How to cash a check that is not in my name

  • How can I cash a check that is not in my name?

    How to Cash a third party check

    You can encash only if it is a bearer cheque. Otherwise it will be considered as a conversion and duty of the collecting banker to credit the same to the account of the true owner or the paying banker to pay it to the right person will be there otherwise they are also liable along with you.

    If you deposit the check into your account either by mail or via on-line banking, with some sort of endorsement, the odds are very good that it will clear, since banks do not check signatures. Doing this, however, is fraud, since you are knowingly taking something that does not belong to you. Eventually the person/organization who/that issued the check will discover that it was not deposited by the intended person, and it will be tracked to you and the local police and/or FBI will talk with you.

    Try and then try again.

    I have used US Bank for years – I have cashed checks both in my (now) husband’s name, my exboyfriend’s name (bf at the time), and my son’s name (different last name). Each time I had the person endorse (sign) the back of the check. They all cleared with no problem. I deposited all of them through the ATM

    I did have an issue once with US bank – I deposited a check for about $15 in my maiden name after I got married. I had been a customer for years with them in my maiden name. When I got married and changed my last name they took a copy of my marriage licence. But for whatever reason the ATM/bank denied my check and sent me a legal copy I could re-deposit. I had to go into the bank and actually deposit with a teller – annoying but it was not a problem then.

    Another strange instance was at Bank Of America. After re-financing our house, I got a check for about $2500 issued to both me and my husbands name. He signed the back of the check, as did I. The teller would not deposit it into my account. Needless to say, I closed my accounts there and drove 2 blocks away to US Bank who had no issues depositing the check.

    First of all, you most likely will have to cash it at YOUR bank as no other bank will trust you – and they can charge back your account if the check is bogus.

    That said, the person to whom the check is made payable to simply turns the check over as if he/she were about to sign it for deposit. Then, instead of simply signing it, they write “payable to Your Name” and then sign it.

    When you get to your bank, you then sign it as if it were a check made payable to you, which it now is.

    In the U.S., the payee can sign the check and endorse it to you. Then you can take it to your bank and they should cash it for you, provided you have enough money in your account to cover the check until it clears.

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    You can deposit a check with person X as the payee if person X has signed the back. Cashing the check is a different matter. It would be risky for anyone to give you cash for that piece of paper. Perhaps a friend with a bank account may give you cash for it or perhaps the bank it is written on would cash it. This is why you need a bank account. “Cash” is a good noun but a problematic verb.

    You need the payee of the check to endorse the check to you. Most banks don’t like to cash checks like this because they have no way of verifying the signature of the payee. You can try a check cashing service, but you will likely have the same problem. Your best bet is to take the check (after endorsement) to the bank that it is drawn on. They should be able to verify the signature but it may not be immediate.

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    Have the payee endorse the check to you: “Pay to the order of (your name). The bank the check is drawn on must honor the check is funds are in the account sufficient to cover the check. There may be a delay while they verify the check and endorsement are valid.

    If you have sufficient funds in your own account, your own bank should call it, putting a hold on your account for the funds disbursed until the check clears. Alternately, they should accept the check as a “collection item.” In that case, you don’t get the funds credited to your account until the check clears.

    Most bank will tell you to deposit Inyo your account and write a check from your account if you have funds available if not you have to wait until it clears in your account than withdraw the funds

    You cannot. It is up to the payee to process it.

    The person to whom the check is written to needs to sign it on the back and put pay to the order ofyour name. Then you sign is as well ,putntour account number etc and deposit the check. If you try to cash a 3rd party check you’ll have to go to high risk check cashing joint and pay a large percentage, IF they do it at all.

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