What are your favorite motion pictures and why?

  • Motion pictures are dreams I see with eyes large open. That’s what I do. I view films to shut out the voice inside me for an hour or 2. I set cruise for another existence leaving behind the whirlpool of funk, noise and broken air-conditioning. The attraction of undiscovered places is irresistible as it is fascinating. For many years, I have discovered lots of places, lovely and fascinating, complete of life and spring. I have actually restored glossy postcards to remind myself of the journey …

    So come, sit by me and take pleasure in the dream I see.

    [1] Swadesh

    When I was enjoying the film I felt naked and uneasy– as if a billion blank eyes were looking at me. Something moved inside me when I witnessed Haridas’ misery in the motion picture. A bad weaver who changed his occupation to farming for a desire of better life was ostracized by the villagers and denied water for his crops. All he could offer his land owners was suffering and pity. For the very first time I understood how detached I was from the genuine India. All those faces surrounding me felt far-off and anonymous. In a way, the story of Swades was a poignant journey of self discovery for me in addition to the NRI protagonist in the film. The last scene where the lead character, having lastly decided to stay back in India, is shown drenched in sweat and soil after defeating a fellow villager in a fumbling match. This, in my viewpoint, reveals the depth of writer’s imagination. It catches the true essence of homecoming, to the place and people we love.

    [2] Avatar

    Welcome to Pandora. A breath-taking fairy-tale world covered with luscious forests, floating mountains, hypnotic waterfalls, flying dragons, weird six-legged creatures, phosphorescent plants and native human forms– all connected to Tree of Souls. I was mesmerized by the landscape alone: it was extremely beautiful. I need to say I have actually never ever seen a more beautiful film before. I hope you have enjoyed Avatar. If you have not, drop whatever and see the film. It runs out this world, literally.

    [3] Titanic

    Titanic wants me to grow young once again. Whenever I see the motion picture, I long for my teenage years. I dream of going up the ship railing with my sweetheart, grabbing her arms and extending them out. That intimate minute of heat in her welcome deserves a time machine. I know it is stupid. However when was love not stupid. Such is the power of this film, the dream never gets repetitive or old. It has been 22 years considering that the release, however my sensations haven’t aged a day. Titanic is the most romantic motion picture I have actually ever seen.

    [4] Beginning

    Concern think about it, the director has actually carried out an elaborate creation on his audience (especially me) with this motion picture. The concept of creation is so deep and contagious that I couldn’t shake it off for months after enjoying the film. I would get up from sleep asking myself if I remained in my dream or still sleeping. What would be my hint? It is a scary and interesting mental workout. In my opinion, Beginning is the most initial and innovative movie ever made worldwide.

    [5 ] The Eternal Sunlight Of The Clean Mind

    In a corner of my mind, sits a cache of excruciatingly unpleasant memories of a damaged relationship. I would desire them to disappear forever – just the bad part. I want to hang on to stunning and wonderful moments, never let them disappear. When I saw this motion picture, I experienced a new sort of distress. I realized if there was ever a possibility of erasing memories, I would wind up losing the person l enjoyed so passionately permanently. Call me a hopeless romantic, however I believe love has to be treasured even if it unpleasant. This motion picture is strangely lovely, creative and heart breaking.

    [6] A Lovely Mind

    I constantly thought that happiness was exaggerated and its pursuit a meaningless enthusiasm. Many terrific and remarkable people have suffered through their lives in pursuit of quality. It was practically painful to see the genius mathematician (John Nash) suffer through mental disorder. I was overwhelmed with grief, when towards the end, John’s fellow researchers honor him by providing him with their pens. This motion picture has a special place in my heart because it advises me of the real purpose of having a mind and remarkable things you can do with it.

    [7] Philadelphia

    More than once, I have experienced the moral predicament of making a choice in between what is popular and what is. It is not an easy choice. It takes amazing strength of character and conviction to follow the ideal course. When I was viewing the film, I could notice the internal struggle of a lawyer who knew that defending his gay client from the prejudices and bigotry of the society would be a really unpopular and possibly a profession threatening decision, yet he picked to do the right thing. That’s the stuff terrific males are made of.

    [8] Amistad

    It’s been long time considering that I saw the motion picture, yet I remember Anthony Hopkin’s enthusiastic attract judges. He prompts them and challenges them to honor the essential principle of equality and liberate the colored male from the shackles of slavery even if it indicates welcoming a civil war. I was mesmerized by the entire length of the courtroom speech delivered by Hopkins. It was quaint, surreal and captivating. It is films like this that remind us the value of flexibility. The way we take flexibility for given– completely oblivious of the fact that our predecessors needed to lay their lives so that we live and breathe as complimentary males.

    [9] Wall E

    I saw Wall-E for Pixar fame. Completely unaware of what to anticipate, I discovered a cute little robot with big stunning eyes going about his lonesome life in a methodical yet a childish method. I could just admire the resourcefulness of creators when they made me root for the little guy. It is charming to see Wall-E– sort of robot next door– attempting to romanticize a glossy and smooth feminine robot called EVE. The flowering of love, the space dance and a kiss in zero gravity almost made my heart avoid a beat. What I enjoyed most was the way Wall-E cared for EVE, safeguarded her from wind, rain and lightning, and attempted to reanimate her once she became unresponsive. Wall-E is my slumdog hero who scored an extremely girl and after that conserved the planet.


    I was so psyched up to see the movie that I feared I would return house dissatisfied. The computer system graphics alone blew my mind away. I remember this film strongly as if I had seen it yesterday. I can remember and replay every scene in my mind with unexpected clearness. The arrival of Persian Messenger, the face off with the wild beast, the bottomless pit, the lovely oracle, the unsightly lepers, the wall of dead bodies, Leonidas meeting Xerxes, and the battle scenes. They are securely itched on my mind. It is genuinely spectacular.

    I have actually seen and liked lots of beautiful and remarkable movies. I felt unfortunate to leave them out: The Shawshank Redemption, Schindler’s List, American Charm, Sin City, Fight Club, The Godfather, American History X, American Gangster, The Enthusiasm of the Christ, The Matrix, Interstellar, The Dark Night, 12 years a slave, and so on. However I wanted to make a distinction and keep the list restricted to leading 10 favorites of mine. I hope you like them as much as I did.

    All Images: Google, IMDB, Catalign, FanPop, HDwallsBox, WallpaperCave and FanArtTV

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