Is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson using steroids?

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    Of course The Rock is on steroids.

    There’s no way he can be 49 years old and have the 11–15% body fat and weigh 260 pounds without the use of steroids. It is not physiologically possible.

    It is physiologically impossible to have this kind of vascularity and be this lean and have this much muscle mass at 49 years old without a heavy steroid stack.

    Johnson is probably using a combination of testosterone/Primobolan and probably D-Bol or drugs that are similar to those three and/or more.

    If you want more evidence the Rock admitted using steroids in college. Let’s take a comparison and look at his body when he was 22 years old taking steroids and how he looks at 49 and you tell me how you can honestly think that he’s not still on the sauce!

    Dwayne Johnson has admitted using steroids in college (Source Below).

    On Steroids

    22 Years Old

    Off of Steroids??? RIIGHHTTT

    49 Years Old

    As men age their testosterone starts to drop. There’s no way a 49-year-old human being can build this much muscle mass and be this lean at 49 years old without anabolic steroids and probably human growth hormone as well.

    Source: Dwayne Johnson admitted using steroids

    If you need more convincing let’s compare some natural (meaning drug tested) bodybuilders who are in the peak physical shape and are either 49 or 50 years old.

    To be clear I like the Rock he seems like a very nice person and a very entertaining actor this is nothing personal I’m just answering the question!

    One more thing I wanted to add just taking steroids does not give you the kind quality of muscle that the Rock has. He is in peak physical condition and has trained so fervently and so relentlessly hard for so many years to get the body he has.

    That kind of determination training combined with the steroids gives him that extra 20 pounds of muscle but he still would be an incredible physical specimen with or without steroids!

    I should also add that I don’t really have an opinion if people wanna use steroids or not. I think that’s their personal choice.

    I hope that clears up any confusion!

    I ❤️C2, questions, disagreements, curses and hexes!


    Yes. Definitely.

    He looks like a pro-bodybuilder and he’s 44! Even with his great genetics and brutal training regimen, he’s gonna need a little help to get in this sort of shape:

    Check those traps!

    …and to further illustrate… how about these legs:

    So yeah I think its pretty obvious….

    EDIT: Thanks to the CBD benefits. It seems that a couple of people don’t agree so I’ll address a couple of things:

    These photos were selected from a quick Google image search. I didn’t put much thought into it. Almost every image you can find demonstrates my point! So please don’t get hung up on these particular images. Go and have a look.

    I feel qualified to answer this because, I am also in my 40s, I train every day, I have 20+ years of lifting experience, I take steroids, I go to a hardcore bodybuilding gym and have personal friends who are competition-level BB-ers… and I’ve met the rock at my friends gym, when he was in London promoting San Andreas.

    If you think he was juicing for Pain & Gain… well, he was even bigger in Hercules a year later. So presumably you agree he was using steroids for that movie too? Then what about shirtless in Baywatch? Or Furious 7? Looking massive is what…

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    He admitted to trying it in his younger years, But denies being on it now. I think it should be obvious to anyone that The Rock is still using massive amounts of steroids. Nobody can admit to being on steroids because it is an illegal activity and would hurt the professional career of anyone who endorsed it. In reality, many professional athletes, actors, and models use steroids. Basically anyone who makes a living from their physique is highly likely to be using some sort of performance-enhancing substances. Actors who pack on 40 pounds of muscles in a few months for a role cannot be doing that naturally, it’s just common sense.

    I always find these questions and answers entertaining.

    Everyone tries to analyze what hes on etc.

    It’s easy to see that he has hit well above natural limits multiple times. as for what with and how much or often…. no one knows.

    In reality he’s taken the standard bodybuilder path (learn about Frank Zane – ‘the chemist’ from the golden era).

    Dwayne Johnston either cycles on and off — using testosterone bases and more than likely various other compounds at different times. generally what one can get their hands on.

    No doubt he’s tried, dbol, winstrol, anadrol, masteron, nandrolones (decca, npp), probably tren. he probably does constant hgh or cycles it as well. low doses too I’d say. eg. 2 to 10 iu per day.

    If he doesnt do things that way. He just straight out blasts and cruises. eg. spending 3 months on 200mg testosterone cypionate/enanthate each week for 3 months give or take… then blast upwards of 500mg test cyp/enanth while messing with above mentioned compounds in conjunction. I’m betting hes blasted over 1000mgs of testosterone per week for months before while stacking other compounds.

    its not like hes just always on one compound. like most people he’ll have ‘go-to’ gear. stuff that makes him feel good with minimal side effects and grow good too.

    I imagine for movies. eg pain and gain he started pinning extra compounds and higher doses.

    Then aftwards chilled. dropped doses. maybe hit a cruise (200mg testosterone per week). or perhaps cycled right off? possiblly utilizing hcg and/or clomid and/or nolva and/aromasin to get his testies kicking off.

    Personally I’m not sure whether hes blasts/cruises or cycles on and off. and nor are any of you. but one thing is for sure. he ain’t all natty bruh 😛

    I’ve spent years around this shyte. This is how its done. It’s no different because hes in movies or a super star.

    If you walked up to me or one jacked buddies and asked if we juiced. of course we would say no. if you interviewed us (camera or no camera) and asked if we juiced. we’re definitely saying no. not only is it illegal just about everywhere. but the minute you admit to it. a shyte storm begins. including everyone going on “oh hes only big because hes on roids” and blah blah.

    it does a total discredit to all the hours of hard painful work we put in at the gym. all the food we carefully plan and eat. everything that is involved. its not easy to get massive. even on steroids.


    Jimmy Jones

    How often do you see 260 pounds of natural muscle?

    “The Rock” is a former pro wrestler and has been using steroids CONSTANTLY since the beginning of his wrestling career. He is also always at least in off-season shape when preparing for movies. Most likely he’s been using a 9+3 scheme for the last few years. 9 months a year – macrocycle (from 3-4 mesocycles), 3 months – rest and recovery. It’s a common practice for a man who always needs to be in shape. In recent years, in addition to steroids, Growth Hormone is actively used.

    All actors need to be able to take on a role quickly, and it’s not just about their acting. They often have to lose 30pounds or gain even more in a short time, in order to get the role. Undoubtedly, they will use every asset to do it because not possible to do it naturally so fast. Pharmacology is one of those assets. Not so much as in sports, but sometimes it is pretty hardcore. Think of Matthew McConaughey in the Dallas Buyers Club and a few times more or Stallone in almost any movie you can think of.

    The film industry and doping.

    Think about what kind of money these actors get for successful movies. What do they need to represent to get in the movie? If you need a warrior, he has to be a high man, with wide shoulders and big arms, strong enough for the sword. When preparing for such roles, they get the help of pharmacologists, trainers, and martial arts masters. Actors don’t need to make the journey of a warrior, be able to fight like a master to show it on the screen. They need to be fit for the role by their look at first. So they change using the complex preparation like this Full-pack. All you have to do is follow the instructions, listen to the trainer, physician, dietitian, work and you get the things done.

    Just a few actors will admit that they had to use everything that works fast to get the body, abs, shoulders, arms to fit for the part in a movie in a few months. Doping, fat burners, and meals as instructed day by day. The movie industry, show business actively use not just steroids, but also growth hormone, fat burners, boosters, peptides, and many other things. And this is necessary.

    What are the facts?

    Extremely rare are individuals with outstanding genetics and powerful hormonal background that can at least come close to looking like the ripped actor from the movies. Maybe 1% or even less. But we have a feeling that there are many such people. Every model, actor, celebrity looking great tells it’s a diet and exercising, nothing more. So we believe.

    The use of sports doping and other “unnatural” things is seen as wrong by society. Our heroes just don’t want to admit they are involved in that. Steroids are considered dangerous, harmful, cheating. So public figures deny they had “broken the rules” to get where they are. Steroids have been used by A LOT of stars for many years to make them best for the big screen.

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    Either that, or gamma-radiation.

    If you don’t think the Rock is on steroids you’re either a) a beginner to the world of weightlifting or b) are in love with him and don’t want to believe he’s on steroids

    The Rock is a few things: he’s naturally big and tall, he’s naturally going to be muscular (he’s of Black Nova-Scotian and Samoan descent, and they are generally big and strong), and he’s got a fantastic mindset about eating right and working out diligently and effectively.

    But he’s also got his friend that ends in “bol” on his end, and probably some HGH.

    Let’s take a look at The Rock throughout the years:

    15 years (allegedly)

    Pretty big, definitely has a decent amount of muscle and the frame to grow into. Definitely not on steroids yet though.


    Definitely not small, but not really much larger than any other college defensive tackle


    This is probably where he started experimenting with some drugs, but he’s still not lean enough to be consistently on steroids


    This guy is 46 years old and has a perfect v shape, veins erupting from his arms, traps that could hold up mountains and striations in his chest.

    There is no possible, conceivable way, that at 46 years old, he looks like he does without a little…help.

    So, yes. The Rock is on steroids.

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    The only time he admits to using them was when he was eighteen. I have my doubts about that being the only time.

    More than likely…

    Now there is no way to say for sure unless you know him personally or he has admitted to it. But as a natural lifter for 4 years and also someone that knows people that take them; he more than likely has taken them at some point.

    Why even ask?

    Now that said, there is a reason that most people don’t bring up this subject when it comes to bodybuilders.

    It shouldn’t take away from the hard work that they put in to get that type of physique. Immediately most people will say “Okay, it’s the steroids then…”

    No, this is not the case. Pro bodybuilders have great genetics and respond to the “enhancements” very well. They also put in a ton of hard work and also have the ability to train with much more volume than a natural person because they have great recovery. You’d be surprised how many guys are walking around the gym that are taking steroids and don’t look that great at all. Some look just plain average.

    Just because someone has a great physique, doesn’t mean that they have taken steroids either. There are some really great physiques out there on ladies and gents that I believe are completely natural.

    Also, there are way more things that bodybuilders take than just steroids nowadays.

    You should also ask yourself this question:

    Just because someone looks awesome that takes steriods, are you going to stop trying to push your natural limits?

    If that is the case, then you probably are training for the wrong reasons or will not make it very far anyway.

    Also, it really is none of your business.


    At the same time, it is also important to set a realistic expectation for natural lifters. I think it is unethical for someone that is taking them to say they are natural because a lot young men look up to them. Now I am not talking about “The Rock” here (I’m pretty sure he doesn’t talk about the subject), but there are a lot of “fake nattys” out on social media usually pushing some supplement that has minimal connection to their gains.

    I have much more respect for someone that is on them that doesn’t talk about it than someone that says they are natural when in fact they aren’t. It is a personal choice and these guys are well aware of the risks (that said, it is illegal here in the US).

    Regardless of this subject, I am a huge fan of “The Rock” and think he is overall a great person based on how he portrays himself in public. I really wouldn’t care either way because it is none of my business 🙂

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