What benefits will I enjoy as a Wipro employee?

  • 1. TRANSPORTATION: The bus charge is really so expensive. It’s currently Rs 2800/- per month which is way too high … even the government bus pass rate per month is less than half of what Wipro deducts. Other companies like Infosys & Unisys charge lesser. Also severely lacking is the frequency of shuttle service. Single pickup at 7: 10 am & departure from office is at 18: 15 and 20: 05. HP has multiple timings like 9, 10, 12 in the mornings and 15,16,17,18 in the evenings etc.

    People staying far away when not billed to any project have to stay the whole day & comply with this inflexible bus schedule while those staying near can use the BMTC services. After deducting 2800 from the meager salary they pay, you don’t want to waste anymore on BMTC charges & hence have no other option while others staying in nearby PG’s can leave anytime they want.

    2. TIMING COMPLIANCE: Has no smart working culture and ethics at all.Despite being in free pool & in between being assigned to projects we still have to maintain 9.5 hours everyday. An utter waste of our time. Also a highly redundant practice of updating the total time spent per day in office as ‘MyEffortSpent’ in ‘myWipro’ website despite the electronic swipe cards capturing our swipe in and swipe out data daily.

    3. TECHNICAL INFRASTRUCUTURE: Has no BYOD policy. (Bring your own device to work).2 CPU’s for each person called Port A & B. Work only in offline Port B. Check email and access internet in Port A. They don’t provide laptops to freshers unlike HP. Also their Wipro Ego laptops are pathetic and not ‘EGO’ worthy at all. All machines have outdated specifications. In fact all Port A machines used to run XP till last month & ONLY when Microsoft support ended, did Wipro finally upgrade them to WIN7.

    I mean you would expect that as an IT services company they would install the latest Win 8.1 on their employees work systems.

    4. PAY & QPLC: Wipro as a rule severely underpays you when compared to same job’s pay in another comparable company. Quarterly linked performance compensation is paid only when you are billed/tagged to a client project. Some companies don’t have this. Many times even though you are not billed, free work is still extracted by overworking you. There is a complete absence of work life balance. People judge you on the number of hours spent in the office & not your quality of work. Better treatment to people who come late at 11 am & hang around pretending to work till 20: 00 then to people who work from say 8: 30 to 17: 30.

    5. APPRAISALS: Too many appraisal reviews. After being assigned goals & objectives every financial year & performing them too, we still get the ‘What extra you did?’ sneer from primary supervisor and managers. An appropriate response to this would be ‘What extra did you pay?’

    6. POLITICS: The management is severely limited in their recognition of talented individuals. Multiple project managers purposely promise to deliver to their clients in X-2 weeks when the clients wanted service delivery in X weeks. This was then carried out by over burning/overtaxing the team members by making them work extra hours(sometimes even up to 20 hrs a day!!!) & even on weekends without any perks.

    Many people from my ODC who went onsite had erroneous grammar & English communication skills. Many of them even personally agreed that they were not technically smart enough to go but were still chosen to go ONSITE. The management is so pathetic that they ignore interested & technically good people and forcefully thrust onsite opportunities upon lesser deserving individuals despite them not wanting to go.

    This is a poor man’s work environment where most of the employees are not well dressed (EC campus is more pathetic in this regard than Sarjapur) unlike very well & more officially dressed employees in say Goldman Sachs/JP Morgan.

    Majority of the people here are totally mediocre & just piggyback by sucking up to managers through politics. Groupism is rampant(employees only mingle with people who speak their own mother tongue).

    They make their revenue by majorly employing 3 year degree people into their VISTA/WASE programme(part time MSc degree from Bits Pilani. Stuck with same company till you complete for next 4 years). These people aren’t paid any QPLC as per the company policy. This coupled with under paying their fewer BE/BTech people leads to immense revenue profit for the company and equally intense employee dissatisfaction & brain drain. Way to GO!!

    7. LIBRARY FACILITIES: Majority of the books are ANCIENT editions & totally irrelevant currently. Also all the useful books are tagged as “Reference only” meaning you can’t borrow them home but have to use & return them there itself.

    8. FAKE HR: Whenever news appears that Infosys has given a hike to all employees (courtesy Mr.Murthy), the HR release a press statement that even Wipro has plans to follow. It’s another matter that they are completely ignored.

    9. INTERNET SURVEILLANCE: No access to facebook, personal email(gmail,yahoomail) etc. A broad range of gaming,fashion/entertainment & cricket websites as well as discussion forums & downloading links are BLOCKED. Other companies like HP don’t have it this way.

    10. LACK OF WORK FROM HOME OPTION: HP gives this to even rookies but at Wipro this isn’t available to even higher management. Was told by multiple HR that this is simply not an option/policy that Wipro offers.


    12. DOUBLE STANDARDS: During annual appraisal, initially lots of officious emails are sent that strict adherence to deadlines from employees is expected, but on the last day of each stage another email is ALWAYS issued stating that the last date for that stage’s review is extended by a few days/a week. I mean why then create such a huge fuss in the beginning by being mendacious with fake professionalism?

    13. UCF- Unified Competency Framework: Every year employees need to clear a vendor certification based on the technology they work in & the level to which they are mapped but mostly its of no use because the ‘dump’ questions are hardly relevant to the ways in which the service is delivered to the clients daily.

    14. Yammer: The recently launched Yammer is marketed as a professional networking platform for Wipro employees. It’s ironic naming however proves that the company expects employees to grumble and lament their opinions there!

    It’s only after experiencing all these unjust and unfair practices here that i now understand my other mates who went on to higher studies & settled in the US. No wonder brain drain happens in such companies. All i can say is freshers/rookies beware of this company!! If you still join then all i can say is: It must be humbling to be in a company that SUCKS on so many different levels!!

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