I have serious social stress and anxiety, what do I do?

  • Stop, drop, and roll!

    Simply kidding, I when had social anxiety, and let me inform you, those days are over. Applaud the heavens !!! Anyways I was brought here to serve others and spread delight and compassion. These are the exact 3 actions that was the antidote to social anxiety:

    It’s all in the mind my friend, as soon as you master the mind, the body will follow.

    Origin: Social Stress And Anxiety Cure Social Stress And Anxiety Today With These 4 Steps

    Social Anxiety affects about 40 millions grownups which has to do with 18%of the U.S. population. The worst part is just about 37%really get treatment while the others need to deal with this unpleasant health problem or maybe it’s a curse! What’s even sadder and shocking is the fact that many with this illness have to deal with it for a minimum of 10 years or more before getting treatment. That’s 13.3%of their life behind bars if you presume the average person lives to 75 years of ages.

    We actually wish to cover this vital topic since this epidemic runs out control and not stopping anytime quickly. It won’t be simple due to the fact that each individual has their own sets of complications and we can not cover them all, nevertheless we have some solutions that might assist you deal and dominate social anxiety.

    Here are 3 topics worrying social anxiety that we will deal with:

    1. What causes social anxiety.

    2. Dealing with social stress and anxiety rejects you of freedom.

    3. How to break this curse and begin living your life.

    I myself utilized to struggled with social anxiety from an early age of 12-21; so I can relate by actual experiences and I am willing to share what and how I had the ability to lastly vanquish this curse once and for all. No physicians, treatments, household, books, or other sources helped me in this battle.

    It might be hard to believe but I battled this battle alone; every sweat, blood, and tears was dam worth it since this is my life and I WILL live it to the maximum and I’m not going to let social stress and anxiety win over me. We all have the right and high-end to a wonderful and fantastic life (1st and some second world countries), do not let this monster consume you of such commodity.

    1. What Causes Social Anxiety

    1.1 Social anxiety takes in life

    Let it consume you or break free.

    Social Anxiety can occur from many complications, situations, environmental aspects, and one can even be born with it.

    As for me I had complications including: serious acne (worst of the worst), being shorter than the typical Caucasian, and I needed to get a military haircut every 2-3 weeks (My mom was very military oriented and I was in a youth military program so brief hair was a should). These 3 demons lead the way to a 10 year life of anguish and torment and was the offender of my social stress and anxiety.

    So my # 1 social stress and anxiety issue was, drum roll … talking with appealing ladies and going to school. I wanted to look handsome or beautiful all the time due to the fact that I like lovely ladies/ ladies so I think that in order to talk to them, I had to be handsome or beautiful. Of course I didn’t even think I was good taking a look at all.

    Being attractive makes one confident, well for me it does. (generally rather than being unsightly, yes? yes.) Kids or guys have more of this problem than women clearly due to the fact that we are the ones that usually have to start a conversation. Having dark red acne together with a face that can prepare eggs on a hot day (my face was incredibly oily), a height stature of 5′ 6 ″ which is 3.5 inches listed below the average American male, and a haircut that I disliked for all my teen life definitely made me shy and ashamed of who I was.

    I finally discovered to accept who I was and utilized it to manage and live my life the method I desired too. This took a few years to accomplish but the fight was well worth it!

    1.2 The result

    Another substantial problem I want to address is public speaking. 238 million people have a worry of public speaking, about 75%of the U.S population, or 3 out of every 4 of you reading this. The first time you have actually spoken or carry out something on stage to the public, it wasn’t easy and you’ve most likely stutter, froze, or just could not carry out.

    Well, what triggered it? You’ve never done it! Your body doesn’t understand how carry out given that it was the extremely first time.

    Inexperience, not being well educated, dealing with the unidentified, worry of rejection, being ridicule or embarrassed, not impressing theers, and all the negative results are a natural indication of social anxiety.

    And that’s normal and perfectly fine. Trust me, the first time I dance on stage with my classmates, I felt pure fear and anxiety, nevertheless after the efficiency I might see and hear the crowd applauding and cheering. I felt liberated; what was this feeling?

    Prior to I was nervous and afraid today it was a total 180 degrees. The second, 3rd, fourth, and 50 th time it felt fantastic. If you offer the audience what they came for, then they will return the favor.

    The feeling of accomplishment outweighs that of fear.

    1.3 You do not have it bad

    People with psychological or physical disabilities think in their mind that they can not achieve something because of the method they look or believe.

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    That’s truths and backed by 10 years of individual experience. There are individuals who literally have extreme disabilities like a deform face, being incredibly short, missing out on limbs, etc. Each time they are out in public, do individuals not gaze, perhaps laugh, and video record them?

    I can not explain such a feeling, it must be agonizing to the point of death? If if weren’t for the wickedness of humanity, then such sensations wouldn’t simply exist.

    Secret Remove

    Life is terrible, bad things occur to individuals daily. Somethings are difficult to overcome while others can be with immense decision. The earlier you accept what you have the much better and the best part is you can get rid of numerous things, you simply need to believe you can and work at it.

    2. Dealing With Social Anxiety Rejects You of Liberty

    2.1 Life Is Fair

    Life isn’t fair and somethings are not controllable, for that reason we either have to handle it or battle it.

    When we accept the fact that life is reasonable by being unreasonable, then it will be easier to live.

    If not, then we will live the rest of our lives in misery, regret, and torment. Having certain impairments that can not be fix (unless their is a big surgery cost) like missing out on limbs or a deform face, then it just indicates that it will be incredibly tough to overcome your problems.

    This man has a terrific youtube channel where he interviews people with all type of specials needs. They tell him how they feel, handle their impairments, and how they want people to treat them. You must actually inspect them out if you believe you have it bad!

    Family and friends are like angels. They really are the ones that will assist you no matter how you feel or look. However making brand-new or more buddies may be tough.

    Is it not better to have one true buddy than 100 fake buddies and why would you want to hang around with individuals that simply utilize you or bring you down? I have actually had “good friends” that used and benefited from me and that was among the worst feelings a human can experience. I now select my pals sensibly and thoroughly, that is why I very few good friends.

    You have one life, and an infinite quantity of possibilities. Why suffer and reside in misery for the rest of your life. Is not death even much better? Life is life, please bear in mind that; it does appreciate anything. The only thing life needs to do is basic exist; and I believe that is what most of us are doing anyways.

    We have options in our lives. We can selected to be unpleasant and make reasons each minute or we can learn how to deal with those problems and use it to our benefit.

    Life wants you to exist, just you can decide how you want too, even under the most tough situations.

    I was dam tire and unpleasant for 10 years of my early life. If I desired happiness and to live how I desired, then I needed to change, and modification NOW. Everyday seemed like bring a stone on my back, eventually I was not going to be able to continue any longer.

    Life is unfair, but how you make from it is fair.

    2.2 Sex Is Not Whatever

    Sex belongs of life and probably 99%of us want it, possibly need it. If social stress and anxiety is impeding you from wishing to make love, then what can you do to alter it? If you can change the way you look due to being fat, having acne, or you think you look awful, then it’s possible.

    Modification your diet plan, work your ass off so you can manage surgery, and whatever it takes. Think about it, for 10 years you’ve suffer and desired modification. Are you still going to sit there and think of it or will you actually do something about it?

    Sex is not whatever, however there are other things simply or practically as incredible as sex. Traveling, seeing brand-new cultures, tasting brand-new food, satisfying brand-new individuals, etc is remarkable and everyone should do it at least when in their lifetime. Locking yourself inside your own prison does not make matters any much better.

    If you can’t have what you desire (right now) then possibly runner ups or substituting it with something else can be simply as good. If you keep concentrating on negativeness and something that is not realistically achievable, it will consume you and offer you a world full of pain. Maybe experiencing 100 good things is the same as experiencing one best thing, perhaps?

    Appreciating what you already have and don’t have will be the secret to a beautiful and delighted life.

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    Oprah Winfrey and many rich and successful individuals know that. I work abroad and take a trip at the very same time. I have very extremely really few things in my belongings. I have actually already learn to accept and enjoy myself since this is who I am until my death, I might too enjoy the time I have left.

    After all life itself for me is the greatest present, and I didn’t even ask for it!

    Secret Take Away

    Is it not better to enjoy and do what you can when you can. Instead of living in discomfort which doesn’t do you any great. Why not just take pleasure in and do the things that give you happiness rather than dwell on the discomfort of your issues.

    3. How To Break This Curse and Start Living Your Life

    3.1 Challenges Are Meant To Be Broken

    800 individuals try to climb the worlds tallest mountain, Mt. Everest each year.

    About 8300 have actually successfully reached the top. One of the greatest task in human history and even death does not stop them. How bad do you desire it, how much sacrifice and discomfort is require, will you stop at absolutely nothing to get it?

    It simply indicates you have to practice, practice, and practice up until you’ve finally overcome it. My extreme acne treatment as I aged, however I am entrusted huge indented scarring, large pores which is still the cause of my exceptionally oily face, and this is for life unless I paid for surgical treatment which is not low-cost.

    Being a healthy vegetarian which was no simple option and not a very delicious one either however it assisted me significantly with my facial appearance. Instead of whimpering throughout the day, I did something about even though there was no satisfaction in it. Eating processed food, sugary foods, cigarette smoking, extreme drinking can aggravate my pores and makes my skin even oilier so I need to eat quite healthy

    It does make me jealous that my friends eat the crappiest food, smoke, and consume all day and have a face that’s far better than mine. You know what, I can’t control how they live or what they do, so I have to make changes to myself and sacrifice a few things in my life in order to be positive and live the method I desire.

    My height will remain like this forever so I have picked to accept it as a true blessing instead of a curse. Now, I type of like short hair even thought I’ve hated all of it my life. It took me a few years to alter and accept what and who I am. When I did, incredible things occur and I had the ability to speak with whoever I desired too and do whatever I so please.

    If someone doesn’t like me for who I am, then they are unworthy my time or worth.

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    3.2 Meditation and Happiness

    If I can just recommend ONE thing to overcome social stress and anxiety, it would be meditation

    I have been practicing meditation 2x a day about 10-15 minutes in the morning and night or night.

    Meditation has the power to change the way you think and act.

    If you contemplate the solution of your problem instead of home on it; you will start to live in a brand-new truth. You see, your opinions and thoughts are genuine They are your truth and nobody can alter that.

    Life doesn’t make sense however it lets you think. Consider negativeness and problems and guess what … they start to appear in your life.

    You draw in things that you provide energy and focus to.

    Happiness it is a state of mind, a by product; you can attain it simpler than you believe. Social anxiety is keeping you from moring than happy since it is stopping you from doing what you want. We described that happiness is the journey and not the destination.

    When we are concentrate on fulfilling our goals to reach happiness, we are forgetting that the journey is the most important part and do not delight in the process. If you enjoy throughout your journey, then you will have the very best location. Do you not understand that the journey is 99%while the destination is simply 1%?

    Have a good time talking with individuals and don’t take it so seriously. Get use to rejection and try once again, take it as a learning experience, not an unfavorable and humiliating one.

    You have the rest of your life ahead of you, do not let a couple of minutes dictate your whole life.

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    Winners never quit and they invite whatever difficulty is offered to them. Failure is a friend of success, quiting is not. If you keep persisting you will eventually succeed, I guaranteed you; logical calculation states that you will prosper unless you really are simply that bad.

    Nobody who has achieved some big goal did it in one shot flawlessly. Elon Musk, invested years in a small space working extreme hours day and night. He taught himself how to program and about rocket science; look at him today. Everyone has problems, makes mistakes however the strong are the ones that know if they do not face it or find a solution for it then they will never get anywhere in life or conquer their problems.

    Meditation will alter how you think and feel.

    3.3 Inspiration, and Function for Living

    You can’t speak with brand-new individuals, fear huge audiences, or being in public makes your hand sweat.

    What is it going to consider you to face your worries?

    You can study all day, ask people, watch videos which I suggest to do first however if you do not head out their and try then it’s never going to do anything for you. I can study how to be a singer but if I can’t sing in front of people, then what is the point? Inspiration and your purpose for living go hand in hand. Being tire and in constant fear can be a great incentive.

    I sure as hi was, 10 years was currently enough, and I was dam sure I wasn’t going to let another 10 years pass me by, especially 10 miserable painful years. Ultimately you’ll need to break out of your shell. Social stress and anxiety is the main concern here, so what is it going to take to break it?

    Do you wish for the great life, conquering your fears, attempting new things, and not being afraid of rejection or ridicule?

    If you don’t ask, you won’t get.

    Why are you living?

    You don’t have an option in that matter however how you are living; you have every choice.

    When you conquer your social stress and anxiety, remarkable new things will begin to happen. Inspiration is putting in more hours than your peers, going to places no one attempts to go, pressing beyond your limits, letting nothing get in your method of success, make and managing life the method you want. You will take pleasure in life more, have more self-confidence to do things, perhaps brand-new possibilities will open, experience a brand-new life outside your house, and so forth.

    Aren’t those things just so far better than remaining in your own jail. Then there is your function for living. My purpose for living is to assist, inform, and further mankind to a brand-new age of flexibility and living. I will talk in front of millions of individuals … butt naked if I have too.

    Are you existing or living? Your purpose in life is your supreme reason for living. Why are you letting social stress and anxiety crush that dream? You need to face your fear and conquer it.

    Practice, have someone help you, study about it, do whatever it takes. I overcame my social stress and anxiety alone; nobody helped me however I had the ability to do it and I make sure as hello you can too.

    Well that took a while, I hope that 15 minutes was able to change you. Now go, go on and take pleasure in life and do not recall!

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