The number of times a day should you use CBD oil?

  • How many times a day should you use CBD oil?

    Everyone is different in size, body structure, and other factors. The concept is to begin at a reasonable dose and increase it or reduce it, depending upon how it responds with you specifically.

    I do Crossfit 4– 5 times a week so I battered my body respectable. I do a complete dropper in the early morning and another complete dropper at night, of 1000 mg. I’m also a larger man.

    My wife only takes a complete dropper in the early morning and that actually works for her. The point is that you ABSOLUTELY require to take it daily as part of your routine, and you need to test the dose totals up to see how it impacts you.

    There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ method.

    If you are vaping CBD you can basically vape all the time whenever you feel essential depending on how bad or not bad your specific ailments may be. If you are taking the tinctures of oil under your tongue, I advise taking half in the morning and half during the night. The oil remains in your system for 6– 8 hours normally so if you take it two times daily you are covering the hours you are awake so you can feel the best relief while you are up and moving about.


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    That depends on the individual and what you are trying to achieve. We recommend that you take it 3 X daily. I have actually personally found that it is similar to what dieticians would tell you about consuming food. Take your greatest serving in the early morning. Take a moderate serving at lunch. Take a light serving about 30 minutes before you retire for the night.

    I’m a good size man, who has bone spurs, 3 previous damaged bones where I have arthritis, so I consume about 100 MG per day, and it works well for me. Again, taking it spread out over 3 portions at differing amounts as listed above.

    I hope this helps.


    When it comes to dosing CBD:

    To put it simply, there is no universal dosing when it pertains to CBD.

    For some people as low as 1– 3 drops of CBD oil for up to 3 times each day is already able to provide enough relief, whereas individuals with extremely hard conditions (cancer, and so on) wind up choosing much bigger dosages of CBD. Likewise some people naturally have greater tolerances.

    Best thing you could do is begin with a low dosage, track how your body responds to it and work your method up slowly up until you achieve the desired relief.

    You are in control, so if you eventually feel like you’ve taken too much, you might go back to the previous dosage.

    Hope this assists:-RRB-

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    Our general suggestion is 1– 2 full droppers (1mL per dropper) daily. Preferably, you want to begin small with your does, and then work your way as much as find your “sweet area” that works best for you. If this is your first time taking CBD oil, provide it a minimum of 2 weeks of use to keep in mind any results, then modify it as required. Consistency is key.


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    Take your CBD Oil by putting it under your tongue as soon as in the early morning and as soon as again at night and leave the oil there for around 30 seconds.

    If this is your first time trying CBD Oil, we advise the following:

    Start with a quarter to a half of the suggested dose to very first see how YOUR body responds. Allow 30 minutes to 1 hour to feel the complete effects. You should also duplicate this procedure with each new order you get; as every batch can differ.


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    Everything depends on your weight, age and condition, some people use 10 drops a day, some usage 60 drops a day. You got to find what works for you. Always begin with a percentage and increase as needed, till you find your sweet spot, which could be one, 2 or 3 portions a day, or perhaps just one serving might be enough! Best Of Luck;–RRB-

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