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    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 2h ·

    Can the covid 19 vaccine be made legally necessary? Can tasks mandate that you have it to go to work?

    49 of the 50 US states have “work at will” laws, which gutted worker securities, reduced or gotten rid of fair labor relations boards, and made it absolutely legal for employers to terminate workers with or without notice and with or without cause for any factor whatsoever as long as the reaso …

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    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 2h ·

    Why did the High Court guideline that unvaccinated care home workers can be sacked despite the fact 80%of workers are currently vaxxed and 95%of citizens are vaxxed?

    Since 20%of employees and 5%of homeowners are NOT vaxxed. The 20%of workers decline to abide by reasonable security protocols should not be permitted to endanger the lives of their customers. The 5%of citizens who are unvaccinated, for whatever reason, have a right to anticipate that their caregivers will …

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 2h ·

    Why are medical professionals going to work for complimentary in countries with universal health care like the UK and Canada?

    Doctors do not work for complimentary. What in the world are you cigarette smoking?

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 7h ·

    As a nurse, what is the most troubling “cultural practice” you have ever seen?

    I’ve seen some scaries. The worst was an elderly lady generated by ambulance called by concerned friends. I’m not sure what her culture was because I just assisted with the confessing exam and witnessed and helped the providing nurse with the routine admitting treatments. Essentially the woman was ab …

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 23 h ·

    Can a cosmetic surgeon be lawfully made to carry out a surgery?

    Nope. And trust me, I’ve been in a position where my Command had attempted to direct me to perform specific surgical treatment on a particular client (which the client requested by the method). If one feels it is not the right surgical treatment for the client or the problem it is dishonest to require the efficiency of such …

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    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 23 h ·

    When giving birth unmedicated in a hospital, are you allowed to birth from a position other than on your back? Can you eat? What can you do that you can’t finish with an epidural?

    In the uk birth is not medicalised. Health centers have birthing centres which are run by midwives. All ante natal care is run by midwives. I was high threat at first in my pregnancy so alternated in between seeing a midwife and an ob however the midwives still took the lead. When labouring I could consume …

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · 23 h ·

    What is the most insensitive treatment you’ve received from a medical professional or nurse?

    I was in a car mishap 3 years ago that crushed both of my legs from the knees down. I spent 30 days after the mishap in the medical facility, and for the very first 8 of those days, I was conscious, however I have little memory of that time, and I was totally out of my mind (didn’t know where I was, didn’t un …

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Sat ·

    Is the threat of dying after being contaminated with coronavirus greater than 1 percent?

    Yeah, it’s simply under 2%. But that’s not the primary issue – the main issue is that the threat of being entrusted long-term illness which will keep you off work for months, and will in some cases be long-term, has to do with 25%.

    President and CEO at Corporate Management · Sat ·

    Why can’t they make a conventional covid-19 vaccine? If they can bio-engineer a vaccine to make our cells protein spikes why can’t they grow covid-19 viruses and make them inert and use that as a vaccine?

    So … You know all those concerns you read on here asking how they handled to get a vaccine made so quickly when traditionally it takes a really long period of time to make a vaccine? Guess what? You have actually answered your own question with another concern. One of the fantastic promises of mRNA, one of the factors we’ve b.

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