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    Stat. is the abbreviation for the Latin word “statim”, which implies “simultaneously”.

    It therefore follows that if a doctor composes on the prescription needs to be given “stat”., it means that the single, or initially dosage of the medication is to be given immediately.

    Remarkably, while this expression is comprehended everywhere, I have only heard it utilized while practicing in the USA.

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    BDS, TDS, HS these are Latin abbreviations utilized in prescriptions.

    BDS suggests twice a day.

    TDS -thrice a day

    HS- at bedtime

    Other typical abbreviations are

    OD – when a day

    a.c-before meals

    P.c-after meals

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    A Stat dose is one dose. Stat just is another word for, “instant”.

    A “STAT” dosage implies the doctor has bought a medication for a client to be given right away … … Not 10 minutes from now or 5 minutes from now today! Example … … I have a patient who has came into the ER and his legs have actually been severed from a shark attack. I will tell the nurse I want 4mg of Dilaudid IV push STAT and get a main line in stat!! Have Breathing on standby with a ventilator! This is what STAT means.

    STAT is derived from latin word ‘Statim’ implies without any delay or instantly.

    Nevertheless it depends upon prime issue, if the staff has list of STAT’s order to be administered, the condition of the client, type of the drug contribute in figuring out the concern, Grumpiness of the specialist can be included last on concern list.

    Even If it is STAT dosage, as a client do not expect the medical staff to drop everything they are doing to administer the drug. They know it is on STAT order and it will be done as quickly as possible. I can assure you that.

    On a self medicating prescription it might likewise imply that the physician anticipates the patient to take the medication as soon as possible.

    Remember, STAT is usually a one dose.

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    A dosage to be provided STAT is a dosage that ought to be given ASAP (as soon as possible). This can vary depending upon the particular medications – as an example, azithromycin is typically recommended to be taken 2 tablets ASAP then 1 tablet every 24 hours for a total of 6 tablets taken (5 dosages, over 5 days). Whether this is started instantly or 12 hours later will not generally have an impact on a client’s health.

    Nevertheless, for essential medications such as cardioactive medicines or those which are used for hypotension, it is really essential that STAT doses (generally loading dosages) be given as soon as possible – as the medication requires time to develop and be dispersed through the body, and as such the hold-up of a STAT dose would postpone the medication’s impact.

    It implies ‘instantly’. If it is on a prescription, it suggests as quickly as you get it filled. The medical professional thinks it is necessary you follow his instructions

    Stat suggests ” NOW.”

    It’s not as frequently composed in prescriptions as it is in the health center or doctor’s workplace. The Doc will say or write-Chg dsg STAT. [change dressing]

    And we hop to it! Susie

    It indicates the single dose is to be provided “today” or “instantly”. It is from the Latin ‘statim’ Which means ‘quickly’.


    All the discussed abbreviations are rather typically used while composing a prescription.

    These show the number of times a drug must be taken in a day.

    These are Latin words and their full kinds are as follows:

    • OD/ o.d. – Omnie pass away

    It indicates ‘once a day’

    • BD/ b.i.d. – Bis in die

    It indicates ‘two times a day’

    • TDS/ t.d.s. – Ter die sumendum

    It indicates ‘thrice a day’

    Similarly, there’s QDS

    • QDS/ q.d.s. – Quarter in die

    It implies ‘4 times a day’

    Hope this assists!


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