What causes prominent bronchovascular markings in the …

  • What causes prominent bronchovascular markings in the lungs?

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    Prominent bronchovascular markings are usually present in the chest x rays taken in an inspiratory(breathing in) phase when the blood vessels of your lungs are dilated.

    It could also occur in congestive cardiac failur( when the heart doesn’t contract enough to eject out the blood into the main vessels, blood keeps accumulating in the heart chambers and due to a high pressure that is generated, the vessels become dilated which cant empty themselves into the heart now.

    It may also occur in pulmonary hypertension and veno-occlusive disease if the lungs in which the pulmonary veins(which bring the blood from the lungs to the heart after oxygenating it) get occluded.

    If you are in a doubt you could seek a medical practitioner, they will guide you better.

    Bronchovascular Markings are caused by lung vessels, mainly veins. Respiratory passages are not visible as these contain air.

    Prominent means generally Infection in respiratory passages or fluid in the lungs.. Infection may be acute or chronic. If radiologist reports increased bronchovascular markings but clinical situation is not supporting any thing it can be ignored and film should be taken as normal.


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    I agree with Dr. Kumar. Just to add, I also work in a cardiology practice, and increased bronchovascular markings can also be a sign of congestive heart failure, but has to be taken into consideration with the whole patient picture. These markings can be acute or chronic, and can also be seen more prominently based on the technique of the person taking the x-ray.


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    It means it is easier to see the small bronchi and bronchioles and the blood vessels in the lungs than usual. This means there is a problem but it isn’t a big one. Asthma, mild bronchitis for example could cause this.


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    This is a radiological finding and prominent marking are the markings of blood vessels in lung. These markings are reflections of inflammation or infection in lungs but sometimes may have certain conditions related to heart.


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    When the x-ray taken as breath in stage this markings are seen normally but CHF symptoms have to be ruled out.


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    Broncho pulmonary markings are impressions on X-ray chest seen in normal person due to blood vessels in the lungs .

    Accentuated markings may indicate increased blood flow to lungs which can occur in normal person as well as in illnesses like pneumonia , viral respiratory infections or allergic pneumonitis

    However it’s not much worrisome if there is no other lesion in lung and if patient is stable.

    Hence all X-rays are to be correlated clinically .

    Lung fields are expanded mean the x ray is taken with deep inhalation which have caused expansion of your lung tissues.

    Segmental consolidation mean lung which has been divided into various compartments anatomically do not have any loss of normal parenchymal architecture & not converted into packed area.

    Bronchi are distal ramification of our air pipe through which we inhale air into the lung,These have vessels with them,In your x ray there is mild increase of these marking probably due to increased blood flow or mild edema in these tissues.

    Costophrenic angles are are distal lateral most corners of lung where if any minimal fluid appears in the lung does collects,There is no such fluid in that area.

    The middle part of x ray does consist of the heart & other structures which is known as mediastinal area,It is normal in you.

    Dextroscoliosis means there is mild right side deviation of your midline structures in lung fields.

    interstitial lung changes which are mild does shows mild changes in tissues in between the lung tissues.

    I think it will help you.

    you can check these link’s too for reference

    Top 11 Doctor Insights on bronchovascular markings are slightly accentuated – HealthTap

    Bronchitis is the inflammation of the airways in the lungs. There are multiple reasons for airway inflammation.

    A few common causes are:

    1. Due to infection.
    2. After the infection resolves
    3. inhalation of toxic fumes
    4. Cigarette smoke
    5. Occupational lung disease.

    The radiological manifestation of bronchitis varies from patient to patient.

    One of these manifestations is prominent broncho-vascular markings. They are nothing but prominent airways seen on the X-ray.

    Other radiological manifestations are:

    1. Normal chest x-ray
    2. Hyperinflation of the lung (the x-ray looks blacker than normal)
    3. The relative absence of vascular marking in the outer ( periphery) of the lung fields.

    In the xray chest the black portion is the aerated part and the clear shadows are the anatomical structures related to the lungs

    Normally bronchovascular markings are not that prominent to be appreciated

    Bronchovascular markings are the clear tree like shadows covering the lung

    Prominent bronchovascular marking is mainly due to the acute/chronic respiratory tract infection

    In Pleural effusion(accumulation of fluid in lungs) this markings are easily appreciated

    In smokers aswell the bronchovascular markings are prominent as it causes chronic inflammation to lungs…so STOP SMOKING! first

    Kindly see your doctor to know the cause and further management

    Stay strong

    It is not clear what ‘a bronchovascular’ is: a bronchovascular disease, a bronchovascular syndrome, a bronchovascular marking?

    However, broncho relates to the ‘bronchi’ which are parts of the trachea, and vascular refers to vessels which carry blood.

    Many times bronchovascular (markings) refers to lungs or infection of some sort in the lungs.


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