What is the difference between ARM64 and AMD64? And which …

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    They are merely instruction set architectures (ISAs) which are implemented in CPU cores.

    ARM64, also known as ARMv8-A, is the 64-bit version of the advanced risc machine (ARM) architecture primarily designed for smartphones and interconnected devices.

    AMD64 is the 64-bit extension of the popular x86 architecture which was originally developed by Intel. It was later extended to 64-bit by AMD (hence the AMD64 name, also called x86-64) and is the de-facto architecture for personal computers and servers.

    None is ‘faster’ than the other because performance depends on how the ISA is implemented on silicon and the microarchitecture of the chip itself. You could have a weak x86-64 core such as an Atom being outperform by a high end ARM core such as the A76. On the other hand, a high end x86-64 core such as a Skylake core will crush a low end ARM like the A55.

    Not all cores are created equal, some at targeted towards maximum area and energy efficiency while others are geared for high performance.

    ARM64 and AMD64 are 2 ISAs kind of like the language + specifications of Processors they control.

    ARM64 – referred as AArch64 or ARM Architecture for 64 bit CPUs.

    AMD64 – is the x86 architecture initially made by AMD who extended the Intel 32 bit architecture to support 64 bit. Intel in its early days had different 64 bit story (Itanium) but they pulled the plug on that choose to go with AMD64 which had already become popular by that name.

    So as with languages its not the language which is faster but program written in it. So is with processors its not the ISA which is faster its implementation, again there is complexity there as well its dependant on workload.

    Hence best way to figure this out is get hold 2 processors you want to compare and then find the benchmarking results.

    Benchmark (computing) – Wikipedia

    If this is not the level of detail you are seeking then try going though popular websites like Hardware News and Tech Reviews Since 1997 , https://www.linleygroup.com/.

    These websites give detailed review analysis of these benchmarks what they mean and what you can infer and how it relates to the workload you plan to run.

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    As already mentioned, the speed depends upon the particular chips because there’s a wide speed range available of both kinds. AMD64 is CISC (complex instruction set CPU) with big instructions that can operate memory to memory, and ARM64 is RISC (reduced instruction set CPU) which requires memory to be loaded into registers before any operations. The terms are approximate and CPUs may have some of both kinds of instructions but there is a slight different philosophical approach


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    These names are two different computer architectures. Each architectures has a different instruction set and a different set of registers and how those registers are used.

    Which is faster depends on the specific implementation of the chips.


    See Wikipedia for “ARM Architecture”

    See Wikipedia for “Advanced Micro Devices”

    They are instruction sets for the ARM64 and AMD64 architectures from ARM and AMD respectively. The ARM set are used in ARM’s RISC processors (Cortex A72, A53, etc) while the AMD64 are used in all x86 based processors (basically all the processors manufactured by Intel and AMD).

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    Most modern chips are 64-bit, or ARM64. x86: This is the architecture specification for Intel chips. As dominant as Intel is in the computer market, these chips are far less common in Android handsets. x86_64 refers to 64-bit Intel chips.


    They are two different ways processors process things.

    You can not compare their speeds directly.

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