worth but simply convert product value (real worth) into use value (services and products represented by cash and credit, accumulated as capital) and consumes it. This is a permanent process governed by the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Use worth does not have worth however has market worth therefore has power in it, when it developed into the form of cash, it is a universal exchange medium. However its worth depends upon the conditions of the genuine value conditions of that minute. Along the financial procedure, the overall real worth will continuously decrease and the worth of the usage worth will continually deteriorating (that has a bit delay result in time). When the genuine value diminished, the usage worth will be evaporated into absolutely nothing and the power in it will be gone.

    So the final result of financial development and the financial investment relay from rich nations to bad nations is not the expected all rich but all definitely bad.

    A practical and severe man would not take that as a huge cause to pursue, since he is greedier and more ambitious: he wants the unlimited future and supreme freedom in the universe.

    Economy fluctuate in cycles in history however this time things are a bit different: before it is a lot more benign regional and shallow damage there and here nature can recover it; but this time it the world wide large scale product value damage in depth and lasted for long term that shortage the material reserve for the system time span and conditions we require to be linked to higher process to get into future, that alone will make sure to kill all human in far advance– You do not need the material worth be completely exhaustion to extinct all human and you do not need a devastating catastrophe to extinct human, just brief fall the material value will get the job done in a deadly sure way.

    Total benefit is an outright benefit– it is the total advantage you can get from the financial activity you perform. Difficult that understanding of the overall advantage is incorrect: the genuine total advantage must be the supreme advantage– the endless future for human species. Consequently we ought to use the overall product value in such a way that it can support human race go through the nature enabled next 1.2 billion years to get that benefit, however not exhaust it as soon as possible to take pleasure in the minute– that is childish thinking.

    This minimal advantage theory is used in micro economy to direct the earnings making activities– this is gaming in process level; but in macro economy, in a long term and system video gaming point of, this natural process result in dead end– financial heat death, a total resources exhaustion and population saturation that make all human kind extinct. This is an unsustainable process. Natural process of our present economy is utilizing the most efficient way to exhaust all resources and damage the environment that is in fact collective suicide in an effective method. The rat race of generating income and getting rich is short spotted and shallow. A modern human should not take that as a big cause to pursue but consciously seek logical services.

    What all human now doing is attempting to win the procedure level video gaming however in the meantime unknowing all will lose the system level gaming that will trigger all out extinction. Even you want to continue the procedure level video gaming (the natural procedure of complimentary competition and natural choice) forever, this process itself will diminish all resources and end this video game sooner than you anticipate it.

    The genuine total benefit remains in the final objective of human kind– limitless future of the human types. To attain that the only method is adopting reasonable process in rational system.


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