Faces, names revealed of those arrested over fatal CBD stabbing

We name those arrested over the knife fight that left a young man dead on North Tce – as several alleged gang members are released on bail.

More photos of men arrested and charged over the fatal North Tce stabbing of Victorian man Ngor Bol, 25, have emerged.

Mr Bol was killed in a knife fight between two alleged street gangs in the early hours on Monday morning.

A youth charged over the alleged murder – linked to Operation Meld – refused to come to court on Tuesday, instead pulling a quilt over his head and rolling over in his cell.

And SA Police allege violent members of a “street gang” with African heritage flew to Adelaide from Melbourne and Sydney just days before the fatal “stabbing and stomping” in the early hours of Monday.

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The boy, 17, from Victoria, was due to face the Youth Court on Tuesday.

His identity is automatically suppressed by law.

He allegedly murdered a Victorian man, 25, who was stabbed multiple times in the chest during a fight from Sia Furler Lane to North Tce.

He is further charged with aggravated affray and travelling under a false name.

However, when his case was called on, a remand centre staffer said the youth would not attend.

“We’ve tried to get him up but he’s pulled the quilt over his head, rolled over and will not move,” the staffer said.

“He’s covered his head, he’s refusing to come in.”

The youth was one of 17 people arrested and charged over the incident.

Several alleged gang members were released on bail after they were charged in connection with Monday night’s fatal CBD stabbing.

Outside court, Major Crime Investigation Branch Detective Superintendent Des Bray said police would allege the incident was linked to two feuding gangs, 051 and KBS.

He said police would allege the victim was chased down and murdered as a result of an escalation of violence between the gangs.

He said police would allege the deceased was “chased down by three males and stabbed and stomped”.

“We know the identity of two of those males, one of them is in custody and has been charged with murder,” he said. “Investigations are continuing in regards to one, who we don’t know his identity.”

He said police would allege “two people were actively involved in the murder while a third person stood back and watched”.

Superintendent Bray said police had yet to confirm the identity of the person who stomped and kicked the victim, who has been revealed as Ngor Bol, 25.

He said that on Friday evening, six African males arrived on two separate flights – from Sydney and Melbourne – and were picked up and taken to unknown locations.

On Saturday, the alleged murderer, with other alleged gang members from Adelaide, walked into the Mantra hotel.

Superintendent Bray said police would allege that at 2am on Monday, two groups of up to 20 people gathered in Sia Furler Lane for “what can best be described as a knife fight”.

At 2.08am, the victim ran from the lane and was stabbed and beaten on North Tce by three males. Superintendent Bray said the victim had spent time in South Australia and Victoria and has family in both states.

“Interstate has (its) own problems and we have ours, but occasionally we do see this cross-pollination,” he said.

Superintendent Bray said members of the Operation Meld Taskforce would be closely monitoring the groups for any signs of retribution.

“In the short term, there was a very, very significant response in terms of Operation Meld and in terms of the task force that we’re forming to investigate this,” he said. Superintendent Bray called on the African community to support police in their efforts to stem the violence.

“It’s important that everybody remembers that (the individuals charged), on this occasion, happened to be African … but (they) are not truly representative of the African community,” he said.

“A lot of the victims arising from their (alleged) violence are people within the African community, so I encourage people who have information to contact police.”

On Monday, 13 men were arrested and two cars seized by STAR Group officers.

They ranged in age from 18 to 25, and are from either Adelaide’s north and western suburbs or Victoria.

They were charged with offences including assault and weapons-related crimes.

A further four males – including the boy charged with murder – were arrested at Adelaide Airport while they were allegedly attempting to flee to Victoria. The other three males, aged 21, 18 and 16, were charged with offences including aggravated affray.

In the Youth Court on Tuesday, police prosecutors asked the media be excluded from the alleged murder case.

They said the “extremely complex” investigation was in its “very infant stages”.

“Investigators are seeking crucial evidence from a large number of members of the public,” the said.

“To relay any information, even information that may seem innocuous, could potentially jeopardise or influence the available evidence.”

The Advertiser opposed the application, citing the need for open and transparent conduct of court matters that were in the public interest.

The court agreed and refused to exclude the media – prompting police to ask the case be adjourned.

They said the matter would be handed to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, which would seek “targeted suppression orders” about the case.

The youth was remanded in custody until next month.

Earlier, Adelaide Magistrates Court heard that Banok Banok, 22, was allegedly caught after the brawl with two balaclavas near an extendible baton.

Prosecutors said he had previously been released on bail for another, earlier alleged aggravated affray which led to another man being charged with attempted murder.

They said a condition of Mr Banok’s bail was that he would obey a curfew between 10pm and 6am.

However, he was arrested outside the Quest Hotel just before 6am following the fatal stabbing.

Mr Banok was remanded in custody pending a home detention bail report.

Prosecutors alleged another accused – Jur Jur, 25, of Lightsview – had been driving a vehicle known, to police, to be used by 051 members to commit robberies.

They said Mr Jur had more than $3000 in his pockets and a further $3500 was found in the centre console of the car.

Under the driver and passenger seats were large knives, they said, while a machete was found in the boot of the car.

The court heard police already responding to the fatal stabbing had received reports of people trying to break into cars on a nearby street.

There they spotted the car and pulled it over.

Mr Jur’s lawyer said her client had permission to use the car but did not own it.

She said he would contest charges of possessing an offensive weapon and illegally obtained cash.

Mr Jur was released on bail to face court again in June.

Also in court on Tuesday was a man charged with stabbing a teenage boy on April 19 and leaving him lying in a pool of blood – also linked to Operation Meld.

Steven Hadham Noon, 22, from Paralowie, was charged with causing harm over the stabbing of a teenage boy in Salisbury on April 19.

Mr Noon appeared in custody from the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Stacey Carter, for Mr Noon, said her client had his arm broken during his arrest by police and had required emergency surgery.

A police prosecutor said Mr Noon was alleged to have been one of three men who had entered a block of units on Wright St in Salisbury.

Later on April 19, police found a teenage boy “in a pool of blood” with a stab wound to his upper leg.

The victim was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital for treatment.

Ms Carter said her client was alleged to have only been a passenger in the car because his arm was already in a sling following an earlier break.

She said the victim was refusing to give a statement to police and said the prosecution case was “foredoomed to fail”.

Ms Carter said while security footage showed the three men entering and leaving the complex it did not show the stabbing or who had already been inside the housing unit.

Ms Sutcliffe granted Mr Noon bail to appear in court next month.

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