Has anybody had an encounter with a ghost in reality?

  • This is a genuine incident that took place some 41 years back. I had to do with 17 years of ages at that time. It was a small town with a population of less than 10,000 individuals. We used to play hide and seek throughout night time. We might hide anywhere in the town, which had to do with 1 km long.

    One specific night, one kid from our team did not join us. We went to his home to enquire. He seemed rather scared, yet he featured us. He informed us that simply half an hour back he had actually spotted a ghost! It so took place that he was returning from the district headquarter by a public transportation bus. Being the last bus, supposed to show up in our town at about 8: 30 PM, there were only 4-5 passengers in the bus. When the bus was almost a kilometre away from the town, it had to stop as the narrow road was obstructed due to a bullock cart having actually overturned on the road. This was an age when there was hardly any traffic on the roads. I’m broaching1977 In the whole town, there were not more than 5-6 scooters and not even a single vehicle (even Maruti was yet to start its production in India). Most of the people were used to bicycles for short to medium ranges. As there was no other way the bus could move on due to the blocked roadway for next a couple of hours, all the guests got down and started walking towards the town which was only about a kilometre away. Simply near the place where the bus had stopped, there was a cremation ground. It was near this cremation ground that this boy apparently saw a ghost, whose bones were shining, without any flesh or body and no clothing on. This young boy got so frightened that he right away ran away from there and stopped only when he got here in his house.

    I had actually ended up being an atheist at the age of 13 years and had gradually established clinical personality. So, I did not think in ghosts or any other supernatural powers. After listening to the story, I challenged him stating that there are no ghosts in the real life, and that he might have seen something else, or there might have been some illusion. Nevertheless, other kids in the group also supported him. I tried offering example of our chemistry instructor narrating as to how when you apply phosphorus on black cloth, it would shine while the black fabric would not be visible throughout night time, which it was possible to use phosphorus on the black cloth so as to make it resemble bones of a ghost. However, other young boys did not concur with me and challenged me to enter the cremation ground myself and prove that there were no ghosts.

    I accepted the obstacle. Since no other young boys were ready to come with me to or inside the cremation ground, so how do we verify as to whether I had in fact gone inside the cremation ground?

    So, we made a plan. It was decided that I would have to go to the cremation ground past midnight on a day when there is a death in the town. It was thought that when a dead body is set on fire in the cremation ground, for 2-3 days, the person who died roams around that location as a ghost. Therefore, there were more chances of there being ghosts on that day. It was additional decided that in the evening a note pad would be kept in the cremation ground, including signatures of all the kids in the team, and I needed to restore that notebook after going to the cremation ground past midnight. This was simply to verify my see so that I could not bluff. Further, an old shirt would be offered to me which I had to keep near the burnt dead body in the cremation ground at the time of my visit. This was to twice as validate my check out.

    A day came soon within a fortnight, when there was a regrettable death in the town. The dead body was set on fire in the cremation ground. At about 6 PM, all our staff member went there and hid a notebook with signatures of all young boys practically in the middle of the cremation ground. All of us returned. At that time, the half charred dead body was ignored because typically people return after a long time after cremating the dead body. Being a town, there was no attendant in the cremation ground. It was in the open field, about 1 km from the town and about 100 m off the road.

    As planned, all our employee put together in the town and played our typical hide and look for game during the night time. Past midnight, they accompanied me till completion of the town. Being scared, also because they completely thought in ghosts, they did not wish to accompany me any even more. This was my obstacle now.

    So, I began strolling alone towards the cremation ground which was about a kilometre away. I had a small torch in my hand and likewise a stick (to look after snakes or any other emergency), and also the old t-shirt handed over to me by among the boys which was to be kept by me near the scorched dead body in the cremation ground.

    It took me almost 10 minutes to reach the cremation ground. As I discussed above, it remained in the open field without any limit walls. It was practically fully dark. I had complete confidence that there might be no ghosts. Nevertheless, there might be other risks such as of snakes or animals. There was a theoretical possibility that my buddies might stage some drama to frighten me (like utilizing phosphorus on some black fabric); nevertheless, I completely thought that none of my pals had the courage to go near the cremation ground in the evening time. Yet, there was a possibility of they having hidden something throughout daytime to scare me. I took careful actions while entering the cremation ground.

    And, there I was! In the middle of the cremation ground!! No ghosts were to be found there!!! And, there was a deafening silence.

    With the assistance of the torch, I might locate the notebook that was hidden by us during the daytime.

    Afterwards, I walked towards the charred dead body, which was just about 15-20 m far from there. I waited there for 2-3 minutes. I kept the old t-shirt about 6-7 feet away from the charred dead body. The dead body had actually been totally burnt by then. Yet, there was a little fire and some smoke coming out of that place. I stood there for about 2-3 more minutes, though with complete care. And, then, I turned around. No ghosts yet!!!

    The return journey took me comparatively less time. My buddies were shocked when they saw me coming back. Possibly, they did not anticipate me to come back alive or in one piece. Morning, next day, they got the confirmation by discovering the old t-shirt at the designated location.

    Yet, they were not persuaded! Some of them felt that the ghost might have gone elsewhere due to which I could not see it!!

    A couple of years after this incident, I had actually accepted another difficulty. Of remaining in a deserted house said to be infested by ghosts. For 36 hours. Two nights and one day. Alone. I did that successfully.

    But, people would still not believe that there were no ghosts. Even though I won the challenge as per their own terms.

    Perhaps, wherever I went, the ghosts ran away!!!

    Afterwards, I have had lots of celebrations where I might have dealt with a ghost, if one existed. Due to my service in IPS, I had the (regrettable) occasion to see more than a thousand dead bodies, of individuals dying in violent or unnatural manner. For instance, in 1993, I saw 55 dead bodies, completely charred, in one go when an Indian Airlines aircraft crashed near Aurangabad where I was the SP. As I remained in the neighboring area at the time of the mishap, I was one of the very first 4-5 persons who reached the spot (in a farming field off the roadway) with burning aircraft and with burning bodies inside it, while a few of the enduring passengers were nearby who had jumped out of it (there were 63 surviving passengers).

    I have actually moved in jungles at night time in naxalite areas, where you can hear the sound of a pin falling on the ground. Have actually seen so many violent situations.

    It is normally believed that a ghost is created when a person passes away of an unnatural or violent death (unlike a normal death). Yet, I never ever saw a ghost, in spite of having seen more than a thousand dead bodies after abnormal or violent deaths. Why?

    Buddies, ghosts are just for those, who think in them. I don’t believe in them, therefore they never ever come near me.

    Do you get the message? There are no ghosts in reality. Ghosts are just in your own mind. If you think in ghosts, they are there to scare you. If you don’t think in them, they are merely not there.

    Ghosts are simply non-existent. By way of illusion, by way of hallucination, they are produced by us in our own imagination.

    It’s something like this– if a hundred persons inform the very same lie, it ends up being fact, or rather it seems fact, even if it is not.

    Let me give an example that I have myself experienced often times.

    During my childhood, my daddy frequently utilized to tell an experience (or, rather, a story, I ought to state in hindsight). During his young days (in western Punjab, now in Pakistan), when Ramlila was performed for 10 days before Dussehra, the individual carrying out the function of Hanuman was gone to by the spirit of Hanuman, and he utilized to get the same powers of Hanuman. He would cross a 100- meter pond of water in one jump, like Hanuman! I heard it a lot of times throughout my childhood that this scene completely got settled in my brain. Etched in memory at a prime location in the brain. Subsequently, despite the fact that I ended up being an atheist and developed 100%scientific character, this fictional scene never disappeared from my brain. The fact that I had myself played the function of Ram in Ramlila during my youth for 3 years, perhaps strengthened this imagination. So, how would it impact me? Often times, while sleeping, I would dream that I have likewise got power like Hanuman, which I was representing India in Olympics and set brand-new world records in long jump, by leaping over 100 meters!!!

    When everybody believes in something, you likewise start thinking, generally speaking. A lie told 100 times, acts like a fact. Particular things informed to us repeatedly, particularly during our childhood, take such deep roots at prime locations in our brain that it is not possible to remove them from there so quickly. Ghosts are something comparable. They are in our brains, not in real life.

    So, my apologies if I have dissatisfied you by negating the existence of ghosts. There are no ghosts in reality!!!

    [P.S.: I have removed the additional paragraphs that I wrote about scientific explanation of life and consciousness, and thereby negating existence of ghosts, as I found those contents to be making this answer unnecessarily lengthy. Will include those paragraphs in some other appropriate answer someday.]

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