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  • In the USA. I don’t recommend any of these, elementary, high schools, universities nor colleges today. It is FAR better to stay away from that human emotional mental garbage.

    It used to be that schools were all about promoting good things in students minds, and teaching fundamentals, reading writing and math as being important in the marketplace. An 8th grade student in 1912 was far better educated in all parts of the government, math, and how to run a business, because there were no huge corporations owning these universities and a university education was not needed to be a very successful business person.

    Most PhD’s today cannot pass this test from 1912:

    Most of those who graduate, have no marketable skills. They are not trained in any wide knowledge field because if they were, they might take away a “market” share from those huge corporations who pay $billions in endowments to these schools to teach not effective knowledge in the market. They cannot take over any market, because they have a tiny education in one tiny field.

    And there are 40% of the programs which have ZERO marketable skills even at one of these corporations. “Women’s’ studies”; “Theoretical physics”; total worthless in the marketplace. This is why most graduates never use what they learned in their jobs they were forced to take, because there are no jobs in their field of study.

    Today, every employer with any knowledge will give severe testing, both psychological and skill tests before hiring anyone. We have never seen this level of incompetence in the universities, and just brainwashing in “hate their culture” dogma.

    It is a breeding ground for STD’s and mental illnesses cause by going there and learning to hate. Drunken parties and orgies are common. The programs are all about “bad God”, “bad Bible”, and good communism, because that sort of infiltration has been going on for over 100 years.

    And if you chat with most of these “educated” and tell them what is really going on they start yelling at you. They are taught deep brainwashing on this. It is called being taught to be triggered. Once that unconscious, constant, brainwashing is triggered, there is no listening. There are trigger words and phrases taught over and over. It is all yelling; “YOU ARE STUPID!” and other such nice comments. The main teaching is anger and hate for anyone who is not wanting your ideology to take over the country.

    I have a tested IQ extremely high, and the common statement is; “YOU ARE A MORON!” When I ask them if they understand what a moron is? They get more angry as I explain the levels of intelligence and what is shows:

    Imbecile people with an IQ of 26–50, between “idiot” (IQ of 0–25) and “moron” (IQ of 51–70).

    They are not taught even what these levels are any more. Today these scientific words are used as insults against those you fear and are brainwashed to fear. Those who know the truth about life are like an attacker coming at them with a weapon to kill them or something, because that is how they act. Total screaming and hate for trying to talk some “common sense” into them.

    Today, they hate this very good, IQ, classification system used to help put people in classes that could help them learn at their level. It was a compassionate system. But because of the drop in IQ in the USA to under 89 on average, IQ testing is frowned upon. Nobody wants to know they are actually not smart (low IQ testing) even after 8 years of education.

    Today they put all of them in the same classroom (except for some really, extremely, low IQ kids), because we don’t want to hurt any feelings. So, the academic standards have been lowered drastically.

    From the USA government statistics: 40% of 12 grade students in the USA cannot read above the 4th or 5th grade level, by this process of “can’t hurt feelings” . (And 10-15% can’t read at all, nor can they add two numbers together). And the same 40% can only add and subtract max of 2 numbers in a column.

    Only 23% of graduating 12th graders can even read a college entrance exam. And all these standard tests when you leave high school are being discussed to be dropped as they “hurt people’s feelings”. These “educators” want to remove algebra as a requirement for graduation. GEEZE! algebra is SIMPLE. The teaching methods in math today are ridiculous and actually are there to make it very difficult to learn math.

    The most common classes in city college is remedial english reading, writing, and math to try to help people be employable.

    Trade schools are frowned upon, because that is for the “stupid” people. Actually, the universities is where stupid is cultivated.

    Not so long ago, 1980’s, a clinical test was done using these “maps of IQ” to test people before college or university. Every one of the high school students after 4 years of college lost on average 10 IQ points. That says a lot about the education system. This is because it is not education any longer but indoctrination into some really destructive ideology and most of the classes have many contradictions to reality. What is actually perceived by the brain vs what they are told to perceive. This causes the brain to gravel in confusion.

    And the most horrible thing about this is peer pressure to conform or you don’t get anything ($). Emotional coercion is one of the most horrible things to do to “kids”. The main idea is if you don’t have a college degree “you are not considered smart.”

    The truth is the opposite. If you have a college degree you are brainwashed into some stupid unrealistic ideology.

    I have 19 years of education from the 1950–70’s and even took specialized classes in my field. What was taught was actually functional science and functional math, functional civics, and such. Even then there was some BS crap like evolution, having no evidence at all, but is taught anyway.

    The most ill informed people I personally know are PhD’s in sciences. They don’t even know how plants grow and how CO2 is the life giving gas on this planet and they have a PhD in the environmental studies. They don’t know we are carbon based life, every body part uses carbon first in the chemical equation. Because that idea is used to destroy the country and totally destroy the economy. The first part of this process of destroy and take over is to ruin the economy and have people starve. Then this new government comes along and offers crumbs and people are so hungry they learn to eat crumbs as “the new normal”. The old government of freedom of choice was “evil” after all that education told you so.

    By the way this is all prophesied in the Bible.

    Mao would take a chicken and rip out feathers and people would watch the chicken scream. The he sat the chicken on the ground and dropped crumbs and the chicken started following the crumbs. He said; “See! Even if you torture them, when you give them crumbs they all follow and obey.” Talking about humans of course.

    Today, the richest people on the planet are college dropouts. Or they just studied one subject, such as computer programming and engineering; never getting a degree. To get a degree you must take these indoctrination classes on what they want you to be in society. Worthless in the marketplace, but good for destroying morals, religion, culture, and anything good the USA.

    My advice if you go to any university understand what is going on first.

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