Can you get Arthur’s stuff back as John in Red Dead Redemption 2?

  • Alright, this will be long but I will try my best to create a scenario:

    *Dutch awakens in Horseshoe Overlook*

    *He opens his eyes, only to find himself staring at the white cloth of his tent. Voices are heard outside the tent, but he can’t make out who or what they’re saying.*

    *He groans as he stands up from his bed. Placing his two pistols underneath it as he knows they’ll do him no harm, or so he thought. He proceeds to walk outside were the voices have been heard*

    Arthur: There you are, you son of a bitch!

    *Arthur sprints towards Dutch and gives him a hook. Dutch falls down as he looks up at Arthur, looking healthy and strong as he used to be before getting sick. He spits out blood to the side as he pants heavily*

    Dutch: Arthur! It’s-it’s not what you’s all over! Son, please let me explain!

    *Arthur was about to punch him once again, when he hears John yelling from behind him*

    John: Stop! Arthur, he’s not worth it, leave him!

    Arthur: What?! You know what he did to us! The gang fell apart because of him! Now you’re gonna act like none of that ever happened?!

    John: Look, I know it’s hard to understand, but there is nothing we can do about it. What’s done is done. He’s no use to us anyways.

    Arthur: *places his hands on his beltWhat do you suggest we do with him then? We can’t just let him go..

    Ms. Grimshaw: Tie him up next to the other bastards!

    *With Arthur and John standing in front of Dutch, he sees Ms. Grimshaw walking casually up to both brothers*

    Dutch: Ms. Grimshaw, oh dear Lord! So good to see you! You know me and you know what I’ve done. Please, tell Arthur and John that I meant no harm to anyone.

    Ms. Grimshaw: There’s nothing to explain, Dutch. You left John to die and then chose to betray Arthur. I’m sorry Dutch, but you’re wrong. Just like those rats you chose to side with!

    Micah: Who are you calling a rat, you old hag! You were better off dead. You should’ve stayed dead!

    *Dutch turns to his right, were he sees Micah, Bill, Joe, Javier, and Cleet, all tied up to a tree. He turns back to look at Arthur’s direction were he then saw: Hosea, Lenny, Shawn, Jack, Uncle and the others, sitting around a campfire. Each of them sitting in wooden logs as they ate the warm stew that Mr. Pearson had made 5 minutes ago.*

    Arthur: Get up! Let me re-introduce you to the camp’s traitors. I’m sure you all have a lot to talk about.

    *Arthur takes out his cattleman revolver and points it at Dutch. Dutch stares at Arthur in shock as he slowly raises his arms up.*

    Dutch: Please, son, let’s talk about this!

    Arthur: I’m no son of yours, you only cared about yourself. Now walk. *pushes him forward with the tip of his revolver*

    *Dutch walks up to the traitors, were he sees them all looking down*

    Micah: *laughs as he rests his head downOh, Dutch. Why are you here? You came back to shoot me again? Look at you, surrendering to those idiots. We once stood for something, Dutch! And now, that’s long gone.

    Dutch: It was a mistake listening to you. Never again.

    Arthur: Sit down! John, help me out here!

    Micah: *sighsArthur..or should I say black lung! *laughs hysterically*

    Arthur: Stop talking, or you’ll end up with a bullet inside your head!

    Micah: Oh yeah, like when I shot you back in that mountain? That night when you and Marston ran away like the pair of cowards that you are. Look cowpoke, you and I are not so different. We both kill and steal for our own good.

    Arthur: I left that life a long time ago..

    *Arthur strikes Micah in the head with the bottom of his revolver, knocking him out. John approached and stood to Arthur with a rope in his hands. Arthur takes the rope from him and ties up Dutch next to Javier and Bill, were their faces looked bruised from the hits that they took from John.*

    Javier: Dutch, it’s been a while. (panting heavily)

    *Dutch remains silent has Javier looked at him with a swollen eye. He turned to Bill and was about to speak to him when he noticed his face seemed unrecognizable from all of the blood, cuts, and bruises he took as well. He decided to let him rest and not startle him.*

    John: We gave the sheriff of Valentine a visit. And he’ll do us the favor of letting the rest of the gang go if they took all of you in. Dead or alive. And I’m taking that chance.

    Arthur: You’re all gonna rot in prison like you should’ve have after that mess in Saint Denis. *looks intensely at DutchIf it wasn’t for tuberculosis, Dutch, I would’ve hunted you and this snake down.

    Dutch: You know Arthur, *spits blood from that punched he received a while agowe all make mistakes. I made mistakes too, but don’t you think we all deserve a second chance?

    Arthur: You’ve made far too many mistakes already. It’s too late for forgiveness. We all did our best, but you, you failed them as leader and failed me as a father.

    *Dutch slowly rests his head down. A few minutes pass and the gang around the campfire look up as they see the sheriff and his crew of lawmen with rifles in their hands*

    John: They’re here, Arthur.

    *Arthur gives one look at Dutch before signaling the sheriff to take him away along with the others. One if the lawmen drags Micah’s unconscious body through the grass. As they all hop in behind the wagon cell on the back, Micah wakes up and sees the lawmen placing cuffs on him.

    Micah: What?! Oh, I see. Too afraid to go to prison, uh, Arthur?! Yeah, you, John, and the rest of you! You’re nothing without the money! Hahahahaha. I’ll break out of there in no time, Arthur. And when I do, this time, we’re all going to have a little chat.

    John: I don’t think so.. *draws out his cattleman revolver and shoots Micah one last time*

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