Can anxiety and depression lead to a constant blank mind …

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    Yes, I think anxiety and depression can lead you to develop a mind blank of thoughts. I had moments of this during my own depression, where I would simply think nothing. It’s like meditation, but I don’t feel that it’s particularly helpful because your emotional state is left untouched. I felt the same way; I just didn’t think about it while I was thinking of nothing.

    The reason I feel that this blank state is not helpful is because it only exists because you’re denying your emotions. Shutting off your thinking is giving you a brief reprieve from feeling. There’s nothing wrong with that in and of itself. The problem comes when it doesn’t improve those feelings. A brief respite from depression becomes an escape from them. Escaping from your emotions is not a good way to deal with them. Depression is healthier for you than denying your emotions completely. (Denying them for short periods of time is an important skill for pressure situations, but I don’t think that’s what we’re discussing here.)

    Working on your depression and anxiety directly would probably be more beneficial for you. If you’re willing to work on these, then a psychologist could be helpful. So too could be my article, Tips for Happiness, which is basically about doing things to make yourself happy. So could a lot of things. Which you choose is up to you. I personally found cannabis pills plus meditation to be the solution for breaking out of my own lifelong depression.

    Not sure how my point of could be helpful, but hoping it is nonetheless.

    In the first place, if you mean a blank mind with a loss of memory, although it is not the most common, it may happen. Generally in the case of anxiety, what the person would like is to have a blank mind. But there are times when defense mechanisms are activated that cause the person to have moments of loss of attention and memory, causing damage to the memories they can store.

    Recall that these are disorders that generally cause significant discomfort, affecting the entire psychic functioning of the person. However, it also depends on the person’s age, the events experienced and possible previous brain injuries. The most recommended when there is memory loss is the neurological evaluation to rule out other medical conditions.

    I am sorry that you are going through two such complex conditions, the most recommended is the assistance in psychotherapy with pharmaceutical help prescribed by a suitable professional. I wish you the best.

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    I’m sorry if you are experiencing both anxiety and depression. I hope that you are getting some help through your county mental health clinic. The answer to your question is yes, you can experience what you describe as a constant blank mind. Your anxiety and depression are stressing you mind to over load and it is in its own way trying to protect itself, and you of course.

    You must see a therapist as soon as possible, or see your doctor right away so treatment can begin as soon as possible. This isn’t a condition you want to put off seeing a doctor about.

    212 673–3000 this is the number of a hotline you can call while waiting to see your doctor.

    Nothing is constant . But depression , anxiety leads your mind to lack of creativity and it will slow down the mind. It leads to confusion and you will be struck. Everyone gets an opportunity , suddenly awakening happens and you will be out of depression. But see that it doesn’t happen again. To come out of depression and anxiety permanently you need to do the following.

    The best way to stay calm and depression,anxiety free is to practise meditation and breathing based pranayamas… it will keep your mind calm and strong. You will become non emotional…When your mind is calm, you will feel worthless to react or think most of the things and you will become calm and stress free… whenever these depressed or negative thoughts come, keep your mind blank and don’t develop. Consecutively leaving mind blank whenever these negative thoughts come , will lead to these thoughts fade away from your mind…for free meditation and breathing based pranayamas training write to me at [email protected]

    I don’t think you’re talking about a blank mind in the literal sense. A truly blank mind would technically cure depression and anxiety because there would be nothing to be anxious or depressed about.

    So no, anxiety and depression doesn’t lead to a blank mind but it can lead to numbness and apathy. I think that’s what you’re referring to.

    Depression/anxiety can also lead to suppression of emotions which can lead you to feel like you have a “blank mind”. But if your mind was truly blank, it would be a blessing in disguise. Meditation often pursues a blank mind or a mind free from stray thoughts but such a blank mind would be the opposite of depression or anxiety.

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    Yes actually it can. Here is a study that you may find interesting. Acute stress facilitates long-lasting changes in cholinergic gene expression.

    Acute stress can cause your brain to release c-fos, a protein in which lowers the amount of acetylcholine in your brain. Acetylcholine heavily influences cognitive function and being too low will most certainly cause brain fog and many other side effects. The acetylcholine however cannot be increased directly, so you may likely need a c-fos inhibitor like fisetin to reverse these changes in your brain.


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    From experiance of having anxiety and depression yes it can and will cause a blank mind and a loss of memory.Your sences get so overloaded and a one track mind of whats going on that it causes you to forget things that has happend or something you should remember.Its like you start talking because you have to and then its a pause,you no longer remember what was going on.Honestly it sucks.There are different levels of anxiety and depression it can cause many different side effects to the people who actually have it.


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    I’m not so sure that you’d get a blank mind, but it is possible and everyone uses different words to explain it. I would expect someone’s anxiety to lessen if they have a blank mind. So I don’t know. I’m familiar with anxiety/depressed person that becomes so overwhelmed that come close to having a breakdown of one kind or another. And if they don’t get their issue resolved, then another new issue may come up and snowball with the 1st situation. Dealing with anxiety is a mean thing for anyone to have. Maybe what you are calling a blank mind is the same as when I say they’ve become so overwhelmed with the negative stress that they go into some sort of shutdown mode. I hope you are getting some professional help for your situation.

    Good luck!

    I wish. It seems to me that it’s precisely the things in my mind that make me anxious and depressed. If it were to happen, I’d expect we’d be in a chicken/egg type situation, because for me it’s actually the imaginary interactions I have with the people in the store before I ever go inside are what create the anxiety. The future realities that I create in my mind, and my very real emotional response to those, are what make me feel so depressed. If the things in my mind disappear, so then should the deviant thought processes…right?


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    Absolutely. If there is something specific that is depressing you, then you may be blocking it all out, sort of a self preservation. The thing is you need to seek help. Not here, no one here is a Dr and no one will doctor you through the internet. You need help, start with the family doctor. He will guide you and if you find his advice doesn’t improve things, then keep looking…there is lots of help. You need this for yourself.


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    Using You

    You have to understand how important using you can go a long way to help you with your depression probems.

    People will reject, accept or even use you if you don’t know how to use you.

    Once you know how to use you, you become like an unstopable machine.

    That is how you learn how to deal with the outside world.

    You are the centre of what comes in and out of you.

    The reason you become a sucess doesn’t depend on what people make out of you but from what you make out of you.

    We can get into the bottum of this if you give me more help by sharing and voting this answer.


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