How to find where your Favorites are stored in Windows 10

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    Microsoft Edge web browser continues to save individual Internet shortcuts for all web pages that are saved as Favorites, much similar to Internet Explorer (IE) browser.

    However, the Favorites folder location for Microsoft Edge browser has changed.

    In Edge, the Favorites folder is now located at UserProfileAppDataLocalPackagesMicrosoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbweACMicrosoftEdge

    1. You need to reboot for any updates
    2. Lack of privacy (especially Windows 10)
    3. Unstable (even though less than before)
    4. You need to install a bunch of tools that come pre-installed with Linux or UNIX
    5. Chatty notifications
    6. Crappy GUI
    7. Too many auto-starting applications and tasks
    8. Lack of backwards compatibility
    9. Tendency to make choices for you
    10. Uselessly complicated procedures for you to accomplish anything.

    It depends on what you mean by better. Is Windows 7 better on older hardware? Yes without a doubt. One thing I’ve noticed about Windows 10 is there are so many things going on in the background that it slaughters a regular spinning hard drive. I tell my customers that you cannot fully enjoy Windows 10 unless you have an SSD in your machine. Windows 7 on the other hand doesn’t tax the system as hard.

    Is Windows 7 better due to its simplicity? Yes…that’s probably why people liked it so much.

    Windows 10 on the other hand has had so many performance enhancements for things like SSDs, GPUs and newer hardware. It may have been rough around the edges when it first came out but it has been getting better over the years. It would be nice if they had a Windows 7 Classic theme and a way to easily disable the massive amount of processes running in the background…especially for older machines.

    There are things in Windows 10 that just work better…for example if you install a graphics card Windows 10 will automatically go out on the internet and find the driver automatically. These types of things save a lot of time…especially for IT Professionals.

    It kind of does, to the spirit of your question, but editorially, I think Windows 10 ruins Windows 10.

    I do like the idea of having software that is contained, self-updating, and fit-for-purpose— I’ve enjoyed this on Linux and on Android for years. Unfortunately, nothing from that app store appears to be fit-for-purpose.

    Firstly, as a personal, relational thing, the sense of desperation Microsoft has about thrusting this stupid Windows store in your face is embarrassing. The same way they try to throw IE/Edge at you, or Bing, or frickin’ Cortana— that’s already annoying, but to then deliver a laughable experience after forcing yourself on my attention is sad. It’s like a kid that says “Mom, watch me! Mom, watch me! Mom, watch me!” over and over, and then when you look, they just shit their pants.

    Great example: in the beginning, each Windows 10 update would “fix” my file associations back to Microsoft’s own crappy built-in apps (like Photos, which uses the same application framework as the Windows Store). So, what would happen when I’d double-click an image file? I’d get an announcement that Photos had crashed. Every. Time. Let alone the fact that I didn’t want to use it in the first place. And I have this experience with nearly every one of the apps.

    So, to the point of the Windows Store, I’ve only downloaded a small number of apps, and my first issue with them, right off the bat, is that the Windows Store version of something is, somehow, like the child’s version of it— it’s like they’re all designed for touch interfaces, even when they’re apps that would in no way benefit from one (and are a waste of space when I have a keyboard and mouse). I downloaded the Netflix app early on and was stunned to discover that not only was just using the Netflix website worlds better, the website wouldn’t just crash randomly.

    Since then (with the exception of Windows Mixed Reality, where you don’t have a choice), I do not use anything from the Windows Store, unless I really need it, and it’s the only place to install it from (like the Ubuntu WSL).

    Does it ruin Windows 10? Well, once I remove the icon from the taskbar, I’m able to forget about it, and then a dozen other things Microsoft does terribly show up— y’know, like if I try to search for something.

    I should disclose – I work at Microsoft, as a developer. It is a pain for me to follow all rules for collecting of personal data. Phone has your location, but we cannot use it to suggest commute unless we disclose that we use your location.

    If we collect our application usage (how many times you use a feature, for example) or if we send crash data, we need to strip all personal data. It is a pain. We have mandatory training for dealing with customer data.

    Finally Microsoft wants to make money (I am interested too, to get salary). The worst nightmare is to accidentally collect and then leak personal data, so we take it very seriously. For example, Windows 10 has a feedback tool where people can describe their problems. People sometimes put their name and e-mail addresses and, since we want to share this feedback with device manufacturers, we need to clear personal data from the feedback. This is a huge problem and there is a whole project dedicated to this, but finally they hired contractor to do it manually. It did cost a lot of money.

    The bottom line we use personal data (for example Exchange servers keep a lot of e-mails ), but take special efforts to protect it. For example, I work on project that automatically checks you into meetings. We have to take special extra steps to make sure your data is stored properly and that delays our project.

    Sorry for long answer, but the bottom line is that if my code leaks personal data and then people sue Microsoft, Microsoft loses money. That would not be fun for me.

    Read this very carefully if you are new to operating systems.

    1. Windows XP Professional is the best OS in the history ever, One can call it a legend of all operating systems because, Still 40 % of Microsoft users in the world are using XP… Example Corporates, Educational Institutions, Some Server Based Data stations and many more, Only because of its expandability and Stability. Most of the Tweaks and patches are buitly by third parties just like open source, that makes it most stable and no nonsense operating system ever. But this also a draw back as it is easily vulnarable to malwares and spywares.
    2. Windows 7 Ultimate is the Legend Killer, And it is built in with all the tools even most of the tools found in windows 7 are missing in Windows 10. Windows 7 is the Most stable OS till date. And holds 35% market share. Windows 7 is the best of both worlds comparitively (Xp and 10) . I am using it since 2012. With no complaint at all.
    3. Windows 10 Pro is the crapiest OS till date. There are two modes a) Desktop Mode and b) Windows App mode. New app layer that developed for windows mobile to run arm based applications were cloned to desktop OS. This operating system is certainly not for adults, It is just for kids, To play games, Watch Movies and Keep all night long for updates. There is no option to turn off the update. My laptop System Volume was ceasead due to 15 GB of uninstalled updates. And totally waste of my data and bandwidth. Even if you disable Update service from system config menu There are several back doors for downloading updates, when connected to internet. I got rid of Windows 10 in just one month and switched back to Windows 7. Believe me Windows 10 is my last and third suggestion, As the number suggest it is the third class Operating System, Since UEFI rolled in Microsoft made deal with Hardware manufactures to limit the Backward compability to promote Windows 10 sales. If you are getting Windows 10 forcefully without having option and drivers to other OS, then you are the most unluckiest PC owner ever.

    Edit 1. 29 August 2019

    I like to thank everyone one for appreciating my Frank and bold review on Windows 10. As all of you know it has been over one year I have written this answer and many people inboxed me and asked is there any changes or development in my answer regarding Windows 10 usage in this time? As there were several updates released by Microsoft for W10 in this time….

    So, It is true that there were regular updates for this product from Microsoft. But actual fact we have to look into is that, Are those updates really useful for your OS???

    Most of the update patches provided by Microsoft are for the purpose of

    1) Just to tighten it’s licenced usage,

    2) To collect more information on product and third party products usage.

    3) To develop more revenue from advertising.

    4) To bind customer with the product forcefully or make the OS prison for the User. (Due to unnecessary security updates, which will also bind your precious Data with the OS, If you are not careful enough.)

    5) To partially unintentionally spy on its users, Google does it, Yandex does it
    , why Microsoft have to stay behind, So they decided, let’s do it!!!

    And Microsoft itself confirmed that their new vision is not to provide just a perfect product, So they are providing Windows 10 as a Service, So we all know a perfect product can last a lifetime, But a perfect service for a life is a myth, So what Microsoft did is, It over run itself and destroyed it’s legacy.

    Coming to my usage review with new updates.

    I’m still dissatisfied and disappointed with Windows 10 Pro. Even with new updates.

    I am forcefully using this devil’s OS in my office PC since two years, And it made my life quite miserable with its faults or purpose-full defects by Microsoft.

    1) Semiannual channel updates really not helping, Once in a while the system drive will run on low memory, with or without installing updates. Even though I store all my data on D : Drive, That’s another story. I have to manually delete those stupid updates. Or else C: drive will cease.

    2) There are no changes in Graphics, Apart from Start button got added in W10 on many Users Demand when Users Trolled W8.1 for making a OS without Start Button. And some customisations were added with reduced functionality compared to W7 later in W10 updates. Windows 7 had a 3D Graphical User Interface. But I don’t know why W10 down graded their Graphics to Two Dimensional Look Like logos, Icons and Interface, It sucks and when I suddenly switch from my personal XP or Windows 7 to Office Windows 10 Pc. I feel like, I’m looking at a Cloned Linux Distro that tried to mimic Microsoft Windows but failed terribly. Microsoft lost its originality this is really harsh but this is the truth.

    3) The services and processes really suck in W10. When Internet Explorer deal with some unexpected Error instead of completely terminating process it will lock the process in background and closes application. If you open Internet Explorer you will get only unresponsive blank User Interface. We have to Sign off the system and must sign in again, In worst case restart is necessary.

    4) Printer and other hardware support has become very unfriendly. We get only blank pages as a print out, When print command is given in web browsers, Especially Chrome. It seems like Google and Microsoft not resolved their issues properly. Printer behaves irratically most of the time, when print it given from the inbuilt default Picture App. Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 7 was thousand times better than this crappy app. If you need more features we have to purchase Microsoft upgrade or latest Microsoft Crappy office suite, which is also cloud based and internet connection is a must for time to time basis.

    5) This is the only crappy OS that has Two control Panels, One is called “Settings” and works in Windows App Mode, Other is Executable App “Control Panel” works in Desktop Mode. Microsoft provided same options in both modes, but they used two parallel apps to bypass user settings. Yes, Microsoft has become very cunning!!!

    6) Bitlocker Drive encryption is turned on by W10 from the beginning, So you can not backup the OS using thirdparty Backup Softwares, First you have to disable, Encryption which will take very long hours depending on your HDD size.

    7) Microsoft Edge browser is pretty much Useless why even they added it in W10. We can use Chrome or Firefox instead of that which has very rich features and highly customisable. Internet Explorer 8 onwards all the higher versions became pretty much Junky, And Active X feature Doesn’t even work like it used work in IE 8. All leading industry application and educational Institutions use Active X, And that is why they prefer Windows XP, Windows 7. Not crappy Windows 8.1 ++ or Windows 10.

    8) Most of the direct tools which found in Windows 7 is removed in W10, Like A) Windows Experience Index. B) Windows Aero, And some direct settings in Control Panel. And instead of that Microsoft added so much spying bloatwares in OS.

    9) And they are happy to spy on you and collect your data anonymously to develop their Crappy Operating System to Next Sh*ty level. They even make you accept their Licence agreement so extensively that, You must know, If Microsoft decides you could live in their mercy. Very terrifying statement but it is true.

    So conclusion : Windows 10 Pro, is still crappy third class OS, But got little worse in the period of more or less a year.

    Also read my answer, To more detailed usage review of Windows 10 and and it’s faults.

    Gundu Swami’s answer to What is bad about Windows 10?

    And definitely don’t miss my answer on relationship science. Married people and couples must read it. (Not for those who are under 18.)

    Gundu Swami’s answer to Why do highly successful women usually have failed marriages?

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    10 things all bosses need to do.

    Bosses should find out what is needed to bring out the best in their employees.

    Getting Windows 10 users out there is more important to Microsoft now than the upgrade revenue. Central to Microsoft’s strategy of getting phone / tablet apps is to have as large a base of Windows capable of running universal apps as possible. So they are giving updates of Windows 10 available for free to create as many Windows 10 users as they can.

    In addition, Microsoft wants people to like Windows again. They recognize Windows 8 was not well liked and believe people will like Windows 10 much better.

    One theory is that the number nine is considered unlucky in Japan and since Microsoft has such a large presence in Japan, they skipped version 9. Another theory (which makes a lot more sense to me) is that because Microsoft already had Windows ’95 and ‘98, a lot of code had something like this, which was posted by someone claiming to be a Microsoft developer:

    EDIT: For those commenting about Apple’s decision to skip the number nine as well, the reasoning was because 2017 marked the tenth year anniversary of the iPhone.

    In S mode you can only download and install programs from the Microsoft Store. In Home you can install from anywhere (or restrictions that you choose).

    You may switch out of Windows 10 S Mode if you choose but you cannot switch back. The only way to get that machine back in S Mode is to reset entirely from a local source.

    It’s an utter pain if a customer needs remote help because we have to talk them through switching out of S Mode so we can remote in. If the customer is a bit dim this can take longer than the actual job. I really don’t know why Microsoft bothered with this; a better solution would have been to use the download apps function which is there anyway.

    My advice? If you don’t want to do anything other than use Office and browse with Edge, leave it on. If you do want to do a bit more, switch it off. But in switching it off you run the risk of hooky software.

    I have kept Windows10 in a virtual machine, for 2 months, legally obtained as technical preview.

    Here what I like of it:

    • It’s friendly!

      it’s the first OS which tells me to relax.

    • Wonderful desktop wallpapers graphics and colors. This was my welcoming screen. And universal search bar(pc resources + internet)!

    • Lateral contestual side panels. This is really handy!
    • you can opt out and have privacy :’) (Just like Ubuntu, but on Ubuntu is easier)

    And, well, for the remaining parts is kind like of stable like Windows7, but with same look and feel of Windows8.1 .

    Things I didn’t like (short list of 10):

    • 10 pages of contract with all privacy opted out by default
    • you can trust Microsoft. Let Microsoft help you
    • All is square. Real men like curves.
    • still closed source. I don’t feel the need to remind why the OS must be open source.
    • Edge? another browser to care about when doing web development?(phew it uses WebKit)(but not completely compliant grr).
    • You can’t use your PC without registering to Microsoft(maybe this was brought back, I hope)(now there is a local account).
    • Cortana is a ball. Nothing against the balls, but the ads were showing a sexy digital woman, not a bicolor ball. Not dealbreaking, but…(still an annoying ball like Clippy)
    • Big use of background data. Let’s use these quadcore beasts! Why? you need to fetch the latest news of soccer, bank indexes and politics.

      It’s refreshing to open your pc and learn of the latest about international crysis.(now you can set a limit of data usage)(news can be opted out)
    • Still no sudo apt-get update. New programs, rebranded as Universal Windows Platform Apps are updated like in Android. Ok, Chocolatey – The package manager for Windows exist, but it should be more popular.(Ubuntu shell is a welcome additional feature, but it is crippled compared to the full Ubuntu shell)
    • still no plug and play drivers. Linux- you plug in a mouse and it works, even if the computer never ever saw it before. Windows- pause. Hey I found a device. Oh here a driver, I’m gonna install it for you <3. Here you go!( No progress after a year)

    Seriously I can’t grasp why software and features which are free and mainstream on Linux are still missing on Windows, or only in premium licenses.

    For example remote desktop, disk encryption, FTP file manager, all languages in the world, enterprise network management.( Now there are more utilities included by default)

    At least this version acknowledges that is not perfect and

    Just kidding that didn’t happened in two months of everyday use. Ok maybe just that time I asked it to instantiate a JVM with 8Gb stack with only 2Gb free, but a normal user should be fine.

    HAL_INITIALIZATION, for curiosity sake stands for Hardware Abstraction Layer,
    obvious! That will happen when somehow a driver crashes on wake up.

    Final conclusion:

    Use it only if you need it. Or threatened if you don’t.

    Update 7–2018

    I now use a Windows 10 computer at work, and most of the review remains valid.

    My advice is still to opt out all the out optable like news, ads, reports. Gaming ads at work are the most cringey. Why in Windows 10 Pro you would want to install Candy Crush?

    It will likely ship with a trial antivirus. That is utter garbage and it will try the worst to scare you into paying for “protection”. Reactivate Windows Defender and updates, they are the only effective security. Or maybe use Avast if you don’t know the difference between HTTP and HTTPS and think peypal .com and paypal .com are the same website.

    Deactivate and uninstall all the preinstalled “game hubs”.

    Customize start menu and boot time services.

    Install Chrome or Firefox. Libreoffice maybe, else the windows office stubs get really annoying.

    And then it is a good OS to use.

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