Did Reagan close all the mental hospitals in the 1980’s when he …

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    Reagan was Governor of California in the 70s because he won the 1980 Presidential election and was inaugurated in Jan 1981.

    He closed California’s mental hospitals, at least most of them. The State Hospital had to be kept open as part of the Dept. of Corrections. He had funding for others in the country cut while he was President, until the vast majority shut down in favor of outpatient clinics. What left us with is a bunch of homeless people with mental illnesses, many of whom are trying to self medicate.

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    Ronald Reagan was governor of California from 1967 to 1975. He was not governor of California in the 1980s, he was President of the United States for most of the 1980s (from January 20, 1981 to January 20, 1989).

    When Reagan was governor of California, he signed a bill that outlawed involuntary commitment to a mental hospital (unless it could be shown the patients were a danger to themselves or others). In 1963, congress passed and JFK signed the Community Mental Health Act, which required a commission to make recommendations on combating mental illness. Ultimately, it was decided that the mentally ill would be treated in community health clinics and live in public housing.

    Bear in mind that during the mid 1960s, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was released, and showed mental hospitals in a very negative light.

    When REAGAN was Governor the State Capitol building became a mental hospital.

    Not enough…. the world would be a lot better if he had just stayed with what he was good at….. selling 20 Mule Team Borax, instead of what he later became a spokesman for.

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    George Washington University Hospital.

    A person in the presidential limo directed the driver to go there versus Walter Reed Army Hospital. The hotel where Reagan was speaking before he was shot was a few minutes away.

    There is a plaque in the hospital thanking the doctors, nurses, and staff. (Reagan famously asked if the doctors were Republicans when they placed him on the operating table. The head ER surgeon, a Liberal Democrat, assured Reagan they were all Republicans for the day.)

    Had they gone to Walter Reed it is doubtful if Reagan would have survived and/or recovered.

    Reagan had extremely odd and ignorant ideas about mental illness, but that isn’t why he passed the laws he passed. He was simply continuing policies that had been in place for many decades.

    Fallacy of your question; Reagan didn’t deinstitutionalize the mentally ill. That was policy starting shortly after the end of World War II and went on for decades under numerous presidents. Reagan actually came in on the tail end of it.

    Another good question. Doubtful, the whole populous here has changed so dramatically. Too many illegals and too many folks are relying on the government for their own financial being. I don’t think it could ever happen again. CA is a lost cause

    There is and was no ‘justification”, but the public allowed it to happen, as well as many subsequent inhumane and cruel policies and practices which adversely affected the most vulnerable among us, and provided funds for tax cuts for the already advantaged.

    Every state is dysfunctional. The Congress is dysfunctional, and yet Presidents win re-election. The executive can be seen to be doing a good job even while presiding over a broken system.

    Governors have tended to do better than anybody else running for President. Bush was a governor; Clinton was a governor; Reagan was a governor; Carter was a governor. Governors don’t have to trade unpopular votes in the legislature, and the job of governor is more similar to the Presidency than Congress is. If (Governor) Romney loses to (Senator) Obama, it will be the first time a governor has lost the job to a non-governor since Stevenson lost to Eisenhower. And both of them were incumbents with on-the-job executive experience.

    People have talked about Schwartzenegger running for President, though the Constitution makes that impossible. Other governors are far less popular, and having had to grapple with the difficult economy and government of California sure doesn’t help with that. But that affects lots of governors; it’s not uniquely Californian. California may well prosper under an economic boom again, as it did in the 90s, and it’s entirely possible that such could propel a California governor to the White House.

    Am old enough to remember Governor Raygun, and even saw him give an early speech to a handful of folks at a local shopping center when he was first running for office. Where after first seeing and hearing him then, clearly practicing that same folksy ‘sincerity’ we’d all eventually come to know later – I distinctly remember thinking, “of course, an actor turned politician… why didn’t anyone think of this before?!”

    Though there was word even then was that he was being ‘groomed’ by his pals in the OC and the SoCal GOP. But his tendency towards extremist ideology (for back then), and for installing so many of his wacko RW friends into ‘high places’, managed to keep his administration in a continuous state of controversy, especially against the backdrop of the Vietnam War. So by 1970, much of the ‘novelty’ had worn off, and it was already becoming clear that he had greater ambitions.

    The Educational Legacy of Ronald Reagan

    While running for the governorship, Mr. Reagan shrewdly made the most of disorder on University of California campuses. For instance, he demanded a legislative investigation of alleged Communism and sexual misconduct at the University of California at Berkeley.

    He insisted on public hearings, claiming “a small minority of hippies, radicals and filthy speech advocates” had caused disorder and that they should “be taken by the scruff of the neck and thrown off campus—permanently.”

    Once elected, Mr. Reagan set the educational tone for his administration by:

    calling for an end to free tuition for state college and university students

    • annually demanding 20 percent across-the-board cuts in higher education funding

    • repeatedly slashing construction funds for state campuses

    • engineering the firing of Clark Kerr, the highly respected president of the University of California

    • declaring that the state “should not subsidize intellectual curiosity”

    They were released to the streets and it caused a lot of problems. After doing that Ronald(I’m a jerk) Reagan should have been locked up in a mental institution.

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