What are some dirty secrets of Bollywood?

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    I have a job inside the make-believe castle of Bollywood. I won’t reveal my name or job as it is my bread & butter, but here are some dark secrets I’ve come to know after working here for 16 years!

    • Sushmita Sen and Rajkumar Rao are the most humble and down to earth stars! They throw no tantrums and are always cooperative.
    • It is hell to work with Katrina. She thinks she is the best and abuses her staff.
    • Sex is very common. Every film you watch, there is 90% chances that the actors and actresses of that movie have had sex with each other. People treat sex as not-a-big-deal.
    • New actresses like Kiara Advani or Kirti Kharbanda complete a scene with fewest takes. On the other hand, established actresses like Katrina have a record for maximum re-takes because their appearance in the scene matters more to them than their emotions and dialogue delivery!
    • The per month spending of these high profile actresses can really finance a small country!
    • This happened back in mid 2000s: an actress who is now a star was just a few films old back then and was working on a movie. While giving a shot, she noticed a supporting actor looking at her from a distance and masturbating. She left the shot midway, almost ran to her hotel room which was in the same hotel where we were shooting, with that actor behind her and came down to shoot again only after an hour. No surprises what happened in there? The 2 dated for a month or so and then broke up.
    • Money is everything. You can have sex with an actress your grandmother’s age or granddaughter’s age without backlash if you have money.
    • I have seen a few answers here claiming failed actresses turning to prostitution. I don’t know how true is this as I haven’t heard about such a thing in these 16 years.
    • I worked in the TV industry for 3 years in between and the TV actors work far harder than the silver screen stars.
    • Casting couch exists in TV industry too.
    • 2 TV actresses who became hugely popular in early 2000s are the crush/fantasy of almost every men/women in the TV industry. Young/old, guy/girl nearly everyone is in love with and wants to either work with or have sex with these 2 actresses. Both are still very beautiful today and have maintained their body well!

    Will add more based on the response 🙂

    Edit 1:

    To all thos asking me why am I not disclosing names despite having gone anonymous. Well I’ve seen the best and worst of Bollywood. I have seen anonymous whistleblowers being caught and humiliated! So I, a common man, wouldn’t want to get in the wrong books of any of these stars who have power control over justice in our country 🙂

    Also I thought it’d be nice guess game for the commenters here to guess the 2 actresses in my last point above 🙂

    Some more for you all:

    • SRK is pretty good to work with as long as things go as planned! If there are delays or things don’t go as previously planned, he flips out!
    • Aamir Khan produces most of his movies and has his own set of crew which he uses for almost all his movies. So I haven’t yet had the pleasure of working with him. But my friends who’ve worked for him say that he is not very rude.
    • Among the current actresses, only Disha Patani and Kirti Kharbanda look absolutely stunning without makeup as well.
    • Among the elder ones, Tabu carries herself well and is gorgeous without makeup too.
    • The successful actresses hate to have the crew’s rooms on the same floor as them in hotels. One of them had specifically asked the producer to be allotted a different room just because one of the crew’s room was on the same floor as hers- although the 2 rooms had nearly 10 rooms between them!
    • You can bribe the hotel’s staff to get some cheesy information as to who enters or exits the actress’ rooms after the shoot or late at night 😉
    • While many actors/actresses are humble, their assistants behave as if they are of more importance than the actors themselves.

    More to follow after more response 🙂

    Edit 2:

    Mr. Ramz, I can take name of those who are easy/difficult to work with because that is not such a huge secret! But the other gossip is personal and I don’t wish to reveal names of the people involved in that.

    More points:

    • Not everyone in Bollywood does drugs! In fact more than half of them have never used drugs.
    • A lot of Bollywood actors/actresses lack financial management skills. They rely heavily on their CAs.
    • I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Mannat during a party and have seen the whole house from inside! Trust me, a Raja’s palace is nothing compared to this lavish house! You can roam around and stare at it for hours without getting tired!
    • Despite delivering so many hits, Salman Khan is known to live a simple life. He doesn’t use expensive watches or phones. Nor does he travel out of country very often for vacations.
    • The charitable organizations run by these celebrities are real and the donations are real too! They really try to make a positive difference in the society.
    • Nike is the most favored brand for shoes among the actors.
    • Kartik Aryan is the most recent favorite crush of a lot of actresses (older ones too 😉 )
    • This happened just a few months ago: a not-so-well-known actress who is trying to make it big in Bollywood was shooting for a special appearance in a big production movie and in between the shoot, the coffee she was served had sugar in it. She started yelling at the canteen staff, blaming them that they wanted her to become fat! Lol it was a bit funny. But soon she started abusing them with the worst curse words. The director turned out to be a gentleman and immediately asked her to leave! She lost the small part she got in a big movie and probably is now in the bad books of many directors!

    A friend of mine worked in a Bollywood movie. She had a small role as one of the heroine’s college friends(she has asked me to never reveal the movie’s name). And she has also worked as an Assistant Director in a large movie production company – a really famous one. In fact, it was her job as an AD that led her to get this small bit role. She is a freelance publicist as well and has done some social media work for a couple of actresses(again, not revealing names. But they are from the current generation and I got to meet them. They are very courteous and polite and yes, very pretty too :)) The following is true of the movie as well of the TV serial industry too:

    1. The casting couch is still very much there. Women, as well as men who try to enter the industry, are asked for sexual favours in return for introductions or roles.
    2. Most actresses are not as bitchy as they are portrayed. Most of them are really nice and polite. Some of them, however, take bitchiness to whole new levels.
    3. EVERYTHING is orchestrated. Even a fan running up to a celebrity for a selfie is sometimes planned right down to the last detail.
    4. Drug use is quite common, and so is cosmetic surgery. People go to various countries to get them done, and the details are kept confidential using NDAs. Skin-lightening pills are consumed by almost every dusky-skinned heroine in the industry.
    5. Parties hosted by them have the best booze – hands down. Alcohol for one such party is sourced directly from the manufacturer who usually delivers their orders in private jets.
    6. They consume a TON of medication in the form of dozens of multivitamin pills, energy drinks, protein shakes, etc daily. A lot of them have kidney and liver problems after about a decade in the industry because of this.
    7. Casual sex is a common thing among the younger crop of actors. Everyone fucks everyone.
    8. Jealous wives of married actors go to extreme lengths to keep tabs on their husbands. Detective agencies and retired cops are on their payroll.
    9. Trailer vans used by actors are the best places to have sex on the sets. Often when such a van is closed and the ac is running and a guard is posted outside, it may mean that something naughty is going on 🙂

    A word of appreciation – Kriti Sanon is the nicest person I have ever met. She is kind, funny, and courteous to a fault. I will never stop cheering for her and hope she accomplishes a lot more than she has.

    Prince William & Kate met Princess Diana’s secret daughter.

    She was hidden well by the royal family.

    Rhea Chakrobraty was in a live – in relationship with Sushant.

    Sushant’s Ex – Manager Disha Salian died from Suicide 6 days ago.

    Rhea and Sushant had a major fight after her Suicide and left his apartment.

    Sushant called Rhea the night before his Suicide but she didn’t picked up.

    They were going to marry in November.

    Sushant Singh Rajput was banned from all major Bollywood Production Houses like Dharma Productions, YRF Films, Sajid Nadiadwala, T – Series.

    He was banned due to his comment on Befikre movie. Aditya Chopra was upset with Sushant. Karan Johar intervened and took Aditya Chopra side.

    Sushant Singh Rajput was the first Indian Actor to purchase a piece of land on Moon in 2018.

    Rhea has turn off the comments on her Instagram since Sushant’s untimely demise.

    Sushant became famous from Ekta Kapoor’s daily soap Pavitra Rishta. However, this was not his first tv serial.

    His first Tv Serial was Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil in 2008.

    Sushant dated Ankita Lokhande, his Pavitra Rishta co – star. The next to follow was his Raabta co – star Kriti Sanon.

    Sushant and Ankita dated for around 6 years.

    Sushant and Kriti were together for almost an year.

    Sushant proposed Ankita on a reality dance show which was back then telecasted on Sony Network in 2009.

    In an episode of the same show, Sushant also admitted on the show that he misses that her mom is not with him to see his success.

    Sushant and Ankita used to reside at Ankita’s Flat during Pavitra Rishta and Kai Po Che days.

    After Pavitra Rishta, Sushant went to United States for training. This is the time said when the duo’s strings started becoming detached.

    Ankita developed a drinking habit after the break up and came into depression.

    Alia Bhatt once exclaimed on Koffee With Karan “Sushant Singh Rajput, who ? “.

    He last called his Pavitra Rishta co – actor Mahesh Shetty.

    His sister was living with him as he was suffering from depression from last 6 months.

    According to his servant, he was not taking his medications from last few days.

    Sushant has a whopping 30 Cr Penthouse in Pali Hill, Mumbai.

    Sushant pays a monthly rent of Rs. 4 Lakhs of the apartment in which his body was discovered.

    Shekhar Kapur wanted to make a film Paani with Sushant back in 2013.

    Sushant worked day and night for his role in Paani but the movie never hit the floors. This is the first time when Sushant went into Depression.

    Paani was a Yash Raj Banner Production Film. When it turned down, Aditya Chopra offered Sushant with another film Befikre as a compensation.

    Sushant was also Sanjay Leela Bhansal…

    The newcomers in Bollywood have a great marketing and PR team. Most of the newcomers are from filmy background, hence they have plans made before their launch.

    1. Sara Ali Khan is not a nice person. She has a filthy mouth just like her mother. Karan Johar set up the Karthik Sara scene to boost her career. She was supposed to debut with a Karan Johar movie but Amrita singh didn’t want to take favors from Kareena Kapoor for Sara’s career. However, things took ugly turn when her debut movie delayed due to some production issues. After which they decided to go under Karan Johar’s wings.
    2. Ananya Pandey is not a big name among starkids. Her mother kept her closer to SRK’s daughter so that she gets an easy entry in Bollywood. But here’s something shocking revealed by her classmate from Dhirubhai Ambani international School.

    After Ananya’s efforts and apologies, she deleted the story from her Instagram account.

    I’ve seen Bollywood for 13-15 years in front of my eyes and known many things which common people don’t know and there’s plenty of things wrong in Bollywood. Here are a few:

    1. Kriti-Sushant, Ranbir-Mahira, Sid-Alia, Janhvi-Ishaan are examples of couples who never actually dated, all of it was just a PR stunt.
    2. Sara Ali Khan is not as sweet as she appears, all is just a tactic to keep the media and her fans happy with her.
    3. Madhuri Dixit is one of the biggest gold-digger heroines, she’s one of those girls only support men in the bed and never emotionally. She’s dumped Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Jadeja, Jackie Shroff, etc during their worst times.
    4. Sridevi didn’t die due to accidental drowning, it was a well planned and well-executed murder, to get her insurance money.
    5. Shahrukh, Salman, and Aamir are the rudest actors when it comes to greeting fans.
    6. Sonam and Kareena are the rudest heroines.
    7. Most Bollywood producers have admitted that they pay to reviewers and critics.
    8. Jaya Bachchan hates Aishwarya Rai and still can’t accept that Karisma Kapoor dumbed her son.
    9. Amitabh-Jaya, Shahrukh- Gauri, Akshay-Twinkle, and Raveena Tandon and her husband, these all are the most disturbing marriages, they bear each other just for the sake of their children.
    10. No one in Bollywood cares about talent, the only thing that matters is who is your father.
    11. Karan Johar is the one of the fakest and money-minded guy, his affection for Alia, Varun, Kajol, srk all is fake, the only thing he’s affectionate about is money. We can see currently it’s evident that it’s srk’s bad times and he’s not supporting him at all, rather is focussing on trending people like Akshay, Salman, Varun, and Ranveer
    12. Jackie Shroff once offered a flat to Disha and asked to leave the tiger because he’s unable to focus on work bcoz of her, but she refused and promised to stay away from him. But she loved him enough to not let him go.
    13. Kajol has a problem of laughing at serious moments but she’s the best human I’ve ever come across among all other actresses. She’s the most honest too among them.
    14. Most people in Bollywood know that Varun and Ranveer are the future of Bollywood, and it’s their favorite gossips they always say tiger shroff, Ranbir, Vicky Kaushal, Kartik Aryan have no future more than 2 or 3 films.
    15. Akshay Kumar is not as Patriot (Deshbhakt) as he appears to be, he’s a Canadian Citizen and whatever he’s doing is just to make people forget that.
    16. Ranbir Kapoor and his father are the worst Human beings in this entire industry, they think of no one except themselves.
    17. Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008) was an unofficial biopic of Ranbir Kapoor.
    18. Deepika Padukone is the most emotional person in Bollywood, she can never hide her feelings. She’s the happiest after her marriage.
    19. Priyanka and Nick are having trouble in their marriage due to the age gap.
    20. In Film AndhaDhun, the kind of relationship that Tabu had with her husband and her extramarital affair is the apt portrayal of most marriages we have in Bollywood.
    21. Arjun Kapoor fakes every time he’s seen shedding tears for Sridevi, he hated her the most.
    22. All the heroines in Bollywood marry for money, the looks, age, religion, and nature of men is the last thing an actress cares about, we have thousands of example of this like Juhi Chawla, Amrita Singh, manyatta Dutt, son razdaan, Kareena Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor, etc.
    23. Rajkumar Hirani is one of the nicest people I know in Bollywood and all the me-too allegations against him are fake and publicity stunt.
    24. Deol family are the best humans but couldn’t make it big because of their shy nature and straight forward behavior, couldn’t join any clan like you or dharma.
    25. Divya Bharti was murdered by Sajid Nadiadwala.
    26. Emraan Hashmi and Ritesh Deshmukh are the true gentlemen.
    27. Kumar Sanu And Abhijeet are the best singers of the 90s but Karan johar destroyed them.
    28. Shahrukh khan still regrets Dilwale and hates Rohit Shetty.
    29. Aditya Narayan never got much work and has become a drug addict.
    30. Ranbir Alia is

    1. not dating, just a PR stunt, they’ll never ever get married.
    2. Film Sanju was an attempt by Raju Hirani and Sanjay Dutt to improve Sanjay’s public image and to create an audience for their Munnabhai 3

    The dirty truths of Indian film industry is that Arjuna Kapoor and Janvhi Kapoor are Actors

    Their expressions are superb if you are a god you can’t change it 😂😂.

    Don’t take meme seriously for Janvhi Kapoor she acted well in Gunjan saxena but for Arjun Kapoor you can take seriously 😂

    • Image Courtesy : Google

    We think that only females are taken advantage of in Bollywood. Diya Mirza, Sushmita Sen, Sonali Bendre etc. ended their career in Bollywood because they refused to sleep with Directors.

    But Males are also not untouched by these pervert mindedness.

    1. Ayushman Khurrana- The Superstar revealed in an Interview that before his debut in 2012 in Vicky Donor, he was asked by a director to show his private part if he wanted to work in lead role in a film.

    2. Rajeev Khandelwal- He told the media that he was asked to go into the director’s room. He also refused to do so.

    Rajeev Khandelwal shares casting couch horror with top director: ‘He asked me to go to his room which I refused’.

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    3. One more;

    Edit 2; Thank you people for upvotes. My first answer to reach 1k upvotes and these many. It feels really great.

    Acting – It was one of the fantastic Movies of Amir Khan. In this situation, Amir Khan as ACP Ajay elaborates Naseerdin Shah as Gulfam Hassan that, our country gives you love, respect, and recognition, in return what you offered, terror and Chaos. In that expression, he looked like a real police officer who has dedicated his life to his country. But it was for the theatre and tele Screen.

    Reality – Even if he knows that we don’t have good ties with Turkey and the govt is opposing India in Kashmir issue and CAA, still he went to meet the 1st lady of Turkey and other govt bearers. Is this his original character? You may oppose the CAA, but if we oppose Article 370 and 35A, then nothing wrong to call you as an opportunist businessman. ACP Ajay in Sarfarosh movie and Mr. Amir in real life are the opposite sides of the same coin. Acting Vs Reality

    Acting – This was the movie scene of Garv – Pride & Honor. In this situation ACP – Arjun Ranawat elaborated his senior that he wants a crime-free city. In this movie, he has shown the courage of Police Officer and how he vanquished the underworld gang. It was a well-scripted movie and a good presentation by Salman Khan.

    Reality – These were the old tweets of Mr. Salman Khan when the Tr. Yakub Menon was hanged by the order of Court. He was accused of Mumbai Blast and then he found guilty by the Court. Still, Mr. Salman had a soft corner for the terrorist and showed sadness for him. If we tally the character of Arjun Ranawat of Garv movie and Mr. Salman, don’t you think he didn’t realize what kind of character he played in the movie and what kind of character and approach he is possessing in his real life. Acting Vs Reality

    Acting – It was a movie image of Amitabh Ji in the year of 1984. This movie was called Inquilaab. It was a very nice movie, where he played a poor person (Amar Nath) character who 1st became a Police after that a politician. At last, he killed all politicians of his own party who were involved in corruption. So he started a revolution for the people. Really awesome script and acting by him.

    Reality – In the same year Our Beloved and Ex. PM Indira Ji was killed by her 2 bodyguards. As both the bodyguards from the Sikh community, so the entire Sikh community from different parts of India suffered the wrath of INC workers. Among the hate speeches, one speech that was very irresponsible, that was from Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. He raised his arms and shouted Blood for Blood (Khoon ka Badla Khoon Se Lenge). How we could tally the movie character and the real approach and attitude he showed against a community. Acting Vs Reality


    Sunil Kumar Mohanty


    [email protected]

    I’m an actual industry insider, as opposed to most anonymous fakers posting made up theories. So here’s some real insider details :

    [Common Sense Disclaimer : If an answer claims “Sri Devi’s death was a planned murder”, be sure that it is fake. Boney Kapoor is an intelligent man. Do you really think that if he planned his celebrity wife’s death, random industry crew would know of it? If the police says it was accidental, believe it & move on. The most an actual ‘industry insider’ can tell you is if Boney doesn’t care if she died if they have seen him indulging in girls, parties, etc. I haven’t so I won’t say anything. Sri Devi was obsessed with looking perfect which led to her having an openly weird & unhealthy lifestyle. So I don’t doubt if her heart actually gave up. The same goes for “Priyanka-Nick are a fake PR couple”. Priyanka too is an intelligent woman! Even if they are fake, only their families & managers would know, not anonymous ‘insiders’.]

    • I have seen the Student sequel rushes and that younger girl can’t act to save her life. This when sadly, she’s not half as well behaved as her father.
    • Indian’s only true crossover star to Hollywood didn’t drop out of a big ‘bhai’ movie due to her wedding. She had realized that she couldn’t avoid giving out compulsory sexual ‘favours’ in this project during outdoor shoots.
    • The chocolate boy actor who got a young bride from Delhi has been caught cheating multiple times by his wife. The latest one with his latest young costar. The reason why most of his previous girlfriends dumped him. Also, his wife insists on sitting for his script readings and giving ‘suggestions’ when she doesn’t know anything about anything. He already doesn’t get a lot of offers, and this is pissing people off even more.
    • The recently married power couple, who had a comical number of receptions, had a open relationship till now. Nothing wrong, but they go about town preaching loyalty & monogamy. Let’s see if the marriage is open or exclusive. Also, the wife’s team is very pissed that the wedding didn’t make her #1 on Instagram. Wife is as addicted to publicity as husband is to powder.
    • Stree girl is not as naive as she acts in public. She is just as bitchy & high maintenance as any other actor, and even has a fun thing on with her horror-comedy costar who acts very principled & committed to his GF in public. Also, she fakes a teenager accent in public but talks like a normal over-30 year old behind camera.
    • The only crossover actress has given sleepless nights to another blue-eyed Miss World who has spent years making Indians believe that she’s the only world renowned Indian beauty. Her ego is majorly fractured that this crossover is landing actual roles(even if in flops), magazine covers, & recognition, when all she had was fake casting rumours planted by her own PR. (She even got threatened by a Hollywood production house to be sued once). She is desperately looking for things to be in news again.
    • This blue eyed lady’s sister-in-law is a wild child legally separated from her husband due to her wild ways. She also had an affair with a green eyed superstar who is her childhood friend. Her new fashion & writing ventures are ways to justify her living in Mumbai & fulfill her hunger to be in front of the camera (a wish crushed by daddy dearest in her youth)
    • All of ‘Bhai’s charities are a sham. A publicity move suggested by his lawyers. Others donate much more without publicizing. He doesn’t even donate any of his own money.
    • Brahmastra pair were actually set up by the producer as promotion tactic. But he & his ‘adopted’ daughter jumped on the opportunity to make it serious to secure her future with film’s royal family & seal her spot in the big leagues by dating a ‘serious’ actor. The actor has a ‘whatever’ approach to it. After their sad+disinterested pictures leaked from the set, the producer & their PR planned many joint public spottings. A fake doctor visit for the girl’s fake injury, airport walks, award shows, etc. It’s sad because they are both children of fractured marriages. It might end up in marriage. Their movie is a 3 part series so producer won’t allow a breakup, the girl is too ambitious/cunning to give up on the guy’s lineage & wealth, and the guy has a bad rep with women. (Even though his ex was cheating on him with her costars too, her actions of betrayal never went public).
    • #MeToo gave a loooot of scares. To everyone who had made sure there was NO way for young girls & boys to get ANY work, unless they give out ‘favours’ for months(Literally everyone apart from Barjatya’s). Sadly the public soon lost interest & things slowly went back to normal. Pray that those bastards get what he deserves & the public pressure builds again. All the allegations made public till now align with the accuseds’ behavior that I have personally seen or heard of over many years.
    • A lot of married, ‘sanskari’ people reached out to their past victims who became very successful or might have proof. Take crores to shut up or their careers will be destroyed. Male victims were being paid more. God knows why do star wives ban young actresses for affairs when their husbands will manipulate literally the next woman they bump into to sleep with them.

    We all already know the reality of this Bollywood industry.

    Harsh truth about bollywood, I guess this should be one of the bitter truths of Bollywood that needs to be said:


    I would like to add this image too:

    Image source:- Twitter.

    Here are some of the dark secrets of bollywood

    • Amitabh Bachchan had affairs with almost all leading ladies including Rekha, Parveen Babi and Zeenat Aman.
    • Hema Malini almost married Jeetendra to make Dharmendra jealous. But luckily Dharmendra stopped the wedding and later converted himself to Islam to marry Hema Malini as he was married already.

    • SRK and Priyanka’s affair was so hot that he was almost on the verge to divorce his Gauri. But good sense prevailed and he broke off with Priyanka.

    • Rumors are that Sonakshi Sinha is Reena Roy’s daughter and they share some resemblance.

    • Mithun Chakraborty and Sridevi had an affair
    • Aamir Khan has a love child from British journalist Jessica Heines.

    • Rajesh Khanna and Tina Munim (now Ambani) were so much in love that they even lived together and shared the same toothbrush

    • Tina Munim later had an affair with Sanjay Dutt and even that did not work since Sanjay Dutt started taking drugs.

    Some more added later on:

    • Meenakumari had several unsuccessful affairs with many stars including Dharmendra. Finally she married Kamal Amrohi, who later divorced her, using Triple Talaq in a fit of anger and later regretted his decision. But according to Muslim law, a person cannot marry his ex spouse, unless nikaah Halala has been done. To do that Meenakumari had to sleep with Amannullah Khan who was Zeenat Aman’s father to get married to Kamal Amrohi again.

    • Malaika and Arjun Kapoor.. Every one is aware of their affair now. But those who do not know, Malaika and Arjun have been seeing each other since a decade. Now this affair has more to remember..Arjun Kapoor was once involved with Malaika’s then Husband Arbaaz Khan’s sister, Arpita Khan. After Arpita and Arjun Kapoor broke up, Arjun hooked up with her sister-in law that is Malaika, who is way older than him and has a teenage son.

    • Suraiya and Dev Anand were really fond of each other. But Suraiya father was against this relationship as Dev Anand was Hindu. Later Suraiya remain unmarried till her death while Dev Anand moved on and married Kalpana Kartik

    Till next time, when I have more dirty secrets to share..Good bye!!

    Edit: Thanks for all the upvotes and. Greatly humbled and blessed!

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