What are 4 contributing elements that may result in an …

  • What are four contributing aspects that may result in an increased of students abusing compound in schools?

    Peer pressure

    Home/school bullying

    too much criticism from instructors and or parent

    stress/worry about not being good enough, or other family problems or outside school problems

    too much pressure on them, or pressure to do well when they don’t think they can so do not have of confidence.



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    1. Absence of thorough, objective, and precise education on different kinds of compounds and their private involved dangers, consisting of alcohol.
    2. Illegal/restricted/unregulated status of substances which incentivize & & empower black markets. Easier for youth to gain access to than alcohol.
    3. Entertainment (motion pictures, music, tv, and so on) incorrectly representing or glamorizing substance usage & & partying (also including alcohol).
    4. Propaganda and false info spread out about compounds which blurs the line in between fact and misconception surrounding any compound, decreasing rely on what can be thought to be true from any figure and establishment of authority.

    when somebody is under peer pressure, they are forced or encouraged or don’t want to be left or wish to prove they can be part of the gang/It is used under depression, like moms and dad break up, divorce, school etc/some teenagers use it during thier experiment phase

    Seeing that this is getting numerous I wish to inform you’ll further

    So as you understand I discussed depression and moms and dad divorce, and this leads to even worse things which is gang abuse.Many teenagers who come from violent backgrounds and struggle with extreme mental illness join gangs to have a sense of belonging. The members of the gangs often provide a sense of family that gang members do not get from their parents or their neighborhood. In order to come from a gang, brand-new members may need to go through initiation rites, a process where a brand-new member needs to carry out a set job. New gang members can be beaten by other gang members or made to rape or kill a person to prove their loyalty to the gang. If a gang member thinks about leaving the gang, other gang members may badly hurt and even kill that person, or members of his/her household.

    Gangsters earn money in various ways, but most of their cash originates from the drug trade. A number of the gang members are drug users themselves. Their requirement for money to support their drug habit often leads them to crime.

    These are also some elements

    – an unsteady family background

    – peer pressure (remaining in the “wrong crowd”)

    – community

    – absence of guidance

    – availability of harmful compounds

    – injury and stress

    – direct exposure to drug abuse, whether by family or peers

    – the media.

    Failed Legislative drug policy and laws.

    Availability of compounds.

    Media glorification of substance abuse.

    Society’s use of mood-changing compounds especially alcohol.


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    A lot of youth explore compounds in their early to mid teenagers, typically at the wish of their peers.

    Confounding this social pressure are aspects consisting of, but not restricted to: self-esteem issues, desperate desire to come from a group, the need to comply with social standards, the tendency to take uncalculated dangers, the desire to be fully grown, having observed comparable habits in siblings/parents, anxiety and or anxiety arising from hormonal agents and or teen psychological turmoils, etc

    As a result, the teenager attempts substances and they unexpectedly do not have that anxiety, anxiety, pressure, sense of outsideness/awkwardness, etc. As people, if some is great … more is much better. And thus the cycle of substance abuse escapism starts.

    Circle of friends/peer pressure, issues at home/environmental, availability & & household history/genetics are the things that enter your mind,


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    The child experiencing a traumatic occasion without emotional assistance. Malnutrition, food disparity, poverty, Little to no extended family structure supporting healthy living.

    Peer pressure to use drugs, easy availability, parents that use or consume to excess in your home.

    Lack of neighborhood organized activities for youth, of different types.

    High school with clicks, and gangs.

    Parental participation with DCFS. Even when there has been a positive result, kids are stigmatized, and avoided by peers frequently.

    Poor grades, household fighting, mistreated moms and dad or sibling, anxiety, RAD, ODD, involvement with police.

    Oh you only desired 4. Where I live it is simpler to purchase coke, or meth for a teen then alcohol.

    Distressed domesticity

    Pressure to be significant trainee

    Pressure to fit in

    Easy access to substances within the school


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    1. Absence of prayer
    2. Lack of imaginative classes as music, drama, composing abilities, and totally free considering of the box.
    3. Teaching to suit the box
    4. Tests which produces the feelings of being a failure
    5. Lack of specific expression rather of being forced to gain from the books that are not teaching truth or genuine skills, however program the mind of the student.


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    Well I can only speak for myself as everyones a bit different. Remember it was a life I carried from age 12 till 45.

    Friends, acceptance, coping mechaism, self-confidence. I wast good at sports I wasn’t excellent actually at book work. I didn’t make pals easily etc etc.Everybody’s good at doing drugs. Kids who use get approval because they’re accumulated … everyone is accepted. And I got a self-confidence boost by being a provider. It saddens me to think of the life time I lost.


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    Off the top of my head, I would believe the leading issue would include competitors for a restricted number of spaces in a popular program that leads the way for greater making capability after graduation.

    Exchange students are particularly susceptible to anxiety due to the fact that they currently do not have a familiar support system running out their own nation and away from family and friends.

    First and 2nd year undergrads are probably more at risk because they’re immature and must cope with a considerable amount of tension on starting their scholastic careers. Undergrads may be disillusioned by the university experience or they may be disappointed with their chosen discipline.

    I do not understand if 4 is enough, but if I needed to narrow down what I believe/have seen, these stand apart the most to me. (I know I have actually neglected some, anybody do not hesitate to add)

    Poisonous home environment (stress, stress and anxiety, etc)

    Lack of psychological assistance/ positive coping skills

    Low threshold for inhibition/poor executive function. (As seen in numerous conditions; apparently quick to act without thinking)

    Mental disorder (undiagnosed, self- medicating)


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    If we are interested in what happens in the unconscious of people, there are more than 4. Although it depends on each person, we can say that the typical point is: An inner despair (sensation of inner vacuum, due to a lack of attention/ love from parents, which causes stress and anxiety, a sensation of vulnerability, of inferiority, of guilt, aggressiveness often, etc … ).


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