Leading United States Hemp Firm Sets Its Sights on Switzerland

Leading United States Hemp Firm Sets Its Sights on Switzerland

A leading natural grown US hemp company, California Grown Hemp, has actually exposed ambitions to break into the Swiss hemp and international CBD and marijuana market this summertime. Already renowned in North America for the quality of its premium hemp, the company now wants to make its name overseas and get the word out about its naturally-grown item.

A group of hemp farmers and growers based in Santa Cruz County, the clothing likens its hemp to California’s great wine and world-renowned fruit and vegetables– comparable in quality due to the exceptional environment and growing conditions of the region.

Coming together in 2019, the experts behind the brand run farms across California and are committed to growing hemp completely naturally and naturally. Committed to using just natural growing techniques, the company happily offers 100%natural hemp and sees this as its USP what does USP mean? and the secret to achieving such a top quality product. Alert to the world-leading requirements of the Swiss hemp market, the company trusts that its natural and natural credentials will set it apart and bring in the attention of exacting Swiss and global customers.

He included: “People are quickly visiting that the climate that is accountable for such acclaimed wines and produce is the precise very same environment that makes extraordinary hemp. We’re really delighted to get the message out there and to start developing long-term relationships with the Swiss and worldwide clients.”

The group provides many ranges of hemp such as Buubatonic, Bubba Kush, OG Lime, Purple OG Legendary and a lot more. Each has a little different attributes and is fit to different customer needs, from assisting relaxation to restorative uses such as combating sleeping disorders and reducing stress, according to consumers.

The company supports hemp brokers, wholesalers, distributors, dispensaries and e-commerce platforms.

Its goal is to become the foundation provider for Swiss and global hemp-flower requirements, from premium hemp flowers to biomass, CBD oil, CBD isolate and any related CBD or hemp products.

The business’s new site, released earlier this year, uses both an English and German language option, preferably fit for Swiss clients. And for all that the group will be focusing on big, wholesale volume operations, they are ready to adapt to the needs of the market and accommodate any size of order.

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About California Grown Hemp

California Grown Hemp provides top quality, 100%natural grown, hemp at “farmer rates” to brokers, shippers, distributors, e-commerce platforms and anyone seeking to begin in hemp– from industries to small, hemp flower start-ups.
Formed in 2019, the company of farmers and hemp experts is dedicated to utilizing just natural approaches, maximizing the excellent growing conditions discovered in California. Grown throughout the area, the group’s farms are located in Watsonville, Salinas, Hollister, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Sacramento, Humboldt, Fresno, Bakersfield, Mendocino and Sonoma.

Company website: https://californiagrownhemp.ch/en/

About Hemp Ranges
The 3 hemp varieties used by California Grown Hemp are Bubba Kush, OG Lime and Purple
OG Legendary.
Bubba Kush

These lovely, hand-trimmed buds are tightly formed, thick and definitely loaded with
trichomes. With its heavy CBD and terpene profile, full-spectrum Kush CBD hemp flower is renowned for eliminating stress. The flavor is a real crowd-pleaser too– pine, diesel and citrus with woody undertones, leaving you unwinded and assisting you to unwind at the end of the day.

OG Lime
With its therapeutic mix of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, OG Lime cultivar produces the highly preferable “entourage effect”– a feeling that spreads out across the entire body. Helping you to unwind and really loosen up, the results are powerful yet still moderate enough to be utilized for extended durations throughout the day whenever relief is required.

Purple OG Legendary
Purple Legendary OG hemp cultivar is well-known for unwinding the body and elevating the mind– a fantastic mood booster. The term OG represents “ocean grown” and usually suggests an indica strain. With their big, purple buds, the sticky trichomes covering the plant appearance absolutely stunning. These particles are loaded with healing benefits and known to deliver fast results.

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