I want to study for the examinations, but I am too depressed to …

  • I had something similar to this when I was a senior in college. I had actually been so antisocial and fatigued, that I literally lost contact with individuals even in the next space and all down the hall in my dormitory. I, naturally, had actually reached a point where I needed to at least pass every class that I was taking. I was in a relationship that I wasn’t sure was best for me. And, I simply could not focus, and felt so sad. I happened to be taking a psych class. One day, after class, I followed my psych prof to his office and really nervously informed him how I was feeling.

    His suggestions, of course, was offered to me as a teacher, because we did not have a physician patient relationship. This is a summary of his ideas for me.

    He informed me that I need to make any choices that I could, even if in the long run that decision needed to be analyzed again. He felt that the inner argument on making a decision about my relationship was taking too much emotional energy.

    I was at a point where I simply could not get any work done. He asked me what I thought the longest time was that I could study/do my work. I told him perhaps 10 or 15 minutes. So he said to begin with 10 minutes. Take a break. Consider what you accomplished. Walk outside for a couple of minutes.

    When you go back into the dormitory, state hi to anybody you see. Simply hi and their name if you understand it. If there are any doors large open on the hall, just lean in a bit and say hey there, and name.

    Then my next session must be 15 minutes. Then the like above. He recommended that I have some type of system to get me back on track after the breaks … have a buddy examine me every hour or so, use a timer, have my moms and dads call every hour, utilize an alarm clock … anything that would mark an ending and beginning to work.

    And After That 20 more minutes of work and a break with leaving the dormitory, stating hey there to people, and considering whatever I desired.

    He asked what I thought was sensible break time and I just didn’t know. So we spoke about the most imposing things I required to get done, and the amount of time that would take and the due date. So we decided that my breaks ought to disappear than 15 minutes. If there were things that took a larger block of time, like getting lunch or dinner, then I would extend the break to 30 to 40 minutes and after that I went back to the work-break schedule. After 15 min. of work, then a break thinking of what I had actually achieved, going outside, speaking with people was for the first 5 days, increasing to 20 min. of work and after that 30 minutes the recently.

    It worked those last few of weeks of school. I felt like a robotic and that is precisely what I required to survive that time duration. He consulted with me once again for an hour, after a week and then an hour the next week. Of course, he agreed to assist me based upon my accepting get therapy as quickly as I finished up.

    In summary, I believe what he was attempting to do was support me and put me into a free program, so I might achieve something, He also felt that I should at the least make human contact by talking to individuals by name. Of course, what happened was people stating hi in return, asking about this or that, and a couple of people stopping by my room to chat. And, often, I found myself extending the length of the work time.

    I had to limit my talks with the person in my relationship, and not be with him for about 3 weeks. It was worth it because I did not wish to lose an entire term of school with only 3 weeks left.

    I hope this helps. You need to talk this through with your parents so that you can see a therapist as quickly as possible. If for some factor you can not approach your moms and dads with this, either pick a teacher, a minister, other family member, or any adult who can be your supporter with your moms and dads. You school or local neighborhood might also be able to offer assistance or counseling. By gaining some control over your life, it makes you feel more alive and assists you think about services.

    You will be in my ideas.

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