Branding and Visual Identity for Reset Bioscience

Well was approached by Interruption Labs in 2018 to team up on a job which saw the R&D business execute trademarked nanotechnology into the already flourishing CBD sector in the United States and Europe. The Disturbance Labs team, led by Matt Reid and Chris Barber wanted to create a brand name that didn’t fit in with the existing “pop-culture” aesthetic of the market. For one, their CBD is 100%THC complimentary and second of all, they wished to get rid of the preconception that cannabis still deals with to this day, despite its quick paced legalization around the world and recognition as an alternative to conventional standardized pharmaceuticals.

The aim was to create something that could be as much in the house in a surfers backpack as it would be being recommended by a GP. What was produced was a tidy, smooth, yet energetic brand that stabilizes valuable vibrancy, as well as the sensation of data driven outcomes and respectable self-medication.

Beginning with the ever so humble nano-particle is where the journey started. This preliminary decision to honor the dot like nature of nano-particles can be seen through the whole brand, from the construct of the logo design to the shape of the real packaging that houses the CBD cast dropper.


  • Art Direction: Dustin Holmes
  • Graphic Design: Dustin Holmes, Jenna Tupin, Stephanie Handley, Yuen Shan Male
  • Animation: Dustin Holmes, Stephanie Handley, Jenna Turpin, Yuen Shan Man
  • Illustration: Dustin Holmes, Stephanie Handley, Jenna Turpin
  • Portfolio Photography and Post Production: Dustin Holmes (Unless specified)
  • Project Management: Dustin Holmes, Jenna Turpin
  • Product Packaging Production: Dustin Holmes, Jenna Turpin
  • Web design: Chris Janhle and Peter Reynolds

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