How could I copy my GitHub profile URL?

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    Hey there it’s actually basic!

    I am listing the steps,

    1. open your github account.

    2. click the triangular icon which is at top rightmost corner (dropdown menu).

    3. click on the option ‘your profile’.

    3. A brand-new websites will open showing your profile photo and repositories list.

    4. copy the url from the top of the page and you are done.share tis url anywhere you wish to.


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    Step 1: Go to “”

    Action 2: Login to your account

    Step 3: Click the circle containing your profile image and copy the url.

    You will be directed to a page containing a summary of your repositories. Copy the URL of that page.


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    Yes, you can add it as a custom-made site under contact details.

    Go to your profile on LinkedIn > > Contact Details > > Websites > > Choose website type “Other”, and type in the next textbot “GitHub”. Enter your GitHub profile URL in the URL box. Save.


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    Should I hire remote software developers from

    It is so difficult to work with strong engineers for my company in San Francisco.

    I was dealing with the very same problem – I wished to share individual git projects without making them public – just to reveal potential companies during the interview procedure.

    The solution I discovered that worked best was to develop a new user in GitLab which was allowed to these private jobs. I just offer the qualifications of this user out, and they can browse around as they please.


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    1. LinkedIn Profile Link

    You can discuss your connected profile or any personnal URL with the standard contact information in the resume.


    Your Name

    Your Address

    Your City, State, Postal Code

    Your Contact Number

    Your Email Address

    LinkedIn (or Individual Site) URL

    2. Github link

    You can provide the complete github URL of your task with the project information, do not offer only the URL of your profile.


    Project Call:

    The project code can be accessed here: …

    3. SPOJ/Coding Contest/Stack Overflow:

    If you feel you have a really rank on any of the site, you can just point out in the Awards and Acheivement section in your resume like:

    e.g. I am ranked xx worldwide in issue resolving at SPOJ.

    Yes. It does. It is not very hard to discover whether you have actually copied your code from somewhere or not.

    Think About, this.

    Some plagiarism checkers can also spot if you have altered variable names or for and while loops.

    Nevertheless, this is not plagiarism.

    They are discovering resemblance in your program.

    Whether you have plagiarised or not, it depends upon your professor.

    You likewise know if you have actually done something morally incorrect or not.

    Moss can assist you find similarity in your code


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    Immediately examine your GitHub repo.

    With just a few clicks you’re up and running, right where your code lives. Start your complimentary trial today!

    Thanks for the A2A, @ Thattepally Greeshma!

    A GitHub profile is similar to any other social media profile, like a Facebook or Twitter profile, other than for the truth that it’s for GitHub. It’s also very programming-centric and helps promote visibility of your GitHub-hosted tasks.

    It’s likewise like a Google or Microsoft account in the sense that it gets you complimentary, (almost) unlimited cloud storage for your public code.

    Lastly, a GitHub account can likewise be used for proxy sign-ins to programmer-centric services like Slack.

    It’s free and really simple to make one, so if you have actually got any interest in programs, get to Construct software much better, together and make your own!

    In a terminal/console, move into the task folder and type:

    cat.git/ config

    Now take a look at the [remote …] section, there’s an “url “entry which contains the URL of the repository.

    On windows utilize “type” rather of “cat”.


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    I had a possibility to work with a couple of really knowledgeable recruiters, they informed me that they typically attempt to search for GitHub as it says a lot about the prospect.

    For instance:

    • Personal job
    • How knowledgeable with Git
    • What language or location the designer interested in

    Obviously, they can see only the public repositories so it is just worth if you are active there as well.

    If this concern turned up due to the fact that you are terrified what the hiring manager or the recruiter thinks about you from GitHub, you can inspect some code examining sites (for instance CodersRank), which help you to see your profile as recruiters do.

    After that, you can truly decide if you wish to present it in your resume or not.

    1. Sign Up, pick a username.
    2. New Repository, entitled << your_chosen_username> > [dot] github [dot] io
    3. Edit thy README[dot] md, goto settings >> > > Pages >> > > Publish “[email protected]
    4. Hooray! Share it below!


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    When you open Github site in your web browser you can just copy the URL. Your username on the platform can likewise be used to link to your profile for people searching for your source code.


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