How unpleasant is death?

  • There are several illustrations to show that the physical discomfort can be also enjoyed. In boxing, when the challenger welcomes you highly, you feel dissatisfied because such a circumstance causes your defeat. When you are accepted by a lovely woman, you feel more joy and the degree of your joy is proportional to the strength of the embracement!. For that reason, the physical pain in one situation is unhappy, whereas the very same physical pain in another situation causes happiness. Even when you consume the hot dish, your tongue is burning due to the vitality of chillies and your eyes are showering the tears. All these symptoms are the indication of distress just.

    However still you delight in the happiness in consuming the hot meal. You can not link the pleasure with simple external material. Ofcourse, the external product triggers the feeling and the sensation may be enjoyable or unpleasant depending upon one factor, which is that whether the external material is connected continually or not. If you are connecting with any item or scenario of the production constantly, you end up being unhappy. Even the embracement of the gorgeous lady becomes unpleasant, if such embracement continues without space.

    If you are exposed to the heat for a very long time you feel joy in cold as in the case of the Indian. If you are exposed to cold for a very long time you feel joy in the warmness and heat as when it comes to an immigrant. Hence the process of pleasure depends upon the alternating interaction with the external items or scenarios in this world. Any continuous interaction with the very same product or circumstance gives unhappiness, whereas the change in the interaction offers joy. God is the Father of the souls and thus sets up the life cycles of the souls with alternating enjoyable and undesirable scenes.

    Although you have done sins continually for some long period of time and kindness constantly in another long span of time, God does not arrange the life cycles with the constant suffering and constant happiness proportionally in matching long spans of time.

    God neglects this continuous period of time and arranges the life cycle in such a way so that every life cycle is repaired with alternating fruits of sins and kind deeds. The re-arrangement of the excellent and bad fruits in alternating fashion by drawing great and bad fruits from both these period is done by God, who is omnipotent.

    You might expect God to cancel all the sins due to His supreme nature. If it is simulated that, you will not enjoy since continuity of anything causes torment. Even in such case, torment is inevitable. Therefore, if you do not hope God for getting rid of the sufferings, God has already set up the life process in best way to provide you continuous enjoyment. You are praying God to eliminate the difficulties, which are the fruits of your bad deeds. The law of justice does decline the cancellation of the fruit of any deed. Due to your prayers the problems are delayed to later births by God along with compounded interest. You likewise pray God to give constant joy. For this God, draws the great fruits from the future births with decreased interest to today life cycle. Due to such constant enjoyment of excellent fruits, you are again tired with torment.

    For This Reason, you are completely absurd in disturbing the already created life cycles of God. As an outcome of this absurdity your future births will be full of continuous sufferings. The connection of the suffering offers you distress much like the connection of joy. Hope God always brought in by your love to His magnificent personality and not for disturbing the already finest created life cycles by God due to His paternal love. You will be continuously happy by enjoying the rotating enjoyable and unpleasant scenes of life and by not asking anything from God.

    Gita says that equality in scenarios of happiness and suffering is Yoga (samatvam yoga …). Typically individuals misinterpret this principle. They believe that keeping oneself non-active towards happiness and torment with no disruption like a stone is the significance of this verse. Such meaning is incorrect and is not the actual opinion of the Lord. It is just the misconception of misunderstood heart of the verse. You are not a stone to reveal such inert behavior. You are a living human being and can never behave like that. You can behave like that by taking some sedative drugs and there is no requirement of the intensive spiritual effort to achieve such state. The actual viewpoint of this verse is that you must take pleasure in both happiness and anguish like the sweet and hot meals in your meals.

    While taking the hot meal, your tongue is vibrating and tears are flowing from your eyes! Still you are taking pleasure in the taste of hot dish in your heart. Similarly, you weep in the scenario of suffering, but if you have the ability to enjoy your own weeping, you have accomplished the state of continuous enjoyment through home entertainment from the production by which you have achieved the state of God. Gita says that you ought to delight in even your death (eshaa brahmi sthitih …). The author of Gita displayed His own principle in His practical life. The very same sweet smile that appeared on the face of the Lord while dancing with the lovely Gopikas, stayed on the face of the Lord at the time of His dying breath likewise after shot by an arrow.

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