Even though I was terrified, I orgasmed twice during my rape …

  • Absolutely not! Your body was responding to sexual stimulation, the reason for orgasm. You didn’t consent to anything. The man’s penis was sexually satisfying you down there. You could have had the most beautiful and intense orgasm in the world, but you were still being raped.

    No. Orgasm during rape is an uncomfortable truth that people feel uneasy talking about, but it does happen. Your body is being physically stimulated, whether it wanted to be or not, and it may respond as it’s designed to do.

    If you hate being tickled but you still shriek with laughter when someone does it to you against your will, that does not mean you invited the tickling, or even actually enjoyed it despite laughing. Same goes for non-consensual sex.

    Here is what one rape crisis centre has to say about the matter:

    “The occurrence of sexual arousal during rape is completely normal and victims should never feel ashamed of their body’s automatic responses because those can’t be controlled.”

    Taken from here:

    The caged bird sings | Sexual Assault and Sexual Arousal

    I once answered another question here that touched on orgasm during rape, and was roundly castigated in the comments by an irate lady who indignantly claimed that “only a man” could suggest that orgasm in rape was possible. It is, however, a well-documented phenomenon, and if it happens it often leads to unwarranted feelings of guilt and shame.

    It doesn’t mean you consented, but it does make it fucking HOT.

    Absolutely not. It’s not like you can choose whether or not your body reacts to such things any more than you can choose whether or not to get pregnant. The last time I had a consensual sexual encounter, my body didn’t react nearly as much as I wanted to. Unfortunately, with your rape, yours reacted much more than you wanted it to. Consent is a matter of your will, your agency, which in rape is being unethically and cruelly violated – not uncontrollable physical reactions.

    Not necessarily, no. But it happened with my wife. One guy even tried to fist into her vagina, caused a tear inside. She was in insane pain, but she felt unusually arousing at the same time. Its all physical I believe. Mentally my wife was broken at that time. Her gyno doc (who was a male) needed to see inside few times coz of the injury and he opened her up every time and he took longer time to review her pussy every time – my wife felt mentally very disgusted, but physically very very arousing. She let him do PR exam few times, and funny thing is it was completely unnecessary. But she couldn`t resist. So yes, it can happened. And it`s all physical.

    No it does not! The “orgasm” act of releasing seman is often used on victims of male rape by the perpetrator as an indication that what happened to the victim was not rape: ie “look, you came, (there’s the evidence you enjoyed it), so you weren’t raped. This caused confusion and guilt in the male victim often preventing them from reporting the rape. This also caused them to question their sexuality eg. I thought I was heterosexual yet orgasmed from being anally penetrated which they found embarrassing.

    Orgasm is the bodies involuntary response to a particular type of stimulation. Tie a person up, blindfold them and apply stimulation with no indication of who is doing the stimulating what is happening if done in the right way will “feel” good irrelevant of the gender of the person doing the stimulating.

    No it doesn’t mean that. Your sexual response doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not you consented, and it also doesn’t have much to do with whether or not you were hurt. You did nothing wrong and your rapist belongs behind bars.

    The common wisdom is to talk about your body reacting to “physical stimulation”, but I don’t think that’s the entire story. I feel that if you write it off like that you might still be weirded out by your strong sexual response. It’s perfectly possible to have a strong sexual response to a rape scenario, not just physically but also psychologically.

    However, none of that has anything to do with consent. To be able to trust other people, it is crucial that we feel like they will respect our limits, and that we can feel in control over what happens to our own body. Your rape undermined that trust, and will make it harder for you to be vulnerable with others. Whether you got off or not, this is real damage that was inflicted on you that will be hard to repair.

    No, there was no consent, and yes it was rape.

    No, that was just your body doing what it is supposed to do. For example, just because you laugh when you get tickled doesn’t mean you enjoy it. It’s just what your body does.

    Orgasm is a natural thing, it can be purely biological. Your body only responded to an external stimulation. Forced or not your body will respond, just like being tickeled no matter what you will laugh when tickeled

    The body can only react positively with the mind on board. In other words, you unconsciously consented to the rape.

    Taking into account that most women are unable to climax due to penile penetration, alone. Therefore, one may suggest that the involuntary, positive response to being sexually dominated by the assailant, triggered the orgasm, in your case.

    Rape victims tend to be more humiliated by allowing a stranger to control them, rather than the rape itself.

    In other words, the fact of the rape doesn’t bother them, as does not have an opportunity for formal consent. That does not take away from the fact the victim, in the depth of their subconscious can enjoy the idea of being forcefully taken against their will, and involuntarily enjoy the experience.

    To clarify, you’re asking about a physiological reaction that may happen to the victim during rape, correct?

    If I’ve deciphered your question correctly, physiological reactions are automatic and cannot be controlled even if a person tries. If a male has an erection or an erection and orgasm OR if a female experiences lubrication of the vaginal canal and / or has an orgasm – their physical responses do not mean that they found the rape enjoyable. It also, does not mean that they changed their mind and gave consent after the rape began.

    Think about it like this:

    Imagine someone being tickled against their will and without consent. The tickling produces laughter regardless of whether the person is enjoying or despising the tickling. They don’t want to be tickled and are yelling for the abuser to stop, but they’re still laughing. The laughter is a physiological response. The laughter doesn’t mean the person likes what is happening and it doesn’t mean that the person is giving permission to be tickled. They, literally, have no control over whether they laugh or not.

    Physiological responses are automatic uncontrollable reactions that cause a physical response.

    In case I didn’t interpret your question correctly and you were asking what happens if a person is sexually aroused and then raped – it has no bearing. Sexual arousal during consensual sex involves the mind and body being open to the experience.

    Don’t conflate a physiological response, like orgasm, to being sexually aroused. While one is a component of the other, if the mind and body are not in agreement then anything the body does is only physical.

    You’re calling it rape but then ask if you, yourself, consented? You answered your own question, plus orgasms are natural to the body

    No, it’s a biological reaction, when any male enters the room after a female begins puberty even there brother, dad, or creapy Jo blow from around the corner your nipples harden it’s a involentery reaction, it doesn’t mean you want sex then and there.

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