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    “You can normalize blood pressure in three months with garlic, but when you add enough cayenne, it can happen in 3 days …..I have had hundreds and hundreds of stroke cases. My methods cured them—when they were so stiff they were almost dead….Cayenne is most effective for heart and blood circulation problems, and for angina pectoris, palpitations, andy cardiac arrhythmias. It’s a miracle for congestive heart failure. It is a specific for anyone who has any type of circulatory problems, such as high or low blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, triglycerides and fats, even varicose veins…if a person has a heart attack, Cayenne is the surest first-aid remedy…I have had almost a hundred patients actually save their lives by using a tablespoon of Cayenne pepper in a glass of warm water and drinking it down fast.” ~ Dick Schulze


    “I have seen garlic heal cancer, inside and out and I have seen it destroy all bacteria, virus, fungus, worms and parasites, everything inside, and outside too. Garlic is the most potent killer of bacteria, virus and fungus, in fact any antigen/pathogen, stronger than any other herb. In other words, echinacea may stimulate the immune system more than garlic, at least there is more clinical proof of this, but it is not nearly as potent at directly destroying pathogens. Garlic does enhance the immunity, but is the deadliest killer of everything that can hurt you. This is why I say echinacea and garlic are the best dynamic duo.

    Pharmaceutical antibiotics are non-selective in their destruction of bacteria in your body; they just destroy it all. This creates many problems because our body has millions of so-called friendly bacteria that we need for proper metabolic functions. This is why many people, after a course of antibiotic therapy, have digestive problems, constipation, and yeast and fungal overgrowth infections. A worse problem is that antibiotics don’t destroy 100% of a bacteria strain in your body. Usually only 99%. The remaining bacteria mutates, becomes more deadly and antibiotic-resistant. This is how very lethal, antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria are created.

    Garlic is totally selective in its bacteria destruction, only killing bacteria that’s harmful to our body. What is amazing is that, at the same time, garlic actually enhances our friendly bacteria and improves our intestinal flora and digestion. Garlic destroys many types of bacteria including Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Typhoid, Diphtheria, cholera, bacterial dysentery (Traveller’s diarrhea), Tuberculosis, Tetanus, Rheumatic bacteria, and many others. But, that’s not all, garlic is also an extremely potent anti-viral agent. Garlic has been tested against many viruses and is known to destroy on contact the viruses that cause Measles, Mumps, Mononucleosis (Epstein-Barr), Chicken pox, Herpes simplex #1 and #2, Herpes Zoster, Viral Hepatitis, scarlet fever, Rabies and others. But still, that’s not all. Garlic’s anti-fungal ability is second to none. In the laboratory, it has proven to be more potent than any known antifungal agent including Nystatin. Garlic will regulate the overgrowth of Candida albicans and positively kill ringworm.

    Garlic is a proven cancer remedy. About l/3rd of all the medical research into garlic is cancer-related. Garlic has been shown to help our white blood cells not only defend us against cancer, but also to increase our ability to destroy tumors. When the properties of garlic are present in the bloodstream, many aspects of our immunity are enhanced. Garlic has also been found to stimulate interferon production, enhance natural killer cells, stop tumor growth, and even reduce the associated pain of cancer. Most of the research has been done on cancers of the digestive tract. In one medical university study, garlic was shown to reduce stomach cancer 10 times more effectively than the non garlic-eating group.” Schulze

    With cleansing

    [cervical Schulze]

    Chapter 16: Cervical Cancer()

    “Pap smears were designed to get women back into a doctor’s office.”

    BISER: *Don’t you think pap smears protect women?*

    SCHULZE: No, not at all. They con women into either biopsies or surgery for their cervix before they really have any problem.

    The pap smear itself can cause enough inflammation to give you a bad pap smear the next time.

    The pap smears are classified into five categories…1,2,3, and 4 and 5. Class 1 pap smear means nothing: you are fine. A class 2 pap smear and the gynecologist says, “Well, you know we got a problem here.” All a class 2 pap smear means is inflammation is present.

    These are not cancer grades. These are pap smear classifications.

    You can have that inflammation from one sexual intercourse, because the penis might bump against the cervix. You could have that inflammation from using a tampon that may have some bleach on it that caused some inflammation. You could have that inflammation just from taking antibiotics, which gave you a little bit of a yeast infection…

    You didn’t even notice the cause of the inflammation, but a doctor goes, “Well, inflammation is present, we better go farther. Let’s do a biopsy.” In the old days, a biopsy used to be, “We’ll take a little piece of that tissue.” Nowadays, they do what is called a ‘cone-biopsy’, which means they freeze the cervix and just take it off.

    “I suggest that women never get a pap smear. It’s just a way that a gynecologist makes his boat payment.”

    SCHULZE: They take the whole tip of the cervix off. Then they figure, “Well look, why do a biopsy? We’ll probably find cancer. We might as well get rid of the cervix and do it all in one treatment. And if we don’t, she’ll probably get cancer eventually.”

    If a woman is checked five years later and is full of cancer, she can sue for malpractice if the biopsy was not done, so a doctor has every reason to cover himself and do it.

    I have had numerous women come who have had that procedure just from a class two pap smear.

    Okay, the average woman who comes to me thinking she is riddled with cancer, it’s because she’s had a class two pap smear. I have to show them the medical books and let them read class two pap smear and it says, “Inflammation of the cervix.” Well, you can hit your arm and you have inflammation. That’s all it means. I would say that 99% of the women reading this don’t have cancer, they just have inflammation.

    Even a class three pap smear still doesn’t mean that you have cancer. It means that you have more advanced inflammation, and that there are cells that could be cancer. It still doesn’t mean you have cancer.

    A class four and five, of course, means that there are cancer cells present, but I’ve had hundreds of women with a class four and five pap smear who have turned it right around by cleaning that area and detoxifying that area of the body.

    But rarely do I find anybody with a class four or five, because by the time they are class two, or at least by the time they are at class three, a doctor has already done a biopsy or taken that cervix right off the uterus. The cervix is the mouth or the neck of the uterus. It’s the opening of the uterus, and it has to dilate when you are going to have a baby.

    So this can not only affect your future pregnancy, it can affect sexual intercourse; it can affect birth control, if you are using a cervical cap, and it can set up all sorts of problems. Of course, it can cause inflammation and disease which could lead to cancer.

    “I’m not a believer in medicine. If you saw some of the butcheries done on women, you wouldn’t be much of a believer either.”

    SCHULZE: I had a woman in my office who had a squamous cell tumor in the uterus. This is a serious cancer tumor. I suggested that we treat it naturally.

    Her oncologist even said, “Okay, look, treat it naturally, but at least, let us do localized radioactive treatment. Okay, let us beam that x-ray right on that tumor and just shrink it, kill it, and then do holistic healing if you want to.” A lot of oncologists are saying that nowadays.

    BISER: *What’s wrong with that? It seems reasonable.*

    SCHULZE: Localized, pinpoint radiation is like a shotgun blast. There’s no such thing.

    BISER: *Why is it not localized?*

    SCHULZE: Because it damages the tissue all around it. This woman had the radiation treatment. I couldn’t talk her out of it. It burned out the walls between her rectum and her vagina and fecal matter was pouring out of her vaginal opening. Okay, this is your localized treatment!

    This is your pinpoint radiation – scientific, high-tech, laser-guided, smart bomb radiation treatment.

    BISER: *You burn a whole in their bottom?*

    SCHULZE: We would have been better off with a small charge of C4 plastic explosive. I mean, they blew this woman open. They took out that wall, and what do you get? You get fecal matter going to the vagina. That’s going to be really nice for infection and cancer. Now, this woman never got the chance to do the natural treatment. She’s not alive.

    BISER: *But doctors talk in such gentle terms it sounds good, even to me.*

    SCHULZE: The machinery looks good, the technology seems nice, the stainless steel is shiny, everything smells like isopropyl alcohol; I mean, they are the greatest salesmen in the world.

    We’re going to look back at this century in the future and we’re going to laugh eventually, but we’ll cry first. This is one of the most barbaric periods. It’s going to be called the Dark Ages of Medicine.

    I’ve seen people who, after the biopsy — just the biopsy, not even cervical surgery, got such an infection that they ended up having a complete hysterectomy. They were gutted. I saw that with a woman, who was 26 years old. They started out just saying, “We are going to do a biopsy because the pap smear came back a class two,” which just inflammation.

    So, they did a biopsy and inflamed her, then she got an infection. She ended up in intensive care and they took out her uterus, her cervix and both ovaries. They gutted her.

    There is no such thing as a simple surgery. You know, I’ve seen people go in for surgery on their knees, get an infection, be in intensive care for seventeen days and almost die.

    I had a patient who had a fever that lasted for awhile, and doctors didn’t believe that it was a good thing. The patient went to the hospital, the hospital gave him drugs to reduce the fever, the fever got worse. The person went into a coma, then he went into intensive care. His fingers and toes turned black, became gangrenous. Doctors amputated his fingers and toes; and he died a week later from a fever.

    And this is why the late Dr. Mendelson used to say, “If you are sick, whatever is going on, don’t go to a doctor, don’t ever walk into a hospital.” And that’s from one of the former top doctors in the United States. I believe him.

    “The woman thought she was just having continual heavy periods. Instead, it was cervical and endometrial cancer.”

    SCHULZE: I had a woman come to me, a 34-year-old legal secretary. She thought she was just having continual heavy periods, but instead she had cervical and endometrial cancer.

    She had a family history of it. She was in a lot of pain. They said the words, “advanced tumors”. They didn’t even know how far the cancer had gone. They thought it probably had metastasized to other organs. They wanted to go in there, clean her up, do some exploratory surgery and probably do some chemotherapy and radiation.

    Fortunately, she saw the light. She did the full incurables program, the special douches and suppositories we’ll discuss in a moment, and we doused her hormone system with special hormone-balancing herbs that we’ll also discuss. The first thing we noticed was that the bleeding started subsiding and that’s a good sign — because we weren’t doing anything to stop the bleeding.

    The next thing we knew, she was having less pain down there, because uterine cramps can be quite painful, and within about 30 days she had no bleeding, no discharge, no pain.

    She was doing all the things to create circulation down there, castor oil packs, douches. We had to clean out her bowels, she had a lot of constipation and this is an important one here. The uterus is wrapped by the bowel. The sigmoid colon comes up one side, wraps around over the top, comes up and the rectum is right underneath.

    We think about all our anatomy as separate parts, but they are all touching each other. The uterus is surrounded by the bowel. Imagine if you or the average person has five pounds of extra fecal matter and some diverticulosis herniation spilled with fecal matter. They are all going to be pressing, flattening, squeezing and prolapsing that uterus. So now you go to have a period, or whatever, and the uterus starts to swell, and you have a painful period.

    “In 80% of the women who come in with painful periods, after we clean their bowels, their periods are fine.”

    SCHULZE: You’ve got to give that uterus a little space and you might notice a difference now that your bowel is clean, because your sigmoid has probably crushed your uterus down to half its size. You might even notice some changes in the way you feel and your period or whatever.

    Part of your low energy could just be that crushed uterus and the way your hormones are responding. But, anyway, we had to do some dramatic bowel cleaning on her, the whole bowel cleansing and liver programs.

    In two months, she wanted to go back to the doctor. I fought with her and I fought with her. In three months, I couldn’t stop her. She went back and they said they did not see any cancer. She had a discharge, a lot of that chunky liver stuff again.

    “She brought chunks of the dead tumor to my office in canning jars. Her body had expelled it.”

    BISER: *Chunky what?*

    SCHULZE: It looks like liver. At first, she thought it was blood clots, but then we saw that there were actual tissues. She brought them into my office in a canning jar. We have a lot of canning jars of that stuff.

    They were chunks of reddish-black tissue with whitish chunky material. It looked like peas inside of it.

    It was the cancer sloughing off. Her body was rejecting it. So we really fired up the program. Three months later, she went back to the gynecologist and the gynecologist said that they could not see anything.

    They said they could not see any cancer on the cervix or the uterus, but they said, “Hey, you probably still have it down in there. We need to no some biopsies.”

    They just don’t quit. They don’t give up. Even when they see a healing, and even if they did the biopsies and saw that there was no cancer there, and that there was a total healing, they go, “Well, it must have been a misdiagnosis or a spontaneous remission.” They will not admit that cancer can go if you are not using radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery. In fact, they will never say you are healed of cancer.

    The bottom line is that this was about four years ago. The woman has never had a problem since. Now she’s staying on top of it, you know, keeping healthy.

    She was a fairly healthy person, but obviously, I think a lot of these cervical cancers are caused by waste not getting out of the body. You know we have a cesspool that’s clogged-up down there. It gets back to that bowel. Those diverticuli fill with fecal matter, and once they’re in there for awhile, they begin to leak. This is called diverticulosis and then it infects all the tissue around it.

    BISER: *How bad was her cancer?*

    SCHULZE: It was a bad case. Her whole cervix and the lining of her uterus was involved. They felt that it had gone deep enough to invade other tissues. In other words, it had metastasized, maybe into her bowel. But she’s fine now.

    And here’s another thing: she was a legal secretary, and what did she do? She sat all day long on her butt. And when you sit on your butt, you’re sitting on your uterus. She wore typical office wear — nylon pantyhose. There’s no air getting to this area. You’re blocking the circulation. Pantyhose cut off lymph. They are a lymph-constrictor.

    You know, we probably should go back, if women want, to the era of garter belts and silk stockings. It was certainly a more healthy thing to do. Use more natural fibers. Don’t forget that pantyhose is made from petroleum. That’s made from crude oil. i.e. gasoline. We’re talking petrochemicals here, right next to our bodies.

    Step one in curing cervical cancer: herbal suppositories.

    SCHULZE: On this program, women alternate between two different kinds of natural suppositories. One is just a simple insertion of a garlic clove. The other is an herbal mixture you can make at home.

    Usually what I have them do is garlic cloves for a week and then that suppository for about a week. Or they could do 6 days of garlic cloves, a day off, and then 6 days of the suppositories. They could also do a garlic on Monday, a suppository on Tuesday, a garlic on Wednesday: however they feel they would like to do it. But at least, get 6 of the garlic cloves in and 6 of the suppositories.

    Let’s start with the garlic instructions. The garlic is done in three stages. In the first stage (the first night), you simply insert the garlic. On the second night, you bruise it. On the third night and thereafter, you cut slices into the garlic. Each stage is more intense than the previous.

    In the first stage, you take a large garlic clove, peel it and insert it into the vagina at night and pull it out in the morning. To remove it, you just stand up; it drops down and you pull out the garlic clove. Use a piece of garlic at least the size of your thumb. Then…

    The second stage is to peel a big garlic clove, press on it, and bruise it. You bruise the garlic to activate a compound called allicin. The allicin in garlic does not exist unless you make it. In other words, there isn’t any allicin in garlic to begin with.

    There are only dry fiber cells and liquid acid cells. When you cut or crush garlic, the acid pours on the fiber and allicin is the result of that chemical reaction. What works in the garlic really isn’t there until we chew it, or slice it, or bruise it. That is why garlic doesn’t have much off a smell until you really activate it.

    The allicin is created by the acid cells being ruptured and mixing with the fiber of garlic. It’s an immediate chemical reaction and allicin is produced. That’s why a fresh garlic clove doesn’t have much smell. But when you chop it up, boom, you’re creating chemistry in your kitchen. So press that garlic clove and bruise it and then insert it.

    After bruising it, 99% of women won’t notice any feeling in their vagina from the garlic. You put that in at night and it comes out in the morning.

    The third day, bruise the garlic and make some actual lateral slices with a knife in the clove. Now you’re creating more allicin. Some women when they insert that, will feel a slight tingling for the first 5 minutes, but nothing major. That’s okay; it won’t hurt them at all. If it’s too extreme, you can pull it out and make less slices and less bruises. Put that in and leave it in all night; take it out in the morning.

    Do this for 6 days and no bacteria, no fungus, no virus will be alive in your vaginal area. It will reduce the inflammation, and for those with cancer, we know that garlic destroys tumors.

    A third of the research that’s been done on garlic by medical institutes in the United States has been done with the treatment of cancer — but you’ll never hear about it. All you have to do is slam your foot into the ground, dig a hole, throw a clove of garlic in there and boom, you have your own medicine. Garlic is an official drug in many countries of the world. It’s listed in those countries’ pharmacopoeia for the treatment of everything from heart disease to cancer.

    A formula for vaginal suppositories.

    SCHULZE: Here is a formula for a suppository. You customize it to your needs. In other words, if you have cancer, you add poke root to the suppository. If not, you can skip it.

    We use it generally for vaginal infection, but all the way up to cancer of the cervix, endometrial cancer or whatever.

    Here is what you will need:

    Coconut oil

    Tea tree oil

    Goldenseal root

    Yellow dock


    Poke root

    Cayenne pepper


    I would put in a bowl an amount of finely powdered herbs. Finely is a key word, because if you have a rough herb in there, it’s going to get stuck in your bottom. Use 2 heaping tablespoons of yellow dock and goldenseal, one of each, finely powdered into a bowl.

    I would squirt into that, 4-6 dropperfuls of tea tree oil, which would be 150-200 drops of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a multi-spectrum antibiotic and antifungal. It’s an Australian shrub in oil form that is available commercially.

    Then add enough coconut oil to turn it into a dry pie-dough consistency. Put the jar of coconut oil in a pot of warm water. Coconut oil at room temperature is solid, but when you warm it up, it becomes liquid.

    If it’s too wet, when you go to make suppositories, they turn into pancakes. You form them into 12 large or 24 medium suppositories. You put them on a glass plate and put them in the freezer.

    If you have cancer and are using poke root powder, you could use equal parts of yellow dock and golden seal. You have to be really careful with fresh poke root. You grate it through a kitchen grater. It is going to be like a wet root. Most people will sell it in powder, and the powder is the least active but also the least acrid or burning.

    When you take the suppositories out of the freezer, they will be-frozen. But when you hold onto them they will start melting, just from your body heat. Grease up your vaginal area first with a little olive oil acid then put the suppository in. You want to make sure you grease up first or it’s a pretty rough ride.

    The key is you want it to have a dry consistency and if you make it too wet, which everybody invariably does, just add more goldenseal and yellow dock. And if it’s too dry, add more coconut oil. Just keep playing; with it, back and forth, until you get a dry pie dough consistency.

    Now, if you want to add something that’s a little more dramatic, you can even put a slight pinch of cayenne in there. This is a powerful herb for really stimulating the blood flow. Remember, if we don’t get the blood there, we are not going to get the healing we want.

    BISER: *It’s not going to burn their bottom?*

    SCHULZE: It won’t do any damage, but it will be a little bit warm at first. I am talking about a very, very slight pinch here. And, if we want to, we can add just a drop or two of garlic oil.

    BISER: *If you have cancer, how long would you do it?*

    SCHULZE: The best way to do it is to put that suppository in at night, let it be in all night long. You need to wear a sanitary napkin. Anyone who has any vaginal problems should not use tampons.

    Tampons are made with bleached paper; they are known to contain dioxin. Dioxin is carcinogenic. There’s a lot of people who theorize that the high rate of cervical cancer is due to the bleaches on tampons. You ought to get rid of tampons and go to sanitary napkins. There are tampons available in the health food stores without bleached fibers.

    BISER: *What do you think of the herbal vaginal products that are sold commercially?*

    SCHULZE: I find that the formulas on the market are just too impotent. Most of them taste like they are burnt and smoked. You need to make your own at home.

    For example, what happens is that they powder oak bark to make the formula. It’s hard enough to cut oak; it will dull your cutting blades. Well, you can imagine powdering it. They end up burning the herbs, and when you burn the herbs, you might as well cook the herbs. I find that most of the vaginal bolus material out there has hardly any of the original healing chemicals left in it.

    When they powder herbs on a commercial level, the machines are smoking. Most of the oak bark I get should be white in color or very light tan, yet a lot of it is darker brown and I can smell it. You can smell the herbs got burnt in the process of powdering.

    BISER: *Can a man put this suppository right up the rectum, because it would get close to the prostate?*

    SCHULZE: Absolutely. When you make a suppository, you make them different sizes and the general rule is to put them in any hole of the body you can get them into. You can put them in the ears, you can put them in the nose, you can put them anywhere.

    BISER: *Could a person who had genital cancer or something like that, put it on the outside as a kind of poultice?*

    SCHULZE: Absolutely. I’ve done it hundreds of times.

    Cleansing douches after using the vaginal bolus:

    SCHULZE: In the morning, you’ll notice a bit of that bolus is coming out. That’s fine. Leave it in all day long; then in the evening you want to do a douche.

    There’s a couple of douches that are great to clean you all out. One of my favorites is a pint of water with a couple of tablespoons of fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice. You can also use a couple of tablespoons of raw organic apple cider vinegar. Spectrum Natural is an excellent brand.

    BISER: *So, the bolus is in at night?*

    SCHULZE: Yes, and then all day long you just leave it in and then later in the day you do that douche, clean it out, and then in the evening you put another bolus in. You do that for 6 days-a-week. Now this is a part of the entire incurables program.

    Use the entire incurables program for advanced cervical cancer.

    BISER: *What about advanced cervical cancer, what do you do?*

    SCHULZE: Make sure that the person is doing the absolute, entire incurables program with the localized things down there, such as castor oil packs. You can even use castor oil mixed with other oils, about 25% castor oil with 75% olive oil; that is a douche, too. Work it right into the area. It won’t hurt you.

    Also, you need to balance the female hormones. There are three herbs I think are the greatest and there’s a formula that I make which is clinically proven to be a woman’s saviour. It contains equal parts of each herb. The first herb is called wild yam.

    Wild yam is what the pharmaceutical industry used to make progesterone from. But it got too expensive, so they make it from horse urine.

    BISER: *Is wild yam grown in the U.S.?*

    SCHULZE: Yes, in the U.S. it grows, and also in South and Central America and in Mexico.

    The second herb is chaste tree, which is the herb of Europe. It’s used for women’s problems from PMS to menopause all over Europe. It’s the berry of a tree.

    The third herb is Angelica. In China, they call it Don Quai. It’s also pronounced Tang Kwai. This is the number one-sold herb in the world. The Latin name is Angelica Sinensis. We have species, of Angelica that are very similar that grow in the United States.

    So I use these three herbs in equal proportions, either as a tea, or as a tincture. This is an endocrine-balancer.

    I’ve weaned every woman I’ve seen off of Premarin/Estrogen and Provera/Progesterone, and got them onto this formula with no hot flashes, no problems. Ninety percent of women can take a month, wean off their Premarin/Provera every day and work onto this formula and never have a bump. Ten percent of women have a little bump; you have to adjust the dosage.

    BISER: *How do you do this weaning process? Weaning a woman off her hormones…*

    SCHULZE: I like to look at, “What is the full dosage I want this woman to be on.” Usually, for any tincture, it would be two dropperfuls, 3 times a day.

    Then, I look at, “What is the dosage of the medication they are taking now?” Let’s say, just for ease of thought, it’s 100 mg. In the first week, I take them down a quarter to 75 mg., and some people say, “How do you do that?”

    I don’t care…grind the capsules up, separate the powder with a razor blade and a mirror like a cocaine addict. Break the tablets up, anyway you can. Open the capsule, pour out the powder, divide off a quarter. We are not building a nuclear weapon here. It doesn’t have to be that exact.

    BISER: Anyway, for the readers, they have got to do that with their doctor’s approval?

    SCHULZE: Yes, absolutely. They knock of 25% of their pharmaceutical drug. Then they start out with one dropperful of the tincture, we will say, AM and PM. Then, the next week, they go down another quarter on the drug. So now they are down 50% and then they start taking one dropperful 3 times a day of the herbal tonic. Then, the next week they go down another 25% so they are on 25% of their original dosage of the pharmaceutical drug.

    BISER: *So in a 3-week-period, they are down to 25%.*

    SCHULZE: Yes. By the next week, they are gone off of it, and they are on two dropperfuls 3 times a day of the herbs.

    Out-of-control medical emergency: vaginal hemorrhaging stopped by cayenne.

    SCHULZE: I had a woman who was working with a colleague of mine on her cervical cancer. What happened was gory, and I think it occurred because he was being too aggressive with the patient, in massage and kneading the area, kind of like picking a scab on a wound.

    It’s something that never happened to me, but I want your readers to know how they can handle urgent situations with herbs.

    She had a little bleeding, a little dark discharge, and everything was going great. Then I got a call about 5: 00 at night. Her doctor said, “I have this woman in my office and I think she’s bleeding to death.”

    And I go, “What do you mean?” He said, “She’s hemorrhaging.”

    And I said, “Well, this is what 9-1-1 is for.” You know, 9-1-1 is for that half a percent of medicine when we are dying, when the leg is off on the other side of the freeway. And he says, “She won’t go.”

    And I said, “What do you mean, she won’t go?”

    “She said she would rather die than ever go to a doctor or hospital.” I understand that, I respect that, and he says, “Can you come over right away?” Now this is 5: 00 in Los Angeles.

    This is why I own a motorcycle, because that would take 3 hours to get to Burbank at 5: 00. I got on that motorcycle, I white-lined it. I was probably there in 25 minutes.

    He said, “Just come in, the door’s open.” I open the front door and there’s a pool of blood in the living room six foot in diameter— and he’s got a sheet in it, because they tried to soak it up.

    I go in the bathroom; she’s sitting in the bathtub, and her face is white. She looks unconscious and she’s naked in the bathtub.

    They put her in the bathtub because she’s bleeding, and there is blood streaming out her vagina going right down the drain. Okay, she’s hemorrhaging.

    I run to the kitchen to get my first-aid bag with me. I run some hot water right out of the tap into a pot. I throw a couple of handfuls of cayenne peppers in it.

    I grab a turkey baster and just suck it up in there. I run into the bathroom, and I put the turkey baster right in her vagina and I give her a full cayenne douche. And the minute I did that, I saw her eyes light up. Of course, it must have been extremely painful.

    “I gave her a shot of hot cayenne tea in her vagina. The bleeding stopped in two seconds.”

    SCHULZE: Now she’s still in shock from loss of blood, so the first thing I did was I took my cayenne tincture and gave her a big mouthful of it because when the face is white, get the cayenne in the body.

    Her face turned red and I thought, “Okay, she’s going out of shock. She’s looking better.” She’s had loss of blood. The bleeding stopped within 20 seconds.

    BISER: I thought you said two seconds.*

    SCHULZE: Two seconds for the bleeding here, but within 20 seconds her face was red, and she looked back to normal. I thought, “We’ve got to get some nutrition into her.” She’s lost a lot of blood so we mixed some superfood with some juice and got it in her.

    And she took it down, looked at me and vomited it all over me. It was like the movie, “The Exorcist.” So I took the cayenne tincture out and gave it to myself, because I was starting to feel a little sick. I gave her a little more cayenne tincture.

    What came out of her vagina, not only in the blood, but the drain got clogged, because there were these chunks of, like, liver and flesh. This wasn’t blood clots, these were fleshy parts.

    She collected them, put them into a canning jar, took them to her holistic doctor, and he said it was cancer. These were pieces of cancer that had come out of her body. This was what I might say an extreme healing crisis.

    She and her doctor were doing work that was probably a little too far, they weren’t letting nature do it. As I said earlier, they were pushing it a little, almost like picking a scab, if I might say.

    You just have got to let nature do its job. And they were going beyond that. Pushing too hard. A lot of this comes down to common sense, and they weren’t using it.

    Now this was twelve years ago, and that woman is a school teacher, alive, well, I’m going to say 65 years old.

    Okay, you know, people are always saying, “You could have been sued; she could have died.” They always say, “Don’t you think that was a bit much? The cayenne douche?” The woman doesn’t think it was a bit much. Okay, I don’t know anybody out there who would suggest filling a turkey baster; it’s a non-sterile instrument. That’s all I hear.

    The bottom line is this woman is as happy as a clam; she will never go see a doctor now and all these natural healers are just paranoid. They’re wimps.

    BISER: *These were not chunks of liver coming out of the woman — it was a lot of cancer?*

    SCHULZE: Absolutely.

    BISER: *I thought cancer was white, but it’s brown?*

    SCHULZE: Most of the cancers I see have brown on them. They also have sometimes little balls in there. Sometimes they have white strands that are stringy.

    Sometimes they are like larger, saucer-kind-of-shaped, like a classic flying saucer, but with tentacles on them.

    BISER: *And you’ve seen that coming out of the uterus? *

    SCHULZE: Yes, absolutely. Coming right out of the vagina.

    People need to be educated, because this is what doctors see all the time, but they don’t tell anyone. They wrap it up, put it away, put it in the dumpster, and say, “You’re fine, Mrs. Jones.” You know what I’m saying?

    BISER: *If you don’t tell stories like this, then when something happens, a person could just pass out, out of fear.*

    SCHULZE: Oh, they call 9-1-1. They think this must be something unique. I must be dying, whatever. Dr. Christopher knew all this.

    He knew that when you went to people’s houses, you had to get down and dirty, you had to get your hands dirty. If someone was constipated, you might have to stick your ringer up their butt and pull the fecal matter out.

    You might have to get your hands up their vagina, put your hands down their throat, up their nose, get yourself covered with urine, fecal, matter, and vomit.

    BISER: *What’s better…seeing a woman naked or seeing a woman dead?*

    SCHULZE: I know. This is what I’m saying. If you’re going to deal with natural healing, you have to be able to work with your daughter, your wife, your son, your husband. You know what I’m saying? This brings a family together. What can I say? I mean we are all humans; we’re saving people’s lives here. You can’t be afraid of a little fecal matter.

    “When you get stronger, disease will jump out of your body.”

    BISER: *If people are going to do this at home, they need to know what to expect or they will pass out with a heart attack seeing this stuff! You’ll think you’ll have to go to a doctor, because this is abnormal.*

    SCHULZE: No, it’s absolutely normal and I always see it with cervical and endometrial cancer. These tumors come out in parts. They don’t all just pop out at once.

    I have seen an elongated tumor that came out of the uterus that I thought was part of the uterus wall. It was like the whole side of the uterus, I mean, this woman thought she was doomed, but she was being cured.

    The body knows how to do everything.

    It knows how to do surgery, it knows how to dissolve tumors, and it will do it the most efficient and best way.

    We have lost our trust in God and in nature, but they will cure us.

    Shulze & Biser Heal Your Life videos (transcripts)on WHALE

    Book on whale: ‘Curing with Cayenne: The Untold Story’. Sam Biser Interview of Dr Richard Schulze

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