I smoke one cigarette a month. Is it okay or should I stop even …

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    I love all the health nuts here 🙂

    You live healty – you’ll die healthy , the difference is , you’ll die without ever enjoying life.

    Smoking cigar / month does NOTHING to your health.

    In the army I had people smoking packs of cigarettes per day and still outrun me.

    Cigarettes are much worse than cigars because there are tons of chemicals involved there, while cigars are pure tobacco leaves.

    Everything in life is bad for you so u might as well enjoy some of the things in it.

    Yes, but then again so is chocolate, the sun, walking too fast, walking too slow, living in the city, sitting too long, not sitting enough, playing sports, watching sports, hot dogs, fried foods, and driving.

    In short every single thing out there can harm you. One cigarette a month isn’t good for you, and you “could” have a reaction, or choke. But if you want the cigarette then smoke it.

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    1 cigarette a month?

    Wimp, I used to smoke three cartons a month (600 cigarettes).

    That said, I quit a decade ago, but 1 cigarette a month is probably less harmful than the air pollution one breathes in a month.

    Let’s talk again about the dangers of smoking, because even one drag off a cigarette does a lot more damage to you than you might think. For example:

    • With the first puff, smoke passes through your mouth and leaves a thin brown film on your teeth. Toxic gases – like ammonia and formaldehyde – throw your immune system into a panic, causing inflammation all over your body.
    • Then, as cigarette smoke gets into your windpipe, it temporarily slows your cilia – the tiny sweeper-hairs that work to clear your respiratory system of mucus and invasive particles.
    • With the first puff of a cigarette, you also inhale nicotine – which immediately gets into your bloodstream through millions of tiny capillaries in your lungs. As that nicotine reaches your adrenal glands, your body gets a jolt of energy that raises your blood pressure and heart rate. Since your heart can’t fully relax between beats, you’ve just put yourself at higher risk for having a stroke.
    • Another negative: Carbon monoxide – the toxic chemical in car exhaust – starts to build up in your blood. That makes it harder for your body to carry oxygen to your vital organs. At the same time, blood transports the nicotine to your brain– where nerve cells release a wave of the feel-good hormone dopamine. All that happens within the first 10 seconds.
    • Still not convinced a single cigarette can hurt? Get this: Some 4,000 chemicals and toxins will still be attacking your body for up to 8 hours after your last puff, and a smear of gooey brown tar will be left in your lungs forever. Even worse, as your levels of dopamine plummet back to normal after smoking, your body will crave another nicotine high– even if you’re not aware of it. If you give in, you’ll be mentally hooked, which is how smoking becomes an addiction.

    Bottom line: Experts say that nicotine in cigarettes is just as addictive as heroin– even if you have just one smoke.

    Nope. You are going to die.

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    Breathing in toxic air from the environment or from another smoker is worse than a stick of cigarette a month. Nicotine has been used for suppressing depression but at a high level, stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, which maybe very helpful at some point in your life (if you have constipation, feeling cold, has dry mouth, etc) A little of something can’t really hurt you. I guess the only thing that makes a stick per month dangerous is when you developed or is silently harboring a disease that can be aggravated by smoking and, maybe, the possibility of a sudden addiction (or binge when stressed out) which can ultimately result to a pulmonary disease.

    My Opinion….It’s fine.

    I am here because I am currently fighting the urge to go get smokes. Obviously, “just one” and “just occasionally” doesn’t work for addicts. If you need it, means you can’t control it, means you didn’t beat it, means you’re still addicted, means it will spiral out of “just one” to “back to pack”. While I agree with some posts about ‘health nuts and once a month won’t harm you” it’s a separate issue when it comes to addiction. Stay strong everyone trying to beat this demon!

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    I smoke more than one a month, have been for years, and I’m still here. You could get cancer, but of course nonsmokers get cancer too. We all die one way or another.

    One will not cause too much harm. One will not be good for your health either. The problem is that one becomes 3, then 5, then a pack a month, and so on.

    You do not have a habit, an urge or an addiction….yet.

    Nip it in the bud!

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