What are the best ways to lose weight?

  • What are the best ways to lose weight?

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    Cardio. Calorie deficiency diet. 0 carbs(in other cases I’d say low but in your case holy crap, stop eating any of it). No sugar. I’m talking the least as possible here. Research the food that you eat and find out what it contains. There is no techniques. There is the one everybody is to lazy to do and it’s because of that one that people that people go on Quora and ask such stupid questions.

    Just take that first step. Watch your diet. Start with 10 minutes cardio a day.


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    You should exercise a little regularly and mainly have a proper diet plan because a proper diet is really important for both losing weight and good health.avoid oily foodstuff few milk products like cheese,butter. Try to get food with good carbohydrates and less fat.


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    Personally I get the drinking. You’re in a rough spot and found a way to cope. It’s not the best, but you know that. So I’m not going to say give it up (I like my wine too…)

    So your options are to drink less and/or burn more calories. Are your kids old enough to help? Can you take them out for evening walks with you? I know how hard exercising can be when you’re stressed and exhausted but it really does help.

    I also suggest having a water in between glasses of wine. Maybe cut out the Sunday drinks? Little steps.

    If it’s possible, try to find some sort of support group- maybe a group of other single parents where you can vent and destress a bit.

    I’ll tell you how to lose weight. None of these random pills, crazy diets or any of that jazz.

    First, you need to start eating right. Eliminate fatty greasy foods from your diet. Eat more things like tuna, non fat milk, cereal, bread, vegetables etc.

    Second, you need exercise. If you want to really lose weight you need to exercise Monday through Saturday. It doesn’t have to be a ton, but I’d start with running if you can. Just remember, the better you eat and the harder you work out, the better the results will be, period. If losing weight was easy, everybody would just do it. If you want to lose weight in no time, get exercising and do it hard. If you can’t exercise much at the beginning, focus on the diet. Don’t over eat, eat lighter foods. Eliminate fast food. Eliminate soda. Eliminate cookies, any sugar drinks etc. Drink more water. Just a couple months ago I went from 185lbs to 170lbs in about one month. That’s about 8%. That 8% will make a huge difference on your body no matter who you are. If you’re 220lbs and you lost 8%, you’d be sitting at something like 195lbs.

    Follow this formula: 20% exercise, 80% diet.

    Do 40 minutes of cardio everyday, preferably 20 mins in the morning and 20 mins in the evening.

    Eat 5 meals a day, restricted t0 15% lesser than your minimum daily calorific intake value. Decrease carbs and simple sugars, increase proteins.

    Eat loads of salad. That shit is good for you.

    This is the healthiest way to lose weight, which is the best way to lose weight. You will see the difference in 3 weeks’ time.

    If you’re more adventurous, try out this workout program called insanity.

    I lost 7 kilos of fat in 2 months, and put on 3 kilos of muscles.


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    Have a proper diet!! A perfect scheduled timing !!avoid junk food mostly street food!!! Do exercise and play games for fitness✌


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    by working out minimum 5 days a week and eating healthy food


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    Diet, Vegetarian, some fish. Every day. Read Whole by T. Colin Campbell. Sign up for Eat right for Life web site authored by Dr. Ann. Walk. Yoga. A Vitamix type blender would be a great investment. Increasing your nutritional knowledge is the place to start.


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    Control quantity of what you eat

    Control quality of what you eat

    Exercise using weights and cardio


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    the best and quickest way you’re gonna lose weight is by establishing a proper grasp on the concept of the Calories In to Calories Out (CICO) Ratio, which is as follows:

    So long as your body has a caloric deficit, you WILL lose weight – fact..

    your best bet to do this is to invest in a food tracker app, like my (free) favourite MyFitnessPal. you input your weight, height, gender and goal weight. from which the app calculates your Basal Metabolic Rate, a.k.a. BMR (the calories your body burns unconsciously burns from basic bodily functions, such as digestion, biochemical reactions and temperature regulation). from this, the app then calculates how many calories you would need to intake per day in order to have safe, healthy and sustainable weight loss. on top of that, the app gives you meal ideas to help you stay within your number.

    the app does contain a place where you can count the calories in each individual food item that you eat per day: i do not suggest using this, it is more often than not inaccurate in the number of calories and can foster a very unhealthy ‘fear’ of certain foods with higher calorific value that you may begin to forbid yourself from eating. food avoidance is the enemy of sustainable weight loss.

    instead, i suggest loosely keeping track of your eating through a meal to snack ratio (e.g. 3 meals and 3 snacks per day)

    you’re not silly, you know which snacks aren’t going to help you lose weight and which are. you don’t need to know the little details of each individual thing.

    good luck! i hope this help you

    Many people are here looking for a shortcut to lose fat. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to this. Otherwise, big celebrities, billionaires would have done that.

    But, fortunately, there is a way to achieve the goal.

    A good regular workout and a nutrition balanced diet is the way. Cofactors are less stress, proper rest, medical condition etc.

    Now, people ask- what should be workout and diet? (You may not find gym in lockdown, but I’m sharing both ways)

    Workout is totally dependent on your ability. And when you enter in gym any trainer will guide you for that.

    And if you are doing body weight workout at home then target your large muscle group- squats, push-up, crunches, lunges, burpees, pull-up (if hanging bar or any facility available) etc. Followed by 20–25 minutes mild cardio.

    And diet is a complex subject, it cannot be same for all. Your habits, medical condition, fitness level, age, gender everything matters in diet. For this you should consult a sports nutritionist.

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