How to make deeper cuts without increasing the amount of pain

  • How can I make deeper cuts without increasing the amount of pain?

    There is Help

    Need Help? Contact a suicide hotline if you need someone to talk to. If you have a friend in need of help, please encourage that person to contact a suicide hotline as well.

    these answers are stupid. you do realize that telling us to stop, isn’t going to do anything right? we know it’s wrong and we know it could be life-threatening but the point is that we. do. not. care.

    edit: I found out how! so far I’ve only tried it on my leg by my knee, but here it is. bend your knee and cut like usual. it doesnt hurt any worse and you can easily reach the dermis and have a much deeper cut! stay safe

    Ok so I’m truly sorry to the person who wrote this question bc none of these answers r helping in the least bit. I’m just trying to find how to cut myself deeper too. Literally Ik ur trying to help by not giving a real answer and telling this person to stop cutting, but u have to understand that a random person on the internet is not going to stop us. Everyone needs to come to conclusion to stop themselves so just give this poor person (and me) an answer so we can cut so deep the problems go away. Amen. If I had the answer I would tell u man. Fuck all these hitches who don’t get it.

    Scrolling through this “answers” are meaningless. I am one that struggles with self-harm. For starters self-harming isn’t a sign of wanting to commit suicide. There’s actually a lot more people out there that self-harm as a sense of control and a way to feel a different type of pain other than emotional. A lot of people mix the two. Like many have said I’m not promoting self-harm. But telling people to “STOP” does not help. Oh my own experiences I find that pressing down and pulling really fast helps get you deeper. But you also have to be mindful of how deep your going. You don’t want to accidentally hit a vein. You can also think about it this way… more is less. Do more lighter cuts and I bet you it will ad up to less deeper cuts. Life is not easy and there’s going to be times where you just need to self-harm instead of feeling what’s going on inside. I’m always here to help and listen if anyone needs it. Be safe and remember you can get through whatever it is your going through.

    Sharpen the blade well. Use a thin blade if possible and with even pressure on the knife handle slide the knife well.

    Don’t forget to grip the bread with the other hand.

    Yeah, hopefully now you will be able to cut deeper with less pain.


    I’m really sorry you are going through this, I hope it helps to know that there are other like me, who can try to understand what you are going through. I know telling you to stop won’t help so:

    -Take a sharp blade (Love, please make sure it is clean)

    -Press the blade where you want the cut (You can numb with ice)

    -Press down quite hard

    -You can either move it slowly or faster (slowly tends to go deeper, but fast can still be deep)

    -If you feel the urge still you can go back over it (swipe fast)

    -Clean the wound.

    I truly wish things get better for you and everyone reading this.

    Andrea Xx

    try numbing the stop with ice or a numbing cream first, make sure your blade is sharp, and quickly swipe wherever your cutting but while you swipe push hard and it wont hurt at first but It will sting after is stop bleeding and such, ik you probs will regret the scars but if it makes you feel better until you can get help i understand 😐

    You cant, the deeper you cut the more your body freaks out and goes “WTF WERE BEING INVADED”

    (Bare with me, and please do read the whole comment before you ignore it. – TW self harm, breifly mentioned suicide attempts)

    I don’t have much to add compared to other answers. But I would like to say, if any of you need a vent I’m open to listen, no judgement, any platform you want. I know I can’t stop you from hurting yourself but sometimes having someone to tell about any reason for it can make the need/want calm down for a minute. I myself have self-harmed on and off for about 5 years now, I have tried to kill myself twice and i still struggle with intrusive thoughts but when I can just rant about something it helps, even If it doesn’t stop it.

    Either way I hope y’all are being careful out there, clean your blades, wash your cuts with salt water if they bleed for too long and keep an eye out for infections. I love yall, and even if you aren’t suicidal I am proud that you’ve lived as long as you have.

    Hold both sides of the cut open so youre sure to aim for the deepest part so far. The part of cutting that is addicting to me is the pain, so I press hard and just go slow. I imagine if you want less pain (maybe you like the blood and scarring over pain?) then you probably want to simply cut quicker.

    Just brace yourself & go quickly over and over the deepest part repeatedly. You might reach a point at which it gets tough to cut through, this is simply where the pain in unavoidable, so just stop or endure it. I cut my thighs (& dont go deep enough to slice a major vein/artery) but be careful if you cut a thinner part of skin on your body.

    I know the relief of cutting. Its a horrible coping mechanism / addiction, and ik people simply saying what could happen as a result or why you shouldnt do it does NOT help. Youre not alone, hope one day we can practice better coping mechanisms.

    There is no possible way unless you use something that can make a quick deep cut. Even so, it’s dangerous. And it will eventually sting. So no, you’re out of luck on that. I have a lady friend that goes through what you are going through. I know you’re not going to stop any times soon. Just be safe about your addiction okay?

    and please know that you are worth the affection people offer you. Don’t let that BS Nihilistic 80’s culture affect the fact that you are here today in a beautiful day full of possibilities.

    For those that keep patronising this person. Just save your breath. You aren’t the first and you won’t be the last. Just answer the damn question. Peace.

    Hey, I know this might not help, but I’m going through the same thing, with the same urges as you. Don’t listen to anybody who’s giving a serious answer, I know that sh might make you feel better, but it’s an unhealthy coping skill, it won’t make you feel better for very long, and you may eventuality become triggered by your own body. Once again, don’t listen to anybody putting serious answers, they’re promoting unhealthy coping skills. Please get in contact with the nearest source of help eg. School counselor, mental hospital, therapist. If you go to the mental hospital they might provide you with an 8 week therapy program when you leave, I’m not sure if this is the same from where you live, but where I went they recommended me CBT, and it’s very helpful. Sorry if I was rambling a bit, but I just feel the need to give you this information.

    can someone just tell me? I need to know how I know it’s wrong or whatever but I’m already in so whatever.

    it’s literally easier than you think but be prepared for a shocker because the first time cutting deep is a scary feeling. anyways, firstly your blade has to be sharp and thin so get a razor blade from online. do a cut like normal as deep as you can and keep going over the same cut again and again until it’s as deep as you want. your welcome ☠︎︎☠︎︎

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